Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Bags of Fall

The boys of fall are a thing of the past, now onto the next trend: the bags of fall. Each season brings trends that come and go, and this fall, you've got to have the right handbag. Color, texture, shape and size all play a factor in whether your bag is right for this season. There are always rules to remember in selecting your perfect purse, so pay close attention and stay clear of fashion don'ts. 
There may be certain types of bags trending, but believe me, that doesn't limit you one bit when it comes to buying the perfect one. Currently, doctors bags, oversized wristlets, bucket bags, clutches, top handle bags, cross bodies, round bags and structured bags are all in style. See, I told you there was a variety to choose from. But shying away from all of the categories, here are some rules I'm putting in place as far as purses go:
  • Don't overdo, or oversize, it. If you're wearing a delicate little dress or a simple outfit, don't bring a huge bag along. Your look isn't edgy so you don't need an overpowering pocketbook to tag along. Keep it simple, and lean toward a petit purse.
  • Pay attention to color. The more color you have in your outfit, the more solid you want your bag to be. Ever heard of clashing? Well, let's say you're wearing stripes. Don't pair it with a multi-colored bag. This is just bad news. Color block, keep it solid, whatever will make you refrain from clashing, please do it.
  • Design Don'ts.Back to the clashing theme, if you've got one busy design happening in your outfit, don't do the same with your bag. Mixing and matching with opposite patterns isn't always chic, in fact most of the time it isn't. Keep it conservative with the patterns. This leads us back to "don't overdo it."
If you haven't gotten your bag already, now do you have something in mind after those tips and rules? If you're still not sure what to aim for, just remember, keep it simple, don't overdo it. The moral of the story is to play it safe and go with a style you know you like and that won't mess up your outfit or clash. Got it now? Lovely. Make your fall handbag your number one accessory.
Hopefully my tips didn't leave you saying...
 "what the clutch"
xx, ZM

The Tent at Boston Fashion Week - Luke Aaron

Luke Aaron’s storyteller approach to design is inspired by the alluringly, glamourous worlds he discovered watching classic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Luke’s pieces are produced individually, by hand in small-scale workrooms in the USA, and feature delicate finishing seldom seen in mass-produced clothing.

how about that for a show?
very wearable, and very spring.
i think it's the best of BFW.
cheers to Luke.

 That being said, I need to get my hands on some Luke Aaron.
Fabulous SS13 collection.
xx, ZM

The Tent at Boston Fashion Week - Avni Trivedi

Avni Travedi’s designs represent the ‘new’ green. Her work seamlessly blends contemporary design, luxury fashion, sustainability, and social responsibility. Created from 100% naturally dyed, hand-made fabrics created especially for Avni by artisans n the small villages of Gujarat in India. The runway show began with tribal-esque music played by drummers right on the runway. It created a cultural atmosphere within the tent. Accessories included bejeweled headwear that was to die for. Styling was done flawlessly by Boston stylist and one of the city's most fashionable, Ms. Christina Pierce.
Love the tribal accents?
Me too.
Congratulations to the designer for a fabulous collection.
xx, ZM


You Can Rent the Runway

If you’re on reading this blog right now, chances are you love runways. It’s where the fashion all happens; it’s where the looks are revealed and where designers envision their garments being showcased every season. But how about Rent the Runway? Well, Rent the Runway isn’t your traditional merchandising site. In fact, RTR allows you to choose garments from over 95 designers, reserve your dress and accessories of choice, and wear them to just about any occasion. Rent the Runway has clothes and accessories perfect for galas, weddings, dates, holiday parties and even job interviews. Any night, or day, out is incomplete without a piece from Rent the Runway.
But those aren’t the only perks of the clothing site sweeping the fashion world. The wide variety of garments offers looks for people of all ages and gives users an opportunity to wear clothes that retails for hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the cost. One of my good friends Viki rented a fabulous Badgley Mischka sequined dress for her winter ball last year, and that’s the first exposure I had to the service. After this, I signed up and I’m waiting for the perfect occasion to try it out! After hearing Viki’s praises for RTR and browsing through the options online (they’re too chic), I knew I wanted to try it out. 
"smarter style.
it even sends two sizes
to make sure you get the
right fit."
I still haven’t tried it out, but the holiday season is coming up quicker than we think so I’m sure that’ll be the perfect time to look for the perfect outfit on Rent the Runway! It’s a great site that lets designers get their pieces in the hands of young, stylish women who otherwise wouldn’t get that opportunity. Plus, if you’re going to wear a dress one time, isn’t it best to just rent it instead of paying all that money? I definitely think so! 
Get your Rent the Runway on this fall and winter by clicking Rent the Runway and be the most stylish girl wherever you’re headed.
Love. Wear. Return.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pretty in Peplum

