Monday, December 31, 2012

See You Next Year.

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve, everybody! Cherish your memories from 2012 and prepare to make many more this coming year. See you in 2013.
xx, ZM

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter's Favorite Trend

Let's talk about flannels. Flannels are a broad spectrum, they're worn by farmers, loggers, outdoorsy people -- but this winter is the winter of the chic flannel. We're not talking bulky fleece, we're talking fashion. Well-known bloggers and editors have been photographed recently wearing flannels, dressed up in their own ways. Paired with a chambray shirt underneath, with bulky necklaces around the color, with cuffed sleeves and stacked bracelets, with a cable knit sweater over it, and so many other ways. The point I'm trying to make is that flannels are back for us girls, and they're better than ever before.
I'll admit, it took a lot for me to get over the stereotype of flannels. But soon after, I realized that they're not just for the purpose of wearing under overalls, they can be Oxford shirts and super stylish. With the help of J.Crew's catalogs and window displays this winter, I've become a complete convert. If you're wondering ways to spruce up your flannels and make them more fashionable, I have a few tips for you! First, I had mentioned layering with a chambray shirt underneath. If your flannel can fit this, do it! even a thick, single-colored Oxford shirt works, too. Layer if you can! it adds more texture to your look and it's interesting. Not many people are doing it and it looks great, so if you can try, you may as well. Next, get your jewels on deck. This is an essential part in dressing up a flannel. Blogger Atlantic-Pacific (pictured above) does this perfectly with pearls and lots of baubles by her cuffs. To accomplish this look you must do the following:

  • Attain a bulky necklace or two -- a pearl or faux pearl necklace looks the best paired with plaid -- and make sure it goes around your collar.
  • Cuff your sleeves and gather a bunch of bracelets that can be paired together nicely. Grab some bangles, some charm bracelets and cuffs to complete your bold look.
  • Pop your collar and unbutton a couple of buttons so your collar falls kind of snug on top of your necklace.
With these tips, you should be good to go! Say goodbye to the conventional flannel and hello to a fashion flannel. This look is easy and it really doesn't vary flannel to flannel because they're all similar in fit and shape. Make sure when you're shopping you stop by J.Crew because their flannel selection is heavenly and they're all on sale now! Take my word for it, I have a few of them and they're great quality and very comfortable. Best of luck dressing up your flannels, loves. Go into 2013 with a chic new winter style!
Over and out.
xx, ZM

:: The Perks of Pinterest ::


  [pin-ter-ist, -trist]
1. pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. people use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite styles and recipes.
2. every blogger's dream.
Okay seriously, let's talk about pinterest. I can speak for most bloggers when I say it's crucial to have one. We get style inspiration for our posts and our clothes from pinterest, it's such a large platform to share images. But it's not exclusive to bloggers! Anybody can have one, and that's what makes it so special. At least that's what I think. You can see what everybody likes and how they categorize their interests. Plan your outfits, your decor, your wedding -- it seems like people plan everything using pinterest these days.

My favorite purpose for the site is inspiration for my blog. I see images and then I think of posts that can relate to the images that I love. My boards titled "style inspiration" and "fashion" are where I re-pin -- it's like reposting something you see one of your followed posted or "pinned" -- the best fashion images that I find relative to my style and what I want to make of my style. Pinterest is a lot of fun for me, it brings out my creativity in trying to recreate looks and images I see and include on my boards. I also love re-pinning words of wisdom, or as I call them, "words to live by." I have a board full of these quotes that are inspirational just like the style and fashion I see, and they serve just as big a role in this blog. They keep me going!
See, isn't this inspirational? It's my favorite quote in my words to live by board. Like I said, pinterest is every blogger's dream. The images, the quotes, the ideas that come from it all is what helps to build blog posts. I think it's a very important part to blogging because it helps create our insight and ideas into what we post and say to our followers. Along with pinterest a lot of my inspiration comes from editorial shoots I see in magazines, but I love the easy access to pinterest, as I have it saved as a bookmark right next to my blog on my computer and an app on my iPhone. What can I say? I just love pinterest and pinning. If you haven't, give it a try. It's a lot of fun! And like I said, it's for everyone. Maybe you'll find great gardening ideas or perfect spots to travel to. There's so much to see.
Pin on.
xx, ZM

Thursday, December 27, 2012

As a Result of Christmas...

