Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vacation or Bust

In just over two weeks, I'll be packing my things and headed to Costa Rica for eight days. Every passing day, I need a vacation more and more. When the day rolls around to pack my bags and get outta here, I'm gonna be one ready girl. I can't wait for a relaxing break. If I'm going to spend eight days in the basking sun of Central America, I'm going to need to dress for it, right? So, I'll be packing my favorites from J.Crew's fabulous spring collection, as pictured above. Shorts, bikinis, boat shoes, bags and lots of baubles. I can't wait to put my summer style on display in the midst of winter. If you're headed anywhere anytime soon for a vacation, I'd suggest taking a look at J.Crew's site or stopping by a store, because you'll love what you see. I'm already excited to pack up my favorite summer gear and head south in style. Hurry up, February 16th!
Bon vacances!
xx, ZM

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just a Little Somethin'

Big fur, stellar clutch, fabulous hat. What in the world kind of message am I trying to get across? The truth is, I don't know. I saw this image, re-pinned it from Glitter Guide and I like it. It's just a little somethin'. I decided to fill you all in on some exciting news. It doesn't have much to do with fashion or my blog, but it's about my future. Drum roll please... I've gotten into two colleges! Providence College and Fordham University have both accepted me. I've known for a little over a month, but it's all starting to set in now. I'm waiting to hear from five other schools, and they'll notify me somewhere around mid-March. I know for certain that I want to study communications and business, but where I'll end up is still a mystery! I applied to several Boston schools, so I could be sticking around. Or, I could ship out to Fordham in NYC and I also sent apps to other NYC schools. It would be marvelous to be in the City, as I plan on moving there eventually. Well, I thought it'd be nice to update you all on what's going on in my life so you can get a better sense of who I am and what I'm striving for. Make sure you have a goal, too! Even if it's not something like trying to get into your top college, it's still a little somethin'.
Until next time.
xx, ZM


Monday, January 28, 2013

Miuccia Prada For Gatsby

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to literature, especially my favorite book, The Great Gatsby. I was devastated when the release date was changed from Christmas 2012 to this summer, but I've been coping ever since Miuccia Prada released some of the sketches for the costumes in the film. I love the roaring twenties; the history, the style, the lifestyle of the wealthy during that time. It's all so intriguing to me, and like I said, Gatsby is my favorite book and such an American classic. The details of the style during that era are so beautiful, as showcased in the costumes by Prada below.

What do you think? Do you love the glitz and glam as much as I do? I just can't resist it. The flapper-esque style, the timeless glimmer. It's stunning to me. And I especially love the styling of the headband in the last sketch, I love wearing thin headbands this way and saw a lot very much like this at the Schiaparelli Prada exhibit at the Met last summer. Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna go back to counting down the days till the release of Gatsby.
- Your little lit buff -
xx, ZM

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Perfect Polish

I adore nail polish, and I always have. The best thing about it is that no matter somebody's shape, size or how she dresses, a great color nail polish will look fabulous on her. I'll never forget how excited I was when I learned how to paint my own nails. I was a very little girl and granted, I didn't go about it neatly, but it was so exciting to finally learn how to do it. My grandmother would babysit me and we'd stop by her friend's house, and they would both instruct me on how to give myself the perfect manicure. Afterwards, I'd always smudge my polish playing with her puppy. It was worth it though, I loved that dog. I'll never forget those days, perhaps it's why I love nail polish so much now.
      Since then, so many nail trends have arisen. Multi-colored manicures, one sparkly nail on each hand, neon polish -- I swear I've tried it all. After each trend coming and going, my favorite nail color remains a bright red. It's shiny, chic and makes your hands stand out. After all, isn't that what nail polish is meant to do? Any bold nail color will do the trick, as long as it's a color that you love. 
     Let's talk application. I have a pre-manicure routine for myself. First, I thoroughly wash my hands and I make sure to use a lot of soap. Next, I file my nails so they're all somewhat the same shape. I can never decide if I like them more on the square or the round side, so I always switch off, and then never remember what I did previously. After that, here's the kicker. Apply a clear coat before you put on the polish, this will make the nail polish stay on longer and have a more firm stick on your nail. I read it somewhere years ago, and it really does work! Then, you're good to go. If you have a bright color, two coats will do the trick. Make sure to wait a little over a minute in between coats so your polish doesn't get all sticky and gross. If your color is on the lighter side, you may need three coats, I think four would be pushing it. After your color is applied, welcome back your old friend, the clear coat. Or if you have an anti-chip overcoat, that works too. Apply one thin layer of this on top of your color and your manicure is here to stay! Your color will last long if you follow these easy steps. Once they've dried, it's time for a little touching up. I always put nail polish remover on Q-tips and touch up around the edges to finish off the job. If you have polish in tiny crevices on your finger tips, try even putting remover on a toothpick and trying to get it off that way. That's one of my own tricks! Post touch-up, your manicure is finished. 
     I like to do my nails on Monday, or as I call it manicure Monday, and have one color for the week. It's fun to switch it up every week and try out new colors. Looking down at a neat, colorful manicure I did myself is always fulfilling, and a little color helps me keep positive. Plus, whenever I paint my nails, I always think back to being a cheerful little girl and being so excited to go to my Yiayia's house to paint my nails and it puts a smile on my face.
Put a little color on your tips.
xx, ZM

