Thursday, July 26, 2012

Star, Shine, Smile.

Okay, so I couldn't ask for better followers, but I'm asking for you all to take it to the next level for me! Today is the last day to vote for Fashion is Freedom to name me as Boston's best fashion blogger. I would really appreciate if you would take ten quick seconds to click here, create a username [I promise you won't get bombarded with a single email] and vote for Fashion is Freedom. It would mean so much to me because there's nothing I work harder on than this blog! Vote and spread the word.
I'm counting on you, pretties.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obsessions of the Week

Most people obsess over maybe one or two items on average a week, but it's hard for me to choose seventeen items I can't like without. And no, that's not my introduction at shopaholic's a anonymous meeting. Anyhow, this week is all about retro-chic for me. Cat eye classes, hair ribbons, pointy-toed flats, geometric patterns -- it's almost like a flashback to the mid 1900s, and I can't get enough. Maybe I should add a timeline onto the list too, huh? It's not just me, people and brands everywhere are very keyed into the past. Much like history, fashion also repeats itself so prepare for the style of the fifties and sixties to return. Yippee, I love those eras of culture. Retro style mixed with modern decor and accessories is a "happy medium" that's becoming very chic. Having pieces from multiple eras in fashion will not only make you look great, but you'll be a well-rounded fashionista.
Of course clothing is important, but it's every aspect of the outfit that ties it together. One piece may reflect fashion of the past and another may be off of a runway from last fall's fashion week, but it's how it's worn. Not what is worn. Create your own obsessions of the week made up of clothes, shoes, accessories, interior decorations and makeup. Start with categories, narrow them down to actual items and then pair them together for perfection. You're all capable if you take my advice!
Go back in time with fashion.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shop Smart, Be Chic

There are so many summer must have items that it's hard to even list them out. But this week, I've decided on some things that I can't get enough of. First, the base. This week I'm really into dresses. It could be the heat or it could be the fact that I just love the feel of a dress, but luckily, dresses are a hot item this summer. Also a hot item, stripes. Combine the stripes with the dress and boom, a perfectly chic outfit. Excuse me actually, it's not an outfit quite yet. That brings us to step two, accessories. Sunglasses? Check. Cute key fob? Check. Bold jewelry? Check. Let's not forget a super cute pair of shoes and a handbag, too. Combine all this with a comfortable setting -- on a porch, by a pool, you get my drift -- and add in a good book, an ice cream cone and you're good to go. Summertime chic may sound like a lot of effort, but it's a whole lot of putting together what you love and creating your look. But my input never hurts.
No. 26
Monki polka dot shirt, $37 / Dorothy Perkins pink blazer / Paige Denim skinny jeans / Miu Miu ballet flat / Miu Miu handbag
About that ice cream cone, it's ice cream month so we're going to put that right to the top of the list with must have accessories. After all, I love ice cream just about as much as I love fashion. Can I let you all in on a little secret, too? See these items and the mini list I named above? You don't have to spend a lot of money to get these things for yourself. H&M is the perfect destination for a quick and easy fashion fix. You can be a fashionista for fifty dollars. Sounds appealing, right? It's easy to obtain the title "chic" if you shop smart! Creating your very own summer style with the base look that I've given you can be very fun. Try on a million things, go out of your comfort zone, and in the end, your look will be, well, all yours. It doesn't take a professional to pick out a fabulous wardrobe. So be your own stylist, shop smart and most importantly, my fashionistas, be chic.
Cheers to summer must haves.
xx, ZM

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sale Alert | ALDO Shoes

Good news, everyone! The ALDO sale at the Prudential Center has been extended until the end of the month. In addition to the already low sale prices, ALDO at the Pru is offering even more savings. Stop by door 10% off coupons and a free treat at Ben & Jerry's in the food court.
Shoe Shop Wisely.
xx, ZM

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prints, Patterns + Other Pretty Things

As you all know, this summer is all about simplicity with a twist. Whether it be sky high wedges, bold jewels or a pop of color, experimenting with different prints and patterns is a big trend. Peculiar patterns are invading clothing racks like you wouldn't believe. You can see them on dresses, pants, tops and even some shoes. But I'm going to focus on print dresses because I think they offer the most variety and any girl can look beautiful in a dress. Let's take a simple dress shape, like a classic LBD. Then, splash a little color on there and mix it up. Now you've got a simple dress but with a chic pattern on it. It's the little things that transform a dress into a masterpiece.
Another thing I love about a print dress is that if it fits you just right, it's very flattering. That's very important in any outfit. Also, print dresses can be worn casually, formally -- whichever you choose. They're very versatile and offer lots of variety. I just purchased an chevron-patterned dress that looks almost aztec and it was a good investment. I wore it the other day for a day in the city and I'll be wearing it to a magazine event this week. So there's living proof that you'll get a lot of use out of a print dress! Match your style, your taste and your personality and you'll look irresistibly chic.
Good luck, ladies.
xx, ZM

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Here's to Red, White and Blue

God bless America and especially the troops that preserve + provide our freedom.
Happy Fourth, everyone!
xx, ZM

Monday, July 02, 2012

Fabulous [summertime] Finds

If I had to summarize this summer's style, I would do it as follows. This summer is all about simplicity. But it doesn't end there. The style is full of neutrals and plain, effortless looks. A plain dress with a touch of peplum at the waist. A pair of khakis with a bright color. Countless bangles with pretty charms. A neutral manicure with one sparkly fingernail. Everything seems simple, but with a twist. See, they may be simple styles, but with little add-ons such as color, charms, or pops of pattern. The colors are bright, the wedges are high, and the baubles are bold.
Olivia Palermo in Tatler Russia August 2012
Callula Lillibelle polka dot shirt, $205 / Marni flare skirt / Proenza Schouler bag / Braided cord necklace / Hermes bangle / Herme / Diane von Furstenberg double wrap belt / Illesteva round sunglasses / Hermes perfume
Several fabulous summertime finds that reflect this summer's chic style are neutral nails, scalloped shorts, unexpected details, over-the-top baubles, drop waist dresses, neutral wedges and dainty necklaces. See? Very simple items but with that "summer 2012-esque" twist. One piece of an outfit may be plain, but that leaves it up to another part to make it chic and bold. So the moral of the story is... You shouldn't shy away from plain, simple pieces because if you can keep up the style with other aspects of your outfit, then that's perfect. You want to keep it simple and add that special twist I was talking about. It's all about the twist.
Do the twist.
xx, ZM.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Beachwear Must Haves

First things first, Happy July! I'm blogging down here from Kiawah Island, South Carolina and  let's just call it beachwear heaven. You can't turn a corner without seeing someone wearing Jack Rogers or Lilly Pulitzer. And yes you guessed it, I can't get enough. Because of a comment on my last post -- a request for a beachy style post -- here are some beachwear must haves! It's all about the outfit, accessories and how could you forget swimwear. Those items are the "big three" of beachwear. I've been living in beachwear the last few days and it's become my favorite. Beachy casual by day and formal/dressy by night is a fabulous way to go! Why can't life just be one big vacation full of beachwear? Hmmm, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. For now, envision yourself in your favorite-colored beachwear frolicking on some beautiful beach somewhere. If you dress for it maybe it'll come true!
Stylishly yours.
xx, ZM

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