basic winter outfit

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I had a great day with my family. Sorry for the small blog hiatus before this, too, I was busy preparing everybody's gift, shopping, and finishing up some school work and college applications. But here I am now! Above, I've got one of my latest and greatest outfits. As a result of Christmas, these items are all in my possession, and I love the outfit that I can make with them. The Vince Camuto boots are my new obsession, we'll start there. They're so comfortable and I love the brown to black color, the tones really compliment each other nicely. I can't wait to sport them everywhere I go. Next, new jeans. So I walk into Bloomingdale's contemporary section the day after Christmas. It's my favorite shopping day, and to top it all off, I head into the Aqua by Aqua section, and they have the jeggings that I used to have three years ago for sale again. They were my favorites until I got a rip in them! So sad, I know. So I searched the rack for a 25 and nearly ran to the register. Yes, I'm a maniac when it comes to shopping. But I seriously LOVE these pants. I really, really recommend them. Okay, next we've got a J.Crew snood. This is a thing of beauty. It's so warm and soft and it really goes with anything. Dressing up, dressing casual -- the snood is your friend. My sister gave me this nail polish set, it's adorable and I love love love the colors. I paint my nails much too often, so this is a great thing to have. Plus Deborah Lippmann is great quality polish. Last, but certainly not least, we have a J.Crew tee. It has a lace pattern of circles, and I just absolutely love it. My mother gave it to me, and I can pair it with so many things. It's a very versatile top. You can't go wrong with it, and it's super comfy and soft. Man, I love J.Crew. So because of Christmas, I've now got this outfit that I'm stoked to wear. These five simple ingredients make a chic look that's good for any daytime activity. I hope you like it!
Christmas clothes. Ahhh.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Guide: For the Tiffany Girl

A very Tiffany holiday, it's what every girl dreams of. Or at least what every girl should dream of. Waking up, walking down the stairs and seeing a beautiful, little blue box under the triee. Now that's Christmas magic if you ask me. This year is the perfect year to gift with Tiffany & Co. pieces. The Tiffany keys are a classic piece and always in style, and they're a favorite of mine. They're timeless, ornate and the best quality in the business. That goes for everything on this gift guide, actually. Return to Tiffany necklaces and bracelets are back again and are most definitely a style staple for every girl! My "return to" baubles are among my favorites, and I wear them almost every day. How about a Tiffany snowflake ornament? That would be one fabulous tree! Everything on this just has me dreaming... that's your cue, Mr. FIF. The diamonds, the sparkling silver, the stunning shades -- it's all so perfect, and if whether you give or receive any of these items, it will be an unforgettable holiday like no other. 
Give the gift of Tiffany!
xx, ZM

if you would like to inquire about the names of any items, please contact me at and i will be happy to help you! (there were to many names of items to include in a caption).

Gift Guide: For the Ladies

Pencil dress / Madewell boyfriend shirt / Current/Elliott dark wash jeans, $410 / Tory Burch suede shoes / Kate Spade leather shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather hobo handbag, $545 / Stella & Dot pave jewelry / Pantone / Valentino tortoise sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics / NARS Cosmetics / Kate Spade
The girls want a little bit of everything this year, let me tell you. Makeup, jewelry, shoes, accessories, clothes -- you name it, we'll take it! This gift guide is my favorite because it has a variety of items. The Ropes Maine bracelets (pictured on top) are super fabulous. They're real ropes and the pieces are all made in Maine. They make a great accessory to any outfit and add the perfect pop of color and originality. You can find them on Etsy, or even google "the ropes Maine" and something will come up! My other favorite is the Tory Burch flats. My oh, my. These are fabulous. I want them, I probably don't need them, but they're too cute to pass up. They're comfier than my current pairs of Tory flats, and I would love to add them to my growing shoe collection... Sorry mom and dad, I know my shoes are always all over the house! The rest of the gifts are like holiday staples, we have to have 'em! So if you're gifting your leading lady, you're in the right place. 
Over and out.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Gift Guide: For the Blogger

You might think each and every blogger has it all according to what she posts on her site, but you're wrong. We're always shopping for new clothes, accessories and decor, and receiving such items as gifts would be the best. Wouldn't it ladies? So what I have here are some basic tech accessories for bloggers, baubles, clothes, decor, cosmetics and stationery. These items are the foundation to every blogger's closet, and while we may already have them, it's always nice to be out with the old and in with the new. So let's start with a brief description for every gift, shall we?

