Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Beauty Basics

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Winter is a tricky time for makeup because we're all so pale, and frankly need a vacation to bronze up! Until then, here are some winter beauty tips that will help your face look as chic as your outfits! When it comes to makeup less is more and you have to be very careful applying it. Here are my winter beauty tips and tricks:
  • Face: It's important to keep your skin clean and healthy. My skin is in the middle of a big slump right now, and I'm keeping my makeup very minimal so my face can bounce back. If this is happening to you, wash your face at night and use either an exfoliator or device like a Clarisonic that digs deep and cleans out your pores. Once you're ready for cosmetics, use a primer to even everything out so your foundation goes on evenly. I'm a big believer in BB cream and liquid foundation, so that's what I use. To me, it's more even and natural looking. It also hides blemishes really well. Next, I use a NARS bronzer and I make sure this goes on evenly and  stray away from using too much. After this, I add a little bit of blush to my upper cheek bones to make them look more prominent and a bit on my nose and forehead because a makeup artist told me to do that once and it helps accent my face nicely. Oh, and make sure to clean your blush and bronzer brushes every once and a while! This helps keep your skin clean.
  • Eyes: First let me say that before applying eye makeup, make sure your makeup from the day before is fully washed off. I hate the look of day-old makeup that wasn't scrubbed off the right way. If it's hard to get off, take a warm face towel and lightly rub it with some soap. This will do the trick. I don't always go full out for my eyes. When I apply eyeliner, I do this first. Then I add a little bit of eyeshadow to accent that and make the black less prominent. This evens it all out for me. Then, I carefully curl my eyelashes. Once they look the way I want them to, I add mascara. I only put on two coats of mascara because I don't want to have a clumpy, uneven look. Be patient and precise with your eye makeup because it can really make or break a look.
  • Eyebrows: If you want a more prominent brow, I'd suggest the Sephora collection eyebrow pencil. It's great and there are colors to match basically any hair color. It adds a little extra flare and can really accent your brows nicely. It's my favorite product.
Other than those two important points, make sure to always keep your face clean at the end of the day. It will help keep skin clear and healthy, and your pores will be able to breathe. Also be sure to moisturize, especially as the weather becomes colder and your skin begins to dry out! Makeup preferences are all about you, but I hope the advice above is helpful and helps lead you to a better and more efficient routine.
Less is more.
xx, ZM

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  1. Love NARS shadows and blushes!
    and the clarisonic mia is at the top of my wishlist this year!


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