Monday, February 04, 2013

A Friendly Experience: National Jean Company

National Jean Company. My first memory of the store is from my best friend Kristina’s sweet sixteen. I remember opening her presents with her and the excitement on her face when she saw she had gotten a gift card to National Jean. Then, I didn’t know of the store at all. I wasn’t really in the city a lot and my “passion for fashion” wasn’t fully blossomed; it was the very beginning of FIF. But now, over two years later, I understand every ounce of excitement Kristina had that night having been exposed to the store firsthand in the fall.
Over Veteran’s Day weekend, I stepped into National Jean Company on Newbury Street in Boston (locations also exist in Wellesley, MA and Newton, MA) for an outfit shoot. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was nervous as anything. I walked in shyly and introduced myself to an older gentleman with impeccable style. A younger woman, who I soon found out to be his daughter, also came to the front of the store to anxiously meet me. After I met Steve and Stacy, I was instantly more comfortable. Their family dynamic and the way they worked together and even the clothes they wore made everything so easygoing and stress free. Not too long after that, the store’s “PR girl” JoJo came in who I had been in contact with via email, and she’s just the sweetest thing. I’m always nervous to meet people after emailing them back and forth many times, but she was so welcoming and excited for the shoot. So needless to say, on a personal level, National Jean Company has got friendliness down to a science.

Let’s talk fashion. So I walk in, and the store is much bigger than I expected. Jeans are everywhere. I look around and see leather jackets, blazers, dresses, blouses, shoes, outerwear, accessories -- literally everything. So there I was, in my own kind of heaven. But here’s the catch, NJC may have had a common theme of trendy clothes, but the clothes in the store weren’t just for chic, young girls. As I walked around, I saw things that my mom would wear and my friends’ mothers would love, too. I saw all different kinds of jeans and pants, and tops for women of any age. As I was styling outfits for my shoot, there were countless looks for different occasions. Clothes were available for a day at work, a day in school, travel clothes, casual clothes, clothes you’d wear to a lunch date, and even fashions for a night out. I could go on forever because National Jean had, and has, everything.
So what’s the big deal, isn’t every store on Newbury great? The answer to that is no. Usually when I go shopping, I’ll leave disappointed. Department stores (especially) never have sizes organized and all of the clothes separated by style and occasion. NJC is fantastic about this. I found that sections of the store all had a common theme. Near the tees were vests and leggings for a comfy day, and near the blazers were skirts and dresses for a formal occasion. The layout of the store is strategic and was very easy to shop around. Other small boutiques don’t have the kind of variety of clothes NJC has. Like I said, the store has apparel for women of any age. Different shopper stopped in while I was there and some were older women, some were young teenagers. And they all left with plenty of purchases! 
Oh, and how can I talk about how great the store is without mentioning the price range. Sure NJC has the Paige denim jeans and House of Harlow baubles that can break the bank, but they offer many other brands that are wallet-friendly for those of us on a budget. You don’t have to sacrifice any style to save, either. Steve, the man I mentioned previously, was showing me a pair of leather leggings by a brand named BLANK and comparing them side by side to Paige leggings that were almost the same thing. They were over one hundred dollars less, and had the same type of look. The store also has its own brand that’s manufactured in NYC called Tobey Grey. This line takes a lot of popular, trendy looks and transforms them into fabulous garments that cost less. Dresses, blazers, blouses and jackets all fill the Tobey Grey collection that is in the stores. And might I add, the quality of those clothes are just as good, if not better. National Jean Co. offers so many different styles and items, all ranging in price from low to high, and available to anyone who has a hankering for some major style.
I’m so happy that I got to discover National Jean Company the way I did. With the help of Steve, Stacy and JoJo, we put together a successful shoot and outfit posts (featured on FIF back in November), and had a great time styling. The store is a Newbury Street staple, and there won’t be a time I go shopping now without stopping by and seeing what’s new. There’s so much merchandise, it never gets old! If you can access a NJC store in the Boston area, I highly suggest it. It’s trendy, it’s for everyone and it has clothes of all kinds of prices, so you can spend just as much as you want and need to. National Jean Company is much more than jeans, and a wonderful shop for all of your fashion needs during any, and all, seasons. And since that day in November, I’ve been a huge fan and recommending it to stylish people left and right!
Support this fabulous local business, pretty please.
xx, ZM
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PS: Did I mention I was able to meet Gronk at a NJC party before Christmas? Yes, it's true. And that experience may contribute to my love and respect for the store...


  1. I walk by the store several times a week, but I've been gone in... Great to know they are organized, helpful and knowledgeable! I'm looking forward to checking it out Wednesday for a shopping party with Junior League.

    1. You're going to love it, Jen. The staff is so qualified and there to help while you shop. The shoot was such a fun experience and I love the family-owned aspect. Have a blast!

  2. I've lived in Boston all my 20-something year old life and never heard of/been to NJC. I'm already planning a "shopping" trip, I can't wait to go, I'll be sure to mention I read about it here on FIF!

  3. I found this store last April during Marathon weekend. Bought two Tobey Grey dresses and some Citizens jeans. I love the Tobey Grey apparel. Cannot wait to come back to this store April 2014! It will be my first stop on Newbury.


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