Monday, August 27, 2012

Thoughts on Labor Day

I hear the same thing every year. "Labor day is coming around, it's time to put away your whites." No. It isn't time to put away your whites. When I find out who's responsible for this ridiculous rule, I'm going to explain to them why the fall should be full of white. Combined with other colors, darker ones, white can make an outfit soft and subtle. We can't just go September through May without any white, can we? Do you want winter and spring to be like one long funeral, in all dark color? Exactly, I don't either. I mean, once September rolls around we should all say goodbye to summery looks and beachy clothing, but there's nothing wrong with a little white. But rules are meant to be broken, right? Yes they are.

You're all probably asking yourselves why I'm such an advocate for white for all seasons. I don't think it's the color, or lack of, that should disappear come the first week of September, but certain styles that are associated with the color white i.e. little white dresses, sun dresses, white denim shorts, bright white shoes and bright white handbags. When fall rolls around, white can be transitioned into more of a cream tone and combined with other colors to soften them up. I like white because it's soft. It can be there without anyone noticing, but if it were to be taken away, the outfit wouldn't be the same. I'm a huge fan of white jeans, a blazer and riding boots in the fall and winter. It's not a summer fashion statement and my white jeans are combined with boots so it's totally appropriate. Now that's the kind of post labor day white I'm talking about. I'm not suggesting we all wear white sundresses and check the mailbox in a snow storm while wearing it, but I am saying that the color is indeed appropriate for all seasons. If it wasn't, why would the term "winter whites" exist? So wear your white jeans appropriately, invest in some cream-colored sweaters for the fall and winter, and adjust your white to fit in with your other fall colors. Make it work and make it different than how it was in the summertime. Summer fashion is a thing of the past.
Don't let labor day become a limit.
xx, ZM

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Other F Word

Fall. It's a couple of weeks away and something many of us are trying to avoid thinking about. But no matter how much we love our shorts and savor our sandals, it's on its way and it'll be here before we know it. New trends, new weather, new clothes and most importantly, new shoes! Oh how I love my fall shoes. Out of all the shoes that make an appearance September through November, boots are my favorite. They're versatile, they're cozy on those crisp autumn days and they're quite a style statement.

With boots come options: equestrian style, lace-up, wedges and Chelseas. Each boot offers its own kind of style and way to be worn. Taller boots can serve in a variety of ways, whether they're worn with a dress or a pair of jeans, they give a bold statement. Lace-up boots are primarily worn with jeans, and sometimes even cropped jeans, for an edgier and more casual look. Wedged boots are also a casual option, but can transform into a night shoe as well. They're a comfortable option that you could get a lot of use out of. Next, Chelsea boots are usually shorter, and to me, a bit more androgynous. They look like a loafer or men's dress shoe, but just a little taller and higher up. They look best with a pair of skinny jeans because of the sleekness of the shoe. No matter which boot you choose, your fall wardrobe will automatically be more chic! Like I mentioned, they make a bold statement and they're always fashionable. With so many colors and styles, you're bound to find something you love! Don't fear fall, embrace its new styles. 
Fall. It's the new F word.
xx, ZM


Friday, August 10, 2012

Pattern of the Week: Polka Dots

I've loved polka dots ever since I was a little girl, and they're popping up once again! Last week, I bought a great pair of polka dot pants at Topshop. They're the loose fitting pants that're in style now. Or as my mom said "the ones like MC hammer?" Yes, mom. Actually not quite. Anyhow, celebs are sporting the polka dot pants look, I'm sporting it, and so can you!

I was planning on pairing my new pants with a simple blouse and a pair of pumps. This look I'm planning for myself is very similar to the one that Poppy Delevingne has going on in the picture. Also very similar to what's suggested at the bottom of it. Why is this look such an instant hit? Well, although polka dot is a pattern, it's a simple one. And the hidden simplicity of this combined with even more simple on top is very chic in a plain sort of way. I know I usually shy away from plain looks but there's something about this. I've always loved polka dots, like I said, so maybe that's it. Regardless, this look is classy, chic and easy to pull off. Love it? You really should.
Is anyone else thinking... she wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini?
Nope, just me.
xx, ZM


