Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Perfect Pink

I don't know about you, but when my tan fades, I go into panic mode. Where's my bronzer? Where's my blush? How many months until summer? These are some of the questions I sit and ask myself. This fall, with the help of NARS, I've taken losing my tan a little lighter -- no pun intended -- and I've found the perfect pink. Drum roll please... I'm referring to blush! Once I've applied a little bit of bronzer, I add a pink blush to give my cheeks the right amount of color to mimic my sun-kissed spots in the months of July and August. By adding just a pinch of pink, I look like I've gotten some vitamin D when I really haven't.
So what's the trick? Well, what I like to do is use a rounded brush. I move it around to get it pink and I smile so I can apply it on the roundest part of my cheeks. Applying it to this part of the face makes it look natural and is what imitates the sun-kissed look. After you've put it on both cheeks with the brush, take another brush with nothing on it and rub it over where you've just applied the blush. I know, blush, brush, it all sounds too similar but bear with me! Now, just go over your pink spots and rub them in a little more to make it look natural and not too pink. After this, you should be good to go. Usually, since NARS is a quality brand, it lasts me all day so I don't have to apply more. But if you notice your pink leaves your side, carry your makeup with you and repeat this process midday. It's easy enough to do again, and same thing if you're going out at night -- you'll probably need to reapply then, too. Just keep in mind while putting it on, a pinch of pink is always enough. You know what I say, keep it simple. I can promise that this will help relieve the pain of missing your tan. Maybe not 100%, but it's a step.
It's the perfect pink.
xx, ZM


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Styling From Inside National Jean Co.

Over Veteran's Day weekend, I was lucky enough to stop by National Jean Company on Newbury Street for a photo shoot. Everyone was so welcoming and fashion-forward, it was a tremendous experience. After trying on outfit after outfit and perusing around the store for looks to style, I realized that there are so many styles that we can put to use during the weekend. Here, I have three fabulous looks for typical weekend occasions that anyone could wear well.
#1: chic night out.

what you'll need for this look:
- Tuxedo shirt by Parker
- Bracelets by J. Lapuck
- Clutch by Romy Gold
- Leather leggings by Paige Premium Denim

This look was my favorite of the entire shoot. I love the tuxedo-inspired blouse paired with the leather leggings. Personally, this is something I'd wear. It's perfect for a night out because the pumps and jewelry make it dressy, and the top and bottoms are super comfortable. Whether you're going to dinner or dancing, this look is right for you. Steve, the store's owner, totally agreed. The leggings give the look a "va-va-voom" aspect, and that's what helps it along as a night out look. Put your phone and your lipstick in the clutch and head out the door!
#2: coffee run ensemble.
what you'll need for this look:
 - National Jean. Co Leggings (Boston, Wellesley, Newton)
- Joie Soft Shirt
- JUNE Fur Vest 
- Black Frye Booties

Morning coffee runs in November can be chilly. To avoid shivering at all costs, throw on some tight leggings that'll lock in the heat, a long-sleeved tee and the softest fur vest you'll ever feel. Boom. You've got the perfect look. It's simple, it's stylish and it's really a universal look. Go from coffee to errands to a lunch with friends, and you'll be looking just as chic at very activity. Personally, I love this look for the morning because it's comfy and cozy without being lazy. What's better than that?
#3: run those errands.
what you'll need for this look:
- Flare Dark Dressy Elizabeth & James Jeans
- Silk Tank Top by Tobey Grey
- Silk Blazer by Tobey Grey
- Wishbone Necklace by House of Harlow
- Romy Gold Handbag
- Bracelets by J. Lapuck

I love this look for midday errands and shopping. The bag has plenty of room for your phone, wallet, water bottle, and anything else you'll need while shopping. You could even fit an iPad or tablet if you always have yours with you. These Elizabeth & James flare jeans are SO comfortable. They're stretchy and super soft, perfect for moving around. The silk tank and blazer are also soft and comfortable, and easy to change out of for trying on clothes. This is totally something I'd wear shopping on a Sunday afternoon, because it's a nice transition into a casual dinner outfit. Don't you think? Oh, and I love the wishbone necklace because I can always use some good luck. This look is all about comfort and convenience, and is the perfect ensemble to wear during errands and shopping.
 So, what do you think of these looks from National Jean Company? All I know is that they're chic, affordable, and perfect for the cited occasions. National Jean Co. offers a variety of apparel for women of all ages. The associates are happy to help style any look that you need. My Saturday morning there couldn't have been better or filled with more fashion. Keep your eye out next week for more styling tips from my trip to NJC.
Style savvy as always.
xx, ZM