Monday, January 21, 2013

The 411 on Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week a mere two weeks away, I'm here to fill everybody in on how the process works and what the purpose of the week is. First, I'll clear something up; fashion week in February displays Fall collections, and fashion week in September exhibits Spring collections. You may be asking yourself why designers' collections are shown so far in advance to the season they're for, that also comes with an explanation. The garments are shown this much ahead of time because buyers for department stores and boutiques attend the shows and must narrow down what they want in their stores next season. After fashion week, designers will hold market week so these buyers can come in and purchase the products for the stores they represent. Then, the manufacturing begins. By the time the clothes are shown, bought and made, the season is quickly approaching and they're in stores ready for average shoppers like us to purchase. It's a very confusing process, but knowing there two key facts will help you understand why fashion week falls so early each season.
Where does the magic happen? Well, the "main", most important fashion week in the U.S. is New York Fashion Week, also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (they're the sponsor). All of the largest and most well-known designers will show at tents at Lincoln Center, which is located in uptown Manhattan. Throughout the city, smaller brands will host shows at their own locations, and even widespread brands like Oscar de la Renta, will host shows in their own showrooms, just like Fashion Week happened in the olden days. You might be asking how to get tickets to these shows, I'm still trying to figure that out myself... Ha! The shows are very exclusive and filled with photographers, buyers and editors from fashion publications. But even if you stand outside Lincoln Center, you'll see well-known fashion icons exiting the shows and observe an immense amount of street style. I think that's what I'll be doing this year! Fashion Week is very dynamic, and really proves that the fashion industry really is all business. It's a stressful time of year for everyone involved, but if you're able to see the creativity and craftsmanship put into the clothes despite how busy you are, it will be truly enjoyable. Now do you all understand how it works? Maybe? Maybe not... When NYFW rolls around February 7th, try to pay attention. Google "fashion week" and you'll get to see some looks for yourself.
Until next time.
xx, ZM

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Décor to Die For

Last week my mother was taking down framed pictures, changing frames and adding to one of our big picture walls in the house. It was fun to give her a hand, and see what she shopped around for to match the different colored rooms. During this re-decorating process, I thought up some of my own ideas for décor. My favorite piece of furniture is a bookcase, and in my opinion, the bigger the better. I love when they're filled with all sorts of books and organized by color. I always look through Pinterest boards of interior design, and colorful, bold bookcases always strike me as super glam. Someday when I have my own home -- in just a few years, oddly enough -- I'm going to have the most decorated bookcase on the block.
But how do you make your bookcase bold? Organize your books by color and size to start. From there, add in some little decorative pieces. Framed pictures, stacked magazines, small figurines -- it all adds to the color and essence of the design. Make sure that you're not creating a cluster, though. In order for your bookcase to reach maximum glamour, it has to be organized and sharp. Lean some books a certain way, and others a different way. Stack some, place some the long way. Creating depth in design is really all about variety. Don't have everything go the same way, switch it up! I said to put similar colors together, and in addition to this, take one of each color and put it with another to mix it up and keep it interesting. Uniform isn't what we're aiming for here, we want our of the ordinary, fabulous design. Do your own thing with it. Make sure not to have your books and trinkets in an ordinary order, and you'll be good to go.
Decorate with creativity.
xx, ZM

