Saturday, February 18, 2012

Michael Kors - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

The Michael Kors Fall 2012 collection is very après-ski to me, but minus the ski. The patterns, the plaid and the usage of fur all gave off a high-end ski lodge kind of look. This runway show was totally different than all of the others, and I love it! The models weren't only decked out in red, but their rosy cheeks gave the après-ski look, too. It look like they had been bitten by the cold and ran to their favorite Michael Kors furs to help them warm up. Also, the leather pieces give the collection an edge that other collections lack; it's a standout material. It's a unique and fabulous collection overall!

 The last photo is my favorite look of all. The bright red is my favorite color and the lace is such a trendy yet classic look. The simplicity of the dress allows the lace to take over and be the "center stage" aspect to the overall look. Simply magical. The Michael Kors Fall 2012 RTW collection as a whole is magical. As one of my favorite designers, Kors went above and beyond my expectations and the expectations of many others. Watch some of the show and see for yourself [just simply click on the video above to view it]. Of all NYFW shows, this has got to be my favorite.
Doesn't après-ski just sound fabulous? 
xx, ZM



Lean and Green... or a Hue of Blue

It may not be spring just yet, but spring colors should've already sprung in your closet. The weather is even on your side! The sun's shining and the snow's been holding off so it's time to flirt with color and put away the neutrals. What better way to finish off the winter than in a blue or green blazer? It's a conservative look with a pop and the right amount of color to out-style the cold.
Like this look? How about a blazer in a pattern or colors like this? Perfect. Paired with any plain outfit, a colored blazer will give it extra "oomph." Like I said, it's the perfect pop. I just purchased a blue blazer and I'm looking forward to wearing it with a fairly plain outfit. Don't get me wrong, color is the best, but if you're wearing a million different colors and add a colored blazer, we're talking over kill. But when you color block wisely and add a bright blazer, you're on the right track. What would look even better with these colors? Add colored jewels that match it, too! Or even some glitter will never do you any harm. Adding a pop of color will make you look better and feel better. So why not try it?
Think Spring.
xx, ZM


J. Crew, Meet Manolo Blahnik.

This news is sure to put a skip in your step, quite literally. You heard it here, Manolo Blahnik is coming to J. Crew. The high-end footwear designer plans to collaborate with J. Crew on a limited edition collection of classic pointy-toed BB pumps that were showcased in tinsel, tweed and glitter at last week's NYFW.

Aside from the fabulous footwear at the J. Crew collection show, the audience was captured by the contemporary designs that the J. Crew designers put out. This collection is more expensive than what's sold in regular J. Crew retail stores, but it is less than high-end designer clothing. This aspect of the collection is extremely appealing to consumers. J. Crew has a sophisticated style in all of its apparel, and the Fall 2012 collection has a lot of style to go around.
The J. Crew collection, to me, is a lot more runway and a lot less regular J. Crew. Not to say the apparel sold in "regular" J. Crew stores isn't chic {because it most certainly is} but the collection brings a sort of sophistication to the runway that J. Crew hasn't produced before. The stern colors and tailored cuts of the pieces is definitely a standout feature of the line.
Shearling, tweed, tailored pants are only part of the blissful creations that J. Crew has put forth for Fall 2012. The collection includes lots of color blocked outfits and a whole lot of glitter. Who doesn't love glitter!? Not to mention that a little shine is always the best way to top off an outfit. Overall, J. Crew collection is utterly fabulous and my closet is definitely craving some of the creations. Thanks, NYFW for getting me obsessed!
Who doesn't love a standout runway show?
I do!
xx, ZM



Friday, February 17, 2012

DKNY - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

The DKNY Fall 2012 RTW collection showcased at New York Fashion Week can be described in two words: all black. [Well, there was a little bit of maroon too... but all black for the most part.] As the classic "New York hue," Donna Karan mixed up the dark color with soft furs, boldly-cut leather and tailored trousers. Not only did the outfits make the show, but the models were accessorized just right and their slick hairstyles allowed all the attention to be on the fabulous apparel.
 The collection was all about sophistication. The "seriousness" of all black gave an all work, no play kind of theme to the show. Although it was conservative, it was fabulous. By no means did DKNY play it safe, she just chose to stick to the basics. And the basics have never looked better. I've always liked Donna Karen because my mom likes the label, I was introduced to it early on and the DKNY PR girl tweets me. She is a complete doll. But I digress, the show was definitely a highlight of NYFW! Classic, conservative and completely chic.
Excuse me while I go to DKNY lala land...
xx, ZM


Monday, February 13, 2012

DVF - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

Sunday, February 13, Diane von Furstenberg showcased her Fall 2012 RTW collection at New York Fashion Week. As possibly Diane's biggest fan, I had high expectations for the show and I couldn't be more excited about the looks she produced. The only thing I could've hoped more for {in the beginning} was color, but by the end, color was everywhere and DVF's signature looks were unveiled with a new, modern twist. I have so much respect for her ever since I met her at a Massachusetts General Hospital Harris Center event at Harvard Business School. Not only is she extremely talented, but she spoke as if she were an average woman. Through her words and her impeccable taste for all things fashion, DVF is making the world more chic with every piece she designs.
I love how the classic black and grey look is transformed into a modern looking texture. The pieces are timeless with a mod twist. How can you not love DVF's doings?
A-ha! There's the color I've been waiting months to see. Leave it to DVF to turn yellow and fuchsia into fall colors. Also loving the thick belts. They add a lot of extra {oomph} not that it lacked any to begin with...
Even Diane herself looked fabulous. She is the epitome of a successful woman who rose from rags to riches. I have so much respect for her, it's hard to even begin. But besides that, her NYFW Fall 2012 collection was fabulous! Color, texture, pattern. Color, texture, pattern... My three favorite words. And DVF... My three favorite letters. Funny how the words and letters all came together in this chic collection.
Thanks for the inspiration, Diane.
xx, ZM