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Impossible Conversations

I saw the exhibit for myself last Friday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wow, was it something. The Impossible Conversations exhibit features Miucci Prada's work in combination with the work of Elsa Schiaparelli. Both designers' pieces are brilliant and timeless. If you're living in NYC or you're going to be there sometime before August 19, I'd suggest you go see it. Especially if you're into fashion and the history and evolution of fashion. The visuals are great, the mini movie that plays on the screens is great and the overall presentation is wonderful. But for now, here are some lovely images courtesy of Vogue.
 So what do you think?
Will you be headed to the Met to see the exhibit for yourself?
Take advantage of the exhibit. I'm urging you all.
xx, ZM


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Do you love yellow this summer? While it can be a little bright and overwhelming, if it's thrown into an outfit with other colors, it can be just the pop you're looking for. I never thought I liked yellow until I tried on a yellow blazer at the beginning of the summer. After that, I started to add yellow to my wardrobe a little at a time. It surprisingly goes nicely with a lot of other colors: blue, black, red, orange and even light pink. Little by little, yellow can become your new favorite color.
Mellow Yellow
Diane von Furstenberg silk top, $110 / 7 For All Mankind super skinny jeans / Sam Edelman flat shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather cross body handbag, $405 / DANNIJO Joanna Necklaces
One of my favorite places for yellow is mixed into a pattern. In a pattern (like in the blouse pictured) where there are neutral and dark colors, yellow can really make a splash. Then, with a solid-colored jean, the brightness is balanced out. But what about shoes? That's the easy part. Just match the shoe to the bold color, yellow in this case, and you're good to go. Don't just let yellow live in one place, spread it around your outfit! Of course, not too much. But you know what I mean. Take advantage of this bright hue before summer's over. You've got a solid month left!
Ready, set, yellow.
xx, ZM

Monday, August 06, 2012

Let Me Tell You a Little Something

New York City was amazing, as per usual. It was so nice to get away to the city with my mom and friend Viki last Thursday and Friday. I spent time at Fordham (I'm in love), shopped in SoHo, explored Times Square, perused the Met, and best of all, I visited Oscar PR Girl at Oscar de la Renta headquarters on Friday morning. If you don't know who Oscar PR Girl Erika Bearman is, she's ODLR's senior VP of communications and she's amazing. Not only does she have the coolest job in the world, she's the sweetest woman I've ever met. Oh, and the best dressed one, too. My morning at Oscar de la Renta was like a dream, in fact, I still can't believe it was real. I keep replaying it through my head! I was like a kid on Christmas Eve.
How fabulous is she? As you can see, Viki and I matched, but this was a complete accident! I mean, we were going to wear maxis in honor of Erika's signature style, but the color was a total coincidence. Oops! I decided to wear a sock bun since Erika basically invented it. But I digress. Oscar's office was amazing, the press office was amazing and the showroom -- don't get me started. Clothes from ODLR collections surrounded me and I was in heaven. Then, we saw the in-house model trying on a new piece that was exquisite. I loved everything about the fashion house. Not to mention, everything is made in the US. If it isn't made in the HQ, it's made at the factory in the Bronx. Don't you just love that? There's so much I could say about my visit with Erika, but I couldn't nearly type it all. It was a magical day and one of the best of my life. My mother, Viki and I were all in another world while we were there. It was breathtaking! And the view from the 25th floor HQ -- oh my God. Beautiful. Take my word for it, everything Oscar de la Renta is just unbelievable. Thank you, Erika for making my dreams come true. I'm honored to be your "little". I can't wait to be a PR girl someday.
I'm still getting over the fact that I met Oscar PR Girl. Wow.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Travel Bug

I was supposed to go to sleep early, but I can't contain my excitement. I'm headed off to New York City tomorrow with my mom and one of my best friends, Viki, and it's like Christmas Eve. We have so many fun things planned between looking at colleges and shopping adventures that I can't fall asleep. Oops! I suppose I'll regret this post when I wake up at 4:45 AM tomorrow morning. But before I go, I wanted to sneak in a post. I'll be back late Friday night with tons of new blog content and perhaps a street style shoot to share with you all. See ya! Don't have too much fun while I'm away! I can't promise the same.
It already feels so good to be headed back to my favorite place in the world.
It's where I call and feel at home.
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- Stylishly yours -
xx, ZM
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