So what exactly is peplum? It's simply a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman's jacket, dress, or blouse. You should educate yourself as much as possible as soon as possible because peplum is a major trend that is here to stay. It showed up all over fall runways during last winter's New York Fashion Week and once again it was everywhere just a couple of weeks ago on spring runway's at New York Fashion Week. I just got home from a Boston Fashion Week runway show, and guess what I saw... Peplum! I wore a peplum blouse, too. How about that? See, it really is everywhere. Take a look around -- window displays, street style, magazine, celebrity photos -- you'll notice peplum is popping up left and right.
Now that you know what to grab off the racks, let me tell you how to wear it. Peplum comes on the trim of blouses, the middle of dresses and the top of skirts. All it is is a little flare, it's very structured. I love to wear a peplum blouse with skinny jeans and flats, even heels, too. It's a simple look but it's also very chic because you're sporting a trend. Dresses with peplum are usually simple, with that one flare being the entire focus point. I love this look! I've yet to get myself a peplum dress, I really should get on that, but I've admired it on many others. Lastly, on a skirt, the peplum is at the top and flares out. Skirts with peplum are usually tight skirts, much like pencil skirts so it's all simple and basic with that one flare. Poof, just like that something simple is structured and ultra chic. So there you have it! Wear a blouse with jeans or khakis, a dress or even go for a skirt! Use your common sense to dress it up or down how you like it, and don't forget, have a great time!
Invest in peplum.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Tricky Transition

Hopping from a summer wardrobe right into a fall one can be a tricky transition, and right now, we're all dealing with it. One day you might be caught in a chilly fall breeze and the next you might be sweltering the sun as if it were July. With weather like this, what does one even think about wearing? Well, for the beginning of fall, it's easiest to make a slow transition. Clothes that are appropriate for both seasons, especially the in between, are in the spotlight now and have been for the past week or so.
I've thought up five helpful hints and outfit ideas to get you through the hots and colds of September! The first outfit idea: denim shorts with a heavier top, perhaps a sweater or cardigan. Even if it's warm out, your legs will be able to breath, and you could always swap your sweater out for a t-shirt underneath. This is my go-to September outfit, mainly because my upper body always gets colder than my legs, and it's a comfortable outfit to survive a day of school in. Next, you could pair a chic summer dress -- not TOO summery, have a little common sense -- with tights. Wear booties or flats with this and you'll be going for a completely in-between-seasons look. Even adding a blazer on top will do the trick! For your third option, try pairing an outfit with a scarf. These next (and past) couple of weeks, scarves should be every girl's best friends. They look fabulous, they keep your neck nice and cozy, and it's a good way to get used to wearing them all winter long. Related to the scarf idea, many women opt to wear layers to stay warm when it's cold, but easily cool off. While wearing layers, it's easy to be accommodated for any weather coming your way. Like I said, you can remove layers to be cooler, and add more to be warmer. That's what cargo jackets are for! Lastly, I'm headed back to blazers. Try a skirt and t-shirt with your favorite blazer. Much like wearing long sleeves and shorts, you'll stay warm on top and your legs will be cooler. This is convenient for the in-between season because you never know how a day could turn cold to warm in a matter of hours.
For the next couple of weeks, I'll be following this advice closely, and I already have been. These tips are good guidelines to go by because you really don't know how the weather could turn in a matter of a day, or even hours. You don't want to go through a day uncomfortable or irritated because of the temperature, so pay close attention to weather forecasts, but most importantly, fashion forecasts! Best of luck styling your post summer but not yet fall outfits.
Work your wardrobe.
xx, ZM
IMAGES FROM The Glitter Guide

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's Talk About Lace

So I just finished watching Oscar de la Renta's Spring/Summer 2013 collection runway show and I'm super inspired. Some of you may know, but I visited Oscar HQ in August and saw how his signature lace and embroidery is made. It was absolutely stunning to see the careful process of producing such couture. Lace is so delicate and soft, it gives a garment a certain kind of "fragileness" if you get what I'm saying. Lace is timeless, classy and oh so charming. There's just something about the way it covers but doesn't cover at the same time; the holes aren't as revealing as a low-cut or something along those line, but it keeps the eyes wondering. 
 Lace and embroidery are two of my favorite materials/pattens in fashion. There's a certain way to style them that makes them rare and anything rare is usually fabulous. It's not a style that I get sick of, and I love seeing it on runways every year styled in a different way. Lace can be for all seasons. I saw it last February during NYFW Fall fashion week and I just saw it on the runway at Oscar de la Renta's spring show. Lace is always in. I mean, you have to be careful with how you wear it and definitely don't overdo it, but it's classic. It isn't going anywhere. I'll leave you with that. Think about lace and how you love to wear it or see it worn.
Be charming.
xx, ZM