Sunday, February 12, 2012

BGBG Maxazria - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

BCBG MAXAZRIA Fall 2012 is all about incorporating even the smallest bit of color into flowy fall clothing. Almost every look included a sleek chiffon dress with more than one color. Browns, blues, yellows, creams -- it was all about dark, warm colors. BCBG MAXAZRIA has never gone a season without color blocking, and the recent collection showcased at New York Fashion Week proved this to be true, once again. Color block into the fall with BCBG.
 I love everything about this collection. The color, the sharp design, and every look was accessorized just right. When Max and Lubov Azria came onto the runway at the conclusion of the show, it was evident that they couldn't be happier with their collection. The models were all very poised and professional and the apparel couldn't have looked more chic.
It was the NYFW day one standout.
Happy fashion week!
xx, ZM



Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Magic of Tiffany Hearts®

With Valentine’s Day in just three days, plenty of men are out in malls scrambling for gifts. What’s the most special gift on the market this V-day? Well, just about anything from the Tiffany Hearts® collection. This year marks Tiffany & Co.’s 175th year. As we all kick off this momentous year, Tiffany & Co. continues to honor life’s greatest moments with a brand new collection.
Also enclosed in every locket is a piece of history. Lockets aren’t just modern day accessories, but they date back hundreds years. They’ve held photographs as a sign of hope for a soldier’s return and during the Victorian era, represented the presence of two hearts next to one another. Even though the locket has been around for centuries, its popularity has continued to shine on. The perfect Valentine’s lockets are present in the Tiffany Hearts® collection to honor 175 years of magic and the continuation of the history of lockets.

Suspended from the finest chains, the Tiffany Hearts® lockets are a meaningful way of saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your loved one. What more says “I Love You” than an engraved 18 karat rose gold locket? With these words on the outside, the inside of the locket can hold more intimate words, encased in some of the world’s finest gold. Not only does it hold your words, but worn closely to one’s heart, the locket is the center of love and gratitude.
The lockets come in a variety of designs including a sterling silver version, too. Complete with an “I Love You” inscription on top of the delicate silver, diamonds sparkle on the locket’s center. The pieces are all as polished as can be and are a perfect addition to any relationship.
The collection also includes gemstones to bring a little bit of color to your Valentine’s Day. In earrings, dazzling pink stones are paired with diamonds for the ultimate shine. There isn’t better way to wear pink on the fourteenth! The stones are cut to perfection and reflect on the 175 years of flawless craftsmanship by Tiffany & Co. jewelers.
But what’s the most special part of the gift? No matter how shiny or special the locket may be, there isn’t a more exciting part of a Tiffany’s gift than the historic little blue box. Within every box is a story, and within every story is a glistening piece of jewelry. Make your Valentine’s Day shine and visit any Tiffany & Co. location to see just how special the Tiffany Hearts®  really is.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

From the Glitter Guide... Glittery Nail How-To

One of my favorite new obsessions is glittery nails. Usually, I paint my nails all one solid color and spice it up with gold glitter on my ring finger. It adds extra "oomph" to your manicure without being too showy. Simple yet chic. Very, very effective. The Glitter Guide has provided an excellent pictorial how-to on how to perfect the glittery nail look. From there, I'll instruct you on how to complete the task. With care, precision and the desire to have beautiful nails, it won't be difficult.

Master the glittery nail yourself:

  • Clean up your nails. When sporting the glitter glam manicure, you want your nails filed, cut and cuticles to be pushed back for the best look possible. You want the glitter to look feminine and classy, so make sure your nails are in good shape.
  • Pick and choose. Now it's time to decide which colors to use! Combine a solid polish color and a sparkly polish color that match well. Make sure the colors look fabulous together before you apply them onto your nails.
  • Apply. Now it's time to paint the polish onto your nails like Picasso. First, apply one coat of clear polish so you have a base layer. Then, once this has dried, apply two coats of the solid nail polish color. Wait patiently for the coats to dry before applying others on top. This way, you'll avoid smudging and sticky polish... a girl's two worst nightmares. Then, carefully apply the glitter where you want it to be! Above, the ring finger is full glitter polish. To get this solid sparkle look, apply 3-4 coats of the glittery polish. I know, it seems like a lot, but that's what you need. To get the "fade effect" pictured above in the photos, start from the top of the nail {with the glitter polish} and brush to the center of the nail. This will create a faded sparkle look. Super chic! This completes the polish part of the process.
  • Seal the deal. Make sure you're safe and good to go with a top coat. This will help maintain your polish and make it shine. Who doesn't love a little shine? If by any chance your polish chips, just touch it up! That's the beauty of it. Don't worry about making marks or anything because it's so simple to fix.
Best of luck, beauties!
Hope you love this look.
I sure do...
xx, ZM


Friday, February 03, 2012

Time for Tangerine

Although the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, the winter weather has still held off. Six more weeks of forty degree, sunny days won't kill any of us Bostonians. I can't speak for the rest of the country! The lack of winter-like weather has me craving springtime colors. This spring, tangerine is takes the leading role in the chronicle of the color wheel. A perfect mix between orange and red, how can you possibly resist tangerine? Well the answer is, you can't.
Jump on the tangerine bandwagon.
xx, ZM


Alexa Chung ELLE UK March 2012

Can't get enough of this shoot... speechless, actually.
xx, ZM
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