Monday, February 11, 2013

Kick the Cold to the Curb

It's freezing out, and with last week's blizzard, the snow is just in the way. Everywhere I go, I get snow and sand all over my shoes and I thank myself that I was smart enough to wear boots. Oh, and of course that's not it... When a gust of wind comes along, I'm relieved that I remembered to wear a sweater, jacket and gloves. Every move the weather makes, we have to dress for it. Keeping warm in the winter isn't too much of a difficult task, but keeping warm in style may come as a challenge.
Living up here in New England, it can be tough. In a perfect world, I could just throw on warm sweatpants, a sweatshirt, my jacket and Uggs and that'd be stylish, but I'm afraid that's just the opposite. By the way, yes if you catch me sometimes, I will have that on... But my goal this winter has been to dress warm while looking fashionable, and I've kept it up for the most part. Step one is to own several sweaters that are cozy and cute. Match them with a scarf that looks great and will help keep you warm, and you're in business. Next, get a hold of some thicker jeans or corduroys to sport with your sweaters. These will help keep your legs warm, and both types of trousers match well when paired with a scarf and sweater. Step three, wear boots! I usually wear my leather boots outside, and they go just below the knee, and I stay warm. I mean, if you're going to be outside for an extended period of time, I suggest you don't go after a chic look, but if you're just spending the day in the cold, leather boots with a decent lining inside should keep you toasty. If not, add some leg warmers or bulkier socks inside your boots and you'll be just fine. To top it off, add your best outerwear. My favorite look includes a peacoat and brightly-colored mittens. The mittens add a little pizzaz and my signature J.Crew peacoat is a timeless piece and it's super warm. If you can whip up a look like these with similar garments, you'll be warm, stylin', and kicking the cold to the curb. 
Show winter who's boss.
xx, ZM


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