  • Chevron sequin blouse: This blouse is beyond fabulous, and it's J.Crew which makes it even better. I can picture myself wearing this to events in the city because it's not too casual, yet not too dressy. The chevron and sequin combination gives the top an ultra chic aura to it, and wherever you go wearing this, heads will turn for sure!
  • Vogue Cover May 1945: This framed Vogue cover is a classic. I can't even begin to explain how beautiful and valuable this baby is. It would make a great decoration in just about any room, and who doesn't love a piece with a little fashion history behind it, am I right?
  • Specs: I love bold eyeglasses. These Warby Parker beauties are bold, thick, and just the kind of glasses I'm craving right about now. Us bloggers spend a lot of time on our laptops, and staring at the screen with contacts just doesn't agree sometimes. We all need (and deserve) a stylish pair of specs, and this right here is what I like to call perfect.
  • Laptop Case: I certainly like to work from home, and playing hooky sounds like a fun idea, can't say I've ever tried it out! I have a few months of high school left, maybe I should give it a shot... Anyhow, this Kate Spade New York cover will keep your laptop safe, clean, and super cute. Killer combination. It's a must-have. 
  • Nikon Coolpix P510: This camera is my life! I would suggest it to any blogger that photographs a lot and needs a new camera. It's not too heavy, it fits in a medium-sized bag, and it takes amazing pictures. It has a lot of settings, and I can always find a great setting/mode for whatever kind of outfit or material I'm photographing.
  • Cosmetics: Mascara is a must, and I always seem to need a refill and this Dior Show mascara is golden. Your eyes will never look so great! Same with the NARS lipstick, here. The color is long lasting and the perfect pink. Lastly, this Butter London polish is a must. We all need our red nail polish, it's the unwritten rule of the fashion community. Bloggers are always at events and shows, so why not have some great products?
  • Baubles: I love studs! They're easy, they're simple, they match just about anything. A good pair of stud earrings is a good thing to have, and these Kate Spade earrings are a great pair to have! I don't have these particular ones, but I have another pair that have lasted me three years and still look like new. Great gift right here! Also, the Alex and Ani gold bangle set is a gorgeous gift to give. Gold is very in right now, and when these bangles are layered with a watch and perhaps a cuff, you've got a rockin' arm party going. Talk about a trend!
  • Cross Body Bag: We all need cross body bags. At blogger events and shows, we get so many shopping bags and swag bags, it's just so much easier to have a cross body strapped on, and I really do believe it's a blogger style staple.
  • "Snood": Okay so a snood is an infinity scarf, but I don't know why they're called snoods. I like the way this J.Crew one looks with the glasses, and I just thought that while we blog, we like to be comfortable, so this is a perfect accessory to have around for when you're tired, blogging and just trying to relax.
  • Grace A Memoir: This is Grace Coddington's book that just recently came out this fall. I think any girl who claims to be fashion indulged needs this novel. Don't you?

It may look like a lot, but we bloggers put in a lot of time and write a lot of posts. We deserve a little something! Plus, it's fun to receive gifts that you'll get a lot of use out of. I know I love getting a present that I know I'll be able to put to use daily. I could definitely think of more gifts for bloggers, but if you're shopping for one, the rest is up to you! Be creative. Get somebody something that you know they'll love, not just something I'm sitting here suggesting. Thanks for tuning into this gift guide post, and watch for another tomorrow!
Keep Calm and Shop on.
xx, ZM

Items in this post can be found using the following: J.Crew sequin shirt / Marc by Marc Jacobs logo bag / Alex and Ani set of bangle / Kate Spade stud earrings / Kate Spade  / J.Crew j crew / Warby Parker round eyeglass / MAC Cosmetics / NARS Cosmetics hot pink lipstick / Butter London red nail polish / Vogue Cover May 1945 / Crane Stationery 'eiffel Tower' Stationery / Grace A Memoir

Monday, December 03, 2012

Gift Guide: For the Boys

I’m not very familiar with mens fashion, but with a father whose family owned a clothing store and a boyfriend who loves to dress up, I’ve learned a lot. Now I know that one can never have enough dress shirts and ties, a nice pair of jeans (or two) is a necessity, men love a good pair of socks, watches are must-haves, and there’s nothing quite like a good quality belt. Having learned these tidbits of information, I incorporated all of these items, and more, into my holiday gift guide for the boys. So, what have we got here?

  • Gloves: Sourced from North American deerskin (the world's best), these hand-cut, hand-sewn gloves are incredibly strong and just a bit stretchy. Ultra soft inside and out (they're lined with the finest Scottish cashmere)—this is a stylish pair of gloves.
  • Belt: Like I said before, there’s nothing like a good quality belt. Brown is also a great color to invest in because most men have brown shoes that they could match the leather to. And if they don’t have brown shoes, well there’s another gift you could give them!
  • Watch: Isn’t this the coolest watch? A collaboration between J.Crew and Timex, this gadget is designed like a military watch, so it incorporates all 24 hours on the face. I love the navy color because a lot of men just stick to basic neutrals for color, and navy happens to fall on that “basic boy” color wheel.
  • iPhone 5 Case: If the boy you’re shopping for has an iPhone 5, this black leather case is a great accessory. It protects the phone and it’s a slick cover to say the least. It’s snug on the phone and serves as great protection against cracks and scratches.
  • Suede Boots: I love these. My boyfriend would never wear these, but a girl can dream, right? Whenever I see these on a man, they look so great. With a slick pair of jeans and any kind of top, these suede boots (J.Crew) are the ultimate piece of footwear for the male fashionista.
  • Socks: What can I say, every guy loves a comfy pair of socks! I swear my dad has more pairs of socks than anything, and because he’s so stylish, I’m just assuming that’s a good stocking stuffer...
  • Sunglasses: Every guy looks handsome in a pair of Ray Bans! This tortoise shell colored pair are classic, yet modern. They’re very versatile and look great when he’s dressed up, and they’re also a great look with swim trunks or casual wear. I’d say this is a staple for all men. This is a great gift right here, ladies!
  • Jeans: This is self explanatory. Every man needs a nice pair of jeans! They allow him to dress up without really dressing up. Throw on a pair of jeans, a good pair of kicks and a neat looking top, and you’re ready for a date night, man.
  • Dress Shirt: Also self explanatory. Men love dress shirts, and chances are if he’s getting dressed up for work, he’s gonna be wearing one of these. There are so many different colors and patterns for dress shirts, a man truly can’t ever have enough or two of the same.