Vogue Comes to Boston

Thursday night, an exclusive group from Boston's fashion scene shuffled into the Museum of Fine Arts to hear Vogue's International Editor at Large, Hamish Bowles, speak on behalf of his good friend, photographer Mario Testino. Testino's work has been on display in the MFA since the fall, and will remain at the museum until February 3. Bowles talked all about working with Testino since the early 1980s and traveling to places such as Morocco, Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, and France alongside him for the purpose of Vogue photo shoots. Together, these two men traveled the globe and captured exotic locales for the glossy pages of vogue.
After Hamish Bowles concluded his presentation on Vogue and Mario Testino, audience members gathered with the Vogue superstar for cocktails, appetizers and lots of conversation. Among the guests were bloggers, Amy Connolly, Emily Geaman, Courtney Mirenzi, Erin Gates, Liana Krupp, and Marisa Berensen. Also in attendance was one of the city's most renowned stylists, Christina Pierce. It was lovely to catch up with these ladies and discuss our opinions of Vogue. We were all in awe of the company we were in, as we admire nothing much more than we admire Vogue and its talented staff. Not long into the reception, I decided to approach Hamish Bowles about my dreams of pursuing a career in fashion. And no, everyone, I do not want to be a designer. I aspire to work in PR and advertising, and perhaps write if I ever have that option. I simply introduced myself and said, "Hi my name is Zoe Malliaros and I'm a local blogger. I'm just a senior in high school." From there, Bowles and his assistant were both shocked. "Only a senior?" They both said out loud. I explained how I want to work in PR and emerge as a well-known professional. Mr. Bowles's most important piece of advise, "First of all, you must attend University." Luckily, this is in my plans! It was a pleasure to talk to sure a successful man about how I want to achieve things similar to what he's done. It's refreshing to meet such encouraging individuals. I left the MFA with a smile on my face, and day dreaming about how maybe someday people would come to an event to listen to me speak about working at Vogue and traveling with fashion photographers. Oh yes, I'm a dreamer. For now, I'm just going to keep working hard in school so I can get into my top college like Hamish Bowles suggested, and then I'll take it from there.
Until next time.
xx, ZM


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Too Cool For Tulle

Playing dress up, does it ever truly end? I don't think so. I still find myself trying on outfits with ridiculous combinations of tops and bottoms, and laughing while searching my closet for something serious to wear. It's fun, and it's what girls do. But let's put dress up aside for a moment and discuss dressing up. Maybe you have a party or formal event to attend soon. Do you know the latest trend of the formal fashion world? It's tulle. Yes, the poofy, itchy fabric we all hated having in our dresses as little girls. But now, tulle is fabulous on its own and I'm here to help you all rock it flawlessly.
So, what in the world do you pair a tulle skirt with? That's easy. Girls throughout the fashion world have been putting tulle skirts together with casual tops, even t-shirts. Yes, that's right, t-shirts! You might find yourself saying, "hey, that's not formal," but I'm not done just yet. So once you've paired your plain Jane tee with your over-the-top tulle skirt, it's time to accessorize. To distribute the style equally between your top and bottom halves, add statement jewelry to the top! Necklaces are your best friend in this situation, and the bolder the better. Layer up and make that t-shirt into something much more stylish. After this, add a few bracelets so your arms have some fashion bragging rights, and you're good to go. As far as shoes go, try a pair of heels. Nothing too high, but you don't want to have a chic outfit going and have the wrong pair of kicks ruin it. The moral of the story is, if you're willing to think outside the box and put on a tulle skirt, keep the rest simple and be sure to accessorize. Accessories are a huge thing now, and statement pieces are a must in a look like this. If you're going to do it, do it right! Best of luck, my style proteges.
You can never be too cool for tulle.
xx, ZM


