Saturday, February 09, 2013

If Spring is Ever Sprung

By now you all probably know, or have noticed, that I'm obsessed with anything and everything J.Crew. Well, J.Crew spring is no exception. The pastels, the simplicity of the many colors of chino shorts, and the gorgeous accessories make for many whimsical outfits to be made. I leave for Costa Rica in one week (eep!) and my suitcase will be full of J.Crew spring and summer clothes. So in honor of my trip-to-be, here are a few things from my packing list. Take all of the pieces in the picture below and piece together your own outfit. Make it fun for yourself! J.Crew spring is in stores now, so get it while you can. It might seem crazy to be buying your shorts and t-shirts now, but it's not. Like I said, get it while you can because believe me, it goes fast. Well, here are a few of my favorites from the collection. Excuse me while I swoon over every piece.

Did I mention that mint and pink are my favorite colors?
I think you've figured that out by now.
If spring is ever sprung, this is what I'll be wearing.
xx, ZM

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  1. pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty. i am so jealous! i went to costa rica in 2006 and had the very best time. enjoy!!!

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