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Talk About Scarves

What better way to ward off the cold than with a scarf? This fall and winter, scarves are a tremendously trendy accessory. They keep you warm, they add color to your outfit, and they're oh-so-versatile. One scarf could be worn so many different ways. It's all about the styling. I'll be honest, before this year, I was clueless as to how a scarf should be styled. I would tie them wrong and they'd always come apart halfway through the day. Whenever I have problems like so, I turn to Pinterest to help me out. Luckily, I found a gem. Behold, the guide I turn to when I'm in dire need of new ways to tie my scarves.
Instead of just tying a scarf very basic, now, I tie it like a bow, or I tie it all up to look like an infinity scarf. Before, these styling ideas didn't really pop into my head. I always would just fold my scarf in half, pull it through and call it a day. Don't be like the old me! Why? Well because there are so many opportunities to do more. It's like anything in life, if you put in time and effort, it will look better. I know, I know, that's cliche. But here we have 40 different ways, and I guarantee you that's a lot more ways you could've thought of on your own. Am I right? By using these ideas in your outfits, you'll make yourself more stylish. Abandoning mainstream ways of tying your scarf will make your style more original and less ordinary. Try braiding your scarf, wearing a belt over it, tying it in a bow or tying the ends in knots. I've gone through this myself and after looking at this photo guide, I had so many ideas to build off of and a lot more styles to wear. Like I said, one scarf can be worn in so many ways, so make sure you take advantage of "40 ways to tie a scarf" because it's a huge help.
Go from ordinary to original.
xx, ZM

Monday, November 12, 2012

Eye Spy

Lately, I've been on a real lash kick. I've been 100% attentive to my lashes 100% of the day. Mascara in the morning and multiple eye lashing curlings throughout the day. What can I say, I just started to appreciate my long, thick lashes. Today, looking down at my three year-old and two month-old nieces, I saw some real potential for beautiful lashes someday! It's just something I've been paying a lot of attention to. I think when someone goes the extra mile for their lashes, she'll look much more glamourous. Lashes are so defining. I mean, when someone has bold, glam eyes, that's all you're gonna look at. It's mesmerizing in a way. 
Let's take for example Erika Bearman, Oscar de la Renta's VP of communication and infamous "PR girl". Her round, green eyes are the first thing you'll see when you look at her. When we met, I could've looked at her eyes for hours. With the help of her long, black lashes, they were so complete. As an avid follower of hers, I know she's a mascara addict. Because of the way she grooms her gorgeous lashes, her beauty is so bold and defined.
So what happens if you're sans long lashes... Don't clump on the mascara, let me tell you that. Thick, yucky mascara is no solution. But the solution would be a little miracle in a box. That miracle happens to be fake lashes. You might've just read that and thought yeah right to yourself, but not all faux lashes look like wings. Last year, I wore faux lashes to my junior prom, and my eyes have never looked better. I didn't necessarily need them, but they gave my eyes the kick that I've always wanted. Ever since, I've been meaning to go to Sephora and purchase more for everyday use, but that's another story. Anyhow, there are so many types of faux lashes that are made for any occasion, any reason, and anyone. Look below at the trusty faux lash guide I found on Pinterest, and you'll be good to go. You certainly don't want to overdo it, but a little va-va-voom in the eyes is chic.

What do you think? Are you a starlet? A little flirt? A debutante? With the help of fake lashes, I suppose you could be any of the above. You know what they say, the eyes are the window to your soul. So why not have an ultra-glam soul? That's right.
Much love from me, my mascara and I.
xx, ZM

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Keep it Cozy

AllSaints pullover sweater / Burberry double breasted coat / Club Monaco knit pants / River Island gray socks / Stuart Weitzman over the knee leather boots / Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather handbag / Cole Haan long scarve / Yves Salomon / Karen Millen leather glove / NARS Cosmetics
So we've had our first snow. We all saw the snowflakes fall in the night sky, saw all of the instagram photos just in case we didn't look out our windows, and read all of the "first snow" and "winter wonderland" tweets that flooded all of our twitter home pages. The fact of the matter is, yeah, snow is lovely and it looks enchanting, but there's nothing fun about shivering with sleet in your shoes. Been there done that. To avoid such an uncomfortable, and typical, New England winter situation, there are some stylish cold weather essentials you'll need to get your hands on. First off, we have sweaters. Sweaters are the gem of the winter; they're warm, they're comfortable, they're oversized. On a cold day, don't skip the sweater. Nothing feels as good as something warm right next to your body. Next, we have leggings, and in this case, they're fabulous leather leggings from Club Monaco. They're tight, they have leather and "legging material" and they'll keep you nice and comfortable and snug... NEXT. Now, you have to top it off with weather proof boots, this is crucial, and a warm jacket. A double breasted trench will button up and secure in all of your warmth, and on a windy, snowy day, you'll be thankful for it. Don't forget the little things, too! Ear muffs, scarves, mittens and warm socks are all an important part of keeping warm! Make staying warm a fun task and get vibrant colored winter accessories to make the experience a bit more fun and bearable. You know? Oh, and since all of our lovely tans have faded, make sure to get your hands on some makeup! Give yourself a little color, you deserve it. NARS is my favorite and I'd also recommend Bobbi Brown. A little concealer, bronzer and blush and you're good to go. Do you feel winter ready now? You should.
Make your closet a winter wonderland.
xx, ZM