And... That's a wrap! No pun intended. Get it? Gift, wrap, ha ha. Anyhow, these are some great basics for your favorite boys this Christmas. It's your opportunity to give your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, whoever he may be, the perfect present. Style your favorite men the way you want them to look. Take charge!
xx, ZM

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Holidays' Boldest Bling

So, let's talk Holidays. It's finally December and the pressure is on to buy everyone on your list the most fabulous gifts. In my opinion, there's nothing like giving somebody a gift you know they'll love. But this December is different. The fashion is better than ever, the season is longer due to an early Thanksgiving, and every girl on your gift list wants to be bold and chic. For starters, think of those you'll want to gift with jewelry. Fine jewelry has recently gotten pushed aside for more low-key (price wise) pieces. Now, women love bold necklaces, big-faced watches, and earrings that really attract attention. The switch from simple jewels has happened, so let's roll with it! Speaking for myself, I love chunky necklaces with many details. It's because if you're wearing a simple shirt, dress or even an outfit that's not very bold, a necklace like so can make a world of a difference. The same goes for earrings, too. Add some sparkling bracelets, or maybe even a blinged-out cuff, and you're ready to go. But just because bold is in, that doesn't mean you can't interpret simplicity into your look as well. Pile on the fabulous baubles, but don't forget that a few simple bangles could give you that extra shine you didn't have before. Every little thing counts, remember that! But in my opinion, it's better to have on one knockout piece and several simple pieces, than to have a bunch of simple jewels on and nothing to steal the show. For suggestions on brands to buy Holiday baubles for you or for a friend, here's my list: Kate Spade, Zara, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. At each one of these shops, you can find a designated spot for "costume jewelry" and lots of sparkling pieces with pizzazz, and at low prices, too. Remember that this holiday season is like no other, and every girl wants (and needs) a little extra sparkle.
Happy shopping!
xx, ZM

Looks in this post can be found using the following links: Kate Spade pearl necklace / Kate Spade watch / Kate Spade earrings / Kate Spade cuff bracelet / Kate Spade jewelry / Kate Spade pearl drop earrings / Kate Spade bow ring / Kate Spade jewelry 


Hey Hey, Havaianas

It might not be the best time of year to discuss flip flops, but with Christmas right around the corner, a pair of Havaianas could be a great gift. Based in Brazil, the brand has swept America! Men, women and children all sport the sandals, most commonly men and women between fifteen years old and forty. They’re perfect for beach days, lounging by the pool, pedicures, shopping -- Havaianas flip flops are not only the most comfortable (coming from somebody who wears them), but they’re long-lasting and eco friendly. Havaianas released a statement saying, “Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy. As a part of this positive energy, Havaianas, along with its parent company, Alpargatas, believe in social and environmental responsibility. We participate in many programs and contribute to organizations ensuring that we do our part to support society and our planet.” Who doesn’t love a shoe that’s equally as responsible as it is chic?
So what about variety? Well, like I said before, they’re for both men and women. Just recently, Havaianas launched new patterns and designs for 2013. Some of the new looks for women include metallic, mixed colors and Brazil mix patterns. For men, the brand has added aloha, urban style and also Brazil mix designs. For the most part, these flip flops are in the $20 range. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Also recently, Havaianas actually launched the ability to purchase gift cards online. The cards range from $25-100, they’re redeemable online, arrives all wrapped in Havaianas decorations, and get this -- there’s no expiration date! How perfect is this? Ring in the new year with some newly-designed flip flops and a Havaianas gift card, and you’ll be good to go!
Havaianas, like I’ve mentioned, come in a large variety and are super versatile. I’ve been wearing the same pair for the past two summers, and they’re still as good as new. They might be a teeny bit more pricey than other sandals, but the quality is worth every cent! I can guarantee that. Go out and try a pair for yourself! And remember, a pair of Havaianas would make a spectacular Christmas gift.
Sandal season is coming faster than we think...
xx, ZM

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