Monday, January 07, 2013

The Brow Factor

Beauty's most recent legendary breakthrough is the bold brow look. Cara Delevigne, Camilla Belle, Lily Collins -- they all have something in common, they're famous eyebrows. It's funny now sitting here on pinterest with brow envy toward these three ladies. I remember when seventh grade rolled around and I was as ready as ever to say goodbye to my thick brows and hello to hot wax. However, my eyebrows never were thin, even after waxing, but I prefer them on the thicker side. I'm kicking my thirteen-year-old self as we speak. What was she thinking? Bold brows are beautiful, and an emerging trend in beauty.
   Now I've found myself skipping out on threading and waxing appointments, and only popping in for a trim every so often. I prefer plucking at home now that my eyebrows are thicker, and I've never been happier with them. Flipping through any magazine or watching a runway show, you'll notice that the models are all sporting thick brows. I'm not quite sure what prompted the trend, but on the right person (like Cara Delevigne pictured to the left) it can bring out the most beautiful facial features, and so much more depth.
   So what happens if you're lacking in the brow department? First, I'd suggest holding off on things like threading and waxing, so you can grow them out. It's easier to work with shape if there's more of it. Growing them out isn't the prettiest process, but when it's over with and you have something to work with, you'll be pleased. Once you have eyebrows to work with, shape them however you prefer to. The trend is kind of to just roll with the natural, straight shape of them. Angular brows aren't pretty on anyone, so I'd just leave them be. That's what I did with mine. Next, head to a store like Sephora, or even a drug store, and pick up a retractable eyebrow pencil that's closest to the color of your hair. This is a powerful tool, so you must be careful. With the pencil, simply trace your eyebrow to make it darker and bolder. On the inside parts of the eyebrow, right in the center of the forehead where each brown begins, make the shape -- round or edged -- that you want your brows to be. If this part is bold and shaped perfectly, then you're golden. If you mess up, Q-tips are your best friend. Really, though. They help angle the brows perfectly, just add a little water and a tiny bit of soap to the tip of one, outline what you've done in pencil to clean it up, and your brows will be flawless. This sounds like it takes a lot longer than it actually does. I can promise you that it's a quick process and not a big deal to add to your daily beauty routine.
   If you have boring brows, spice them up! It's easy, not very time consuming and brings out features in your face that will make you feel a whole lot more beautiful. Believe me, I'm talking from experience. You'll be happy that you gave it a try.
Allow yourself to have the brow factor.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Skin: Healthy & Hydrated

Happy new year, everybody! Isn't it amazing that it's already 2013? My goal is to keep my skin healthy and hydrated this year. In the past, I've had a lot of trouble with it and it's seemed as though I've never had the right cleanser or cleansing routine. But fear no more. This Christmas, my parents bought me a Clarisonic Plus and the whole cleansing system that comes with it that's complete with a face and body brush, cleanser, face peels, body scrub and moisturizer. I wasn't very familiar with the Clarisonic, but I was excited to start using it. It's only been about a week, but I am already noticing a difference in my skin, not to sound like a Proactiv commericial! It gives such a deep cleanse -- like I've never had before -- and really cleans off your skin. I usually rinse with a towel after and there's no trace of my makeup. Clarisonic's a keeper.

"Sonic Skin Cleansing improves the appearance of skin tone and reduces the appearance of pore size"

"Clarisonic developed the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. In just 60 seconds a day, the micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing."

Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Benefits

  • Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • Gentle enough for twice daily use
  • Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores

Kit includes:
  • Cordless Clarisonic PLUS
  • Universal Charging Cradle (100v-240v AC; 50/60 Hz)
  • Sensitive Brush Head
  • Body Brush Head
  • 1 oz. trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser
  • 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish

For me, this is certainly the case. I've never had cleaner skin! The Clarisonic brush head is strong, but not too strong, and removes so much more rather than just me cleansing with my hands and a facecloth. I can tell my pores are tighter than prior to using the system and my skin is more even (not dry in some places and oily in others).
The cleansing you get from your Clarisonic will be like no other. It really won't! It's such a deep clean, my skin is so much smoother than before. Also, it's not rough on skin so you can use it morning and night. You would be shocked as to how much residue from makeup is left on your face, but not with this. I swear! I really love it, and it's definitely one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Thanks, mom and dad!
Just call me the Clarisonic's biggest fan.
xx, ZM

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