PS- Nothing warms you up like a hot Starbucks. Never forget it.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Welcome, Election Day.

Since Fashion is Freedom is only two years old, I've never had the chance to write an Election Day post. The day doesn't have much to do with fashion and what's trending for fall and winter, but it does have a large effect on all of our lives. Well, those of us who live in the United States, anyway. Make sure that today if you're over eighteen and you're registered to vote, that you take advantage of that right. Voice your opinion, and vote for the candidate of your choice, because it's the only chance you've got for another four years. Choose wisely and be proud. Did I mention it's my first time voting? I'm so excited.
Won't have another post like this for four years.
Let's do this.
xx, ZM

Monday, November 05, 2012

Leopard is a Neutral.

I blame my mother for my late-blooming love for leopard print. After so many years of thinking the print was "trashy," which many people still wear it like so, I've learned to love it. Madewell and Steve Madden are definitely responsible for my hopping on the bandwagon because this season, both of the brands are selling super fabulous leopard print flats. Leopard has become so widespread and worn with other colors and patterns, that it's become almost like a neutral beige or brown. Women nationwide -- and probably worldwide -- are pairing their dress pants and dresses with leopard flats and their cardigans with leopard-printed blouses. I smell a trend.
Although the print has become so widespread and chic, of course there are those who constantly abuse it. Leopard print, or "cheetah" as the less fashionable call it, gets a bad rap because of the people that think it goes with anything. Overdoing such a complex print and mixing it with other hideous patterns is a recipe for disaster. When people see what many bloggers, brands and magazines are doing with leopard print, they will be satisfied and ready to splurge on their own printed garments. Renowned style site NET-A-PORTER says, "Playful, sexy and elegant, it’s the new neutral that packs a punch. Slip into a spot splashed dress or heels to give favorites extra kick." I couldn't agree more. If you know what you're doing, which is basically keep it simple and use your brain when you're getting dressed, then you can absolutely nail the look. If not, keep practicing... I've seen many pairs of leopard flats that go well with any solid-colored trouser and blouse. I've seen leopard cardigans, which also go well with solid colored pants and a simple tee underneath. The secret is simplicity! Leopard truly is the neutral that packs a punch, so study up and wear it well.
xx, ZM

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

I've always heard women say, "diamonds are a girl's best friend," but I've never had anything to back that up. I've flipped through Tiffany & Co. catalogs, drooled over celebrity engagement rings and I've envied my mother's gorgeous diamond since I was a little girl. In September I was lucky enough to team up with Anjolee diamonds and now I'm sporting a carat on my right (not left!) hand thanks to the brand. When people ask, I'm always excited to share my story of how Anjolee and I connected through my blog, and every time I look down at my right hand, I admire the glistening stones and think of my friend Marla at Anjolee.

Due to the current (sad) conditions of my manicureless hands, I've chosen to take some quirky photos of my diamond ring with my other two favorite things: nail lacquer and fashion magazines. Isn't it beautiful? I couldn't be happier! It's always shining and I'm never without it. It's become one of my favorite accessories, especially because it really captures people's attention. So what's going on with the Anjolee brand, anyway? Anjolee was founded in 1977 as a high-end jewelry manufacturer.The company originally started selling its products to wholesalers and retail stores and quickly gained recognition as the leading manufacturer of high-end diamond jewelry. Anjolee’s product line has expanded throughout the years and includes an extensive collection of bridal jewelry, rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. The brand is 100% committed to customer satisfaction, quality and carrying out its craftsmanship while conscious of the environment. Anjolee is truly a fabulous company, and I urge you all to click here and go on the site and see for yourself! There's so much to choose from and you can find anything from the large selection to match what you love.
Diamonds really are a girl's best friend.
xx, ZM

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