Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swearing By My Colored Skinnies

The colored skinny jean trend is more than on my radar, it's hanging in my closet! As a must for this season, colored skinnies are in every direction I look. Pair them with anything -- florals, stripes, brights, any prints -- and you'll be good to go. Colored skinnies are simple to color block and they'll even look stylish with a plain blouse and wedges, or any chic shoes for that matter. These trousers are a fashion go-to this season for just about any occasion. There isn't an excuse not to own a pair! The thing I find most fun about colored skinnies is all of the options that are available. You can think to yourself, "I want blue skinny jeans,"and you get to the store and there are more shades of blue than you had ever imagined. But that's the beauty of it! You could choose from mint or turquoise or aqua, which will help you narrow down what you really want. 
Nobody said color automatically meant bright! And that's just why peach and coral tones are perfect for colored skinnies, too. As you can see, with any brown shoe, these jeans look fabulous.Whether it be a pump, wedge or boot, the pants look great. As more of a neutral tone, there are even more specific shades of salmon than just salmon. You could go a bit on the darker, more conservative side (left), a bright, washed out looking tone (center), or even a light shade with a pink accent (right). Whichever it may be, pair it up with a chic spring top and your outfit will earn you an A+ in anything. You know what they say, if you look good, then you feel good! And if that's the case, then I say you'll do good.
Color up your wardrobe, pretty please.
xx, ZM


Fashion in Bloom: Spring Florals

Not sure of your favorite spring style just yet? Let it blossom and choose florals! There's color, there are patterns, and that's enough said. There's nothing like a floral print when you're trying to be bold. Even if you aren't, a pinch of florals can go a long way. Add them anywhere -- tops, trousers, shoes, bags, accessories -- it's an essential for this season.
When it comes to florals, there's a such thing as overdoing it. Well, it can be done from head to toe, but only strategically. And I don't even think I can give advice on how to pull that off. If you're leaning towards it, I'd say to stick with the same color scheme, and not add in a million different floral patterns. If you're going with a black, floral patterned blazer, lean toward similar trousers and a conservative top. But if you're looking just to add a small bloom, make sure it's bold. A single floral part of an outfit is the statement piece, so it has to be poppy. However you choose to work this style, do it with grace!
Flower power.
xx, ZM

Tiffany's Little Blue Box

There’s always something special about opening a little, Tiffany Blue box. The crisp white bow and the excitement of what treasure may lie within the small, turquoise box is a feeling that’s become legendary. Every Christmas, every Valentine’s Day, and even every day, millions of Tiffany Blue boxes are opened and countless new memories are made.
But just like everything else, the classic color had to start somewhere. Think back to 1845... The popularity of turquoise gemstones in the nineteenth century was growing, and the color was soon chosen by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual collection of “exquisitely handcrafted jewels”. After being chosen for the cover of Blue Book, Tiffany Blue became the color of shopping bags, advertisements and just about anything else that had to do with the company. And what do you know it, Tiffany Blue has not only made it to the twenty-first century, but the color still has its charm.

With the celebration of Tiffany & Co.’s 175th anniversary and the history behind the little blue box, the company has crafted the RUBEDO™ metal. Among the finest metals in the world, the RUBEDO™ metal includes the elegance of gold, the shine of silver and the glow of copper. What’s even more exciting about the brand new collection is that it will be coming to Boston stores this spring. Shop for cuffs, rings and pendants to be your perfect, go-to accessory this season.
Celebrate the historic happiness that Tiffany & Co. has been bringing to its customers for 175 years. The contents of a Tiffany Blue box are one of the most special things a girl could wish for.
xx, ZM

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chloé S/S Ready-To-Wear

Chloé Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-To-Wear collection was flowy, flawless and fabulous. With a touch of modern design in the bouncy pleats and blow-out hairdos, the collection showcased this season's popular "drop-waisted twenties flapper silhouette," according to Sarah Mower of Vogue. Each and every model graced the runway with a soft, fresh look that's perfect for any spring or summer day. The clothing seemed light, an essential aspect for these two seasons. “I want it to be classically feminine, with a lot of fluidity and movement,” Waight Keller said, “but also very real.” Well, job well done. Every piece is bouncy and fluid, and the clothes are, just liked they're referred to, "Ready-To-Wear".
 This look is definitely my favorite. Complete with Crepe de chine top and Crepe de chine pleated skirt, the outfit gives off a light sense and it's very obvious that this is a spring/summer piece. It's chic, it's appropriate, it's flowy and it's flawless.

Stripes made a lovely appearance on the runway, as well Loving the thick and thin stripes on various pieces in the collection. They really help to add depth to each look.
Not only did Chloé S/S 2012 blow my mind with the fluidity of its looks, but it impressed me in the color scheme of things. Bright blazers and bold stripes added a lot of personality to the collection. This one's going on my list as "favorite S/S RTW collection". Keep this line in mind for your spring and summer shopping!
xx, ZM



Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pretty in Pastel

Pastels are too pretty to pass up this Spring! I keep pushing the color block trend and brights, but pastels are a springtime staple. I mean, the flowers blooming, the days getting longer, the temperature rising all calls for a soft, fresh color. And what gets fresher than a shade of, let's say, lilac or mint? Keep your fashion as fresh as a garden with pastels such as the outfit below...
So what do you think? Is it time to hop onboard the pastel express? Why not! Give your fashion a light, bouncy look while still being chic. Pastel just sounds comforting to me. These light colors may even have the potential to make you cheery and jolly. While brights are a fabulous spring trend, you've got to switch it up! Add some pastel pieces to your wardrobe for variety and to reach the ultimate point of style. You'll be sure to love it.
Make sure to wear it well!
xx, ZM
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