Cheers to Oscar and his lovely staff whom I met last month.
This livestream is what I've been waiting all #NYFW for.
Bisous + best of luck with the show, ODLR.
I know it'll be grand.
xx, ZM

One Nation Under God

“Now, we have inscribed a new memory alongside those others. It’s a memory of tragedy and shock, of loss and mourning. But not only of loss and mourning. It’s also a memory of bravery and self-sacrifice, and the love that lays down its life for a friend–even a friend whose name it never knew."
Take a second out of your day to remember the brave and innocent Americans whose lives were taken this day eleven years ago. You'll never be forgotten, and remain in the hearts of all living Americans not just today, but every day.
God Bless.
xx, ZM

Monday, September 10, 2012

Popchips Supports Local Fashion

It’s not too often I talk about food her on the blog, but today is a special exception. Has everyone heard of popchips? If not, they’re a special kind of all natural chips that are never fried or baked. Not only are they natural and healthy, they’re so delicious. I snack on them at school and work and there’s no better snack out there! I was lucky enough to find out that the popchips brand is a supporter of local fashion -- and when I say local, I’m talking about Boston. Popchips supports fashion shows, events and even meet ups to promote the brand and also promote local bloggers and brand names. That’s why I’m here endorsing the fabulous food brand. This Saturday, popchips is having a special event, and you all have an opportunity to be a part of it.

At the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts on Saturday and Sunday, also known as one of my favorite shopping destinations, popchips will be setting up a station to promote the brand and back to school fashion. What can you find there? Well, there will be makeover stations, a fashion show element, a live DJ, a snacking lounge and interactive photo booth. Plus, I’m going to be stopping by to promote popchips and FIF. It’s a fashionable event I just can’t miss and I want everyone to be a part of! The event takes place all weekend, September 15-16, and will be a blast. I’ve already made plans with friends to stop in and experience the style of popchips firsthand. Who doesn’t love a brand that also supports local fashion? I know I can’t resist! 
I’ll see you there, pretties.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tiffany & Co.'s Best Kept Secret

Face the facts, ladies, it's fall! And with the new season not only comes new clothes and new colors, but new handbags, too. I could say a lot about Louis Vuittons or Marc Jacobs bags, but this fall is all about Tiffany & Co. handbags. The Tiffany leather collection for this fall is to die for. The careful construction and shape of the bags separates them from anything else I've seen in stores and frankly, I can't get enough.

"The Tiffany Leather Collection is created with time-honored techniques that are executed by skilled artisans. In their hands, every clasp and embellishment, every pocket and seam is perfectly placed and smoothly integrated into the overall design. In addition, these original creations are finished with the hallmarks of Tiffany’s heritage, including custom-designed hardware, Tiffany Blue leather interiors, Tiffany Blue® enamel and subtle Tiffany & Co. logos. Collectively, they represent the attention to detail that makes for a fashion essential of enduring style. The Tiffany Leather Collection ranges from $50 to $17,500. The collection is available at select Tiffany locations. For more information, please visit"
The press release says it all! The bags are one-of-a-kind, range in all different prices, and their attention to detail will have everybody's eyes glued on the bag. So when you're shopping for this fall and winter's perfect bag, drop everything and go to Tiffany & Co. 
These handbags are Tiffany's best kept secret.
xx, ZM

In a FNO Frenzy

If you're reading this, I expect you to know what Fashion's Night Out is... Hopefully you all fulfill my expectations! I can't contain my excitement for FNO Boston tomorrow. Like last year, I will be celebrating at Copley. Fashion’s Night Out at Copley Place will begin at 6:30 p.m., (doors open at 6:00 p.m.) where it will join forces with the city’s ultra stylish magazine, Boston Common, to present an evening of high end fashion shows and more. A professionally produced runway fashion show spotlighting fall fashion trends by Neiman Marcus will kickoff the evening, followed by a mixed retailer show featuring looks by Jimmy Choo, Wolford, Vince and Elie Tahari. If anyone remember's last years shows, they were spectacular. I can't wait to do it all over again, camera in hand, tomorrow evening.
As the city of Boston and all of its retailers gear up for its second year hosting FNO, the excitement is growing greater and greater. I was lucky enough to speak with one of Copley's marketing associates and she said that when FNO first came to Boston last year, the city "was overwhelmed". Between closing down most of Newbury street for the festivities and the traffic in the streets and malls, there were so many options and places to go. She told me that in this year's shows "there will be lots of fur, it's back -- whether real or faux -- and it's everywhere". After speaking with her, I got even more excited! For all of those wondering, I will be at Copley's shows tomorrow night wearing my new favorite pair of Topshop "genie" pants. See you there, fashionistas.
I'm FNO ready.
xx, ZM

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