Sunday, January 29, 2012

Passion For Haute Couture

I've always had a certain fascination with Paris Fashion Week and haute couture. Maybe it's because I idolized Anna Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada when she traveled to Paris for the big week and I'd watch that part of the movie with all of my attention... or maybe it's because of my love for all things stylish. Regardless of why, it still remains one of my favorite weeks of the year. With technology, I can watch live streams of the shows and have the best seat in the house, even though I'm half way around the world. I dream to someday able to see a PFW haute couture show for myself from the front row, not just through Vogue's View overview of the best of the week.
[here are some of my favorite looks from the week...]
The candid shot of models from the Valentino show is beautifully captured, and the elegance and style of the clothing is also reflected in it. Below that photo, the next two are from Christian Dior's show. The material of these dresses is stunning. The way it falls is simply gorgeous. And the purple color in the first Dior photo is magical; what a powerful color to showcase in a runway show.
 These for photos are from the Giambattista Valli show. I absolutely love not only the garments but the timing of the photos. Each one portrays an aspect of being backstage. The model in the first picture is heading out to the runway while a stylist is anxiously catching up to her probably to fix something. It's so real. In the next photo, a model is touching up her makeup and curling her eyelashes. I just think this photo has beautiful lighting and it's a typical backstage scene. The last two photos are just too colorful not to include! I mean, how could you not love these!? Pretty in pink has never been so true! Not to mention the flowing gowns and all of the amazing details.
Thanks to Vogue's View on, looking at Spring 2012 Couture has never been so easy. The photos are fabulous, the fashion is timeless, and it's almost like I saw each show in real life. Someday, Zoe. Someday.
Behind the scenes has never felt so real.
xx, ZM

Armani Privé [behind the scenes] Couture

You can thank VOGUE for this amazing coverage of Giorgio Armani's Armani Privé Couture Collection. The dresses, the details, the royalty of the color green - only at Haute Couture Week.
I'm completely and utterly in love with this collection.
xx, ZM

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tom Ford Spring 2012 Collection

Spring collections may be old news in the fashion world, but every time I stumble upon something from Tom Ford's S/S12 collection, I'm in awe. The construction of detail, the colors, the patterns, the textures... I could go on for days. I really could. Spring collections usually play off of one, stereotypical warm weather-esque {in my eyes} but this is an exception. Lots of chic styles for different things. Take a look yourself, you won't blame me for swooning.

You can't look at these colors and NOT be in awe. There's nothing typical about this collection. The assortment of details on each and every piece is different. There aren't recurring themes all over the place, either. It's different than anything other designers produced. I'd say the Spring collections displayed at NYFW were all pretty diverse. But no doubt that Tom Ford's collection stood out.
Call me crazy, but I'm right. Aren't I?
-Your fashion enthused blogger-
xx, ZM



GUEST POST: Keep Your Bag Beautiful

Getting a handbag worn out is almost inevitable. You wear it out, you put it down, you get home, and oh yeah, there's something about it, a lean perhaps, that wasn't there before. It's hard not to disregard a flaw on a nice bag, I know I can't. When the tag says to "handle with care," it really doesn't lie. But what happens once your bag's shape is fading away? Well that's when Erin Scott's anti-aging solution for handbags comes into play; introduce yourself to Erin and the world of Bag Beautiful

Hey ladies, it's E here. I am a self proclaimed handbag enthusiast  and I work hard to have the handbags I covet in Vogue, Lucky and Elle magazines. In attempt to keep my accessories in shape, quite literally, I simply grew tired of the paper stuffing process of storing them in the closet. I figured since I was dropping a pretty penny on my Chanels, Diors and Louis, it would be nice to have an easy, efficient way of protecting and storing my most fabulous possessions. 

So, I created the solution to store my handbags - The Bag Beautiful Handbag Shaper and Cover. Keep your handbags safe and beautiful with these anti-aging products that protect them when not in use. You can finally skip the messy crumpled paper and air fillers, now there is three easy steps and your handbags are ready for storage. 


Are you [loving] E's technique on how to keep your bag in tip-top shape? Head to to see the items, learn how to use them, and most definitely try them out. It sounds like a fabulous system, and it is. Look below to find steps on how to find which BB shaper is best for your bag.
A big [THANK YOU] to Erin Scott of Bag Beautiful for approaching me with her wonderful, handbag helpers!
xx, ZM


Sunday, January 15, 2012

When in Doubt, Paint Your Nails

If there's a lack of color in your life, start small. When I mean small, I mean your fingertips. Splash on a dab of color and brighten your day! Every girl knows that with her favorite color manicured onto the tips of her fingers, she'll feel invincible. I know I do! Not just any kind of nail polish will do the trick, but deborah lippmann brushes on with style. 
So what's so special about this brand of nail polish? I'll begin by saying that Deborah Lippmann herself is the "go-to manicurist" for leading fashion magazines and brands such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, Versace, Donna Karan, and Balenciaga [that's just to name a few]. Besides the credibility of the creator, the polish goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and with the help of a top coat, it stays on for days! Quality is definitely a big part of the deborah lippmann brand. It's different than your leading drug store brand that will dry sticky and chip within twenty minutes of being applied. With fun and quirky colors, quality, and a story behind every drop, deborah lippmann is emerging as a leading brand in nail polish and will continue to thrive and create more tones and textured polish! If you haven't already, try it out. Take a trip to your nearest Nordstrom or any department store with a stellar beauty section, and pick up a little bottle of liquid love. You'll adore it!
Your nail polish addict-
xx, ZM

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weatherproofing Plan

Shoveling, shivering, and sweaters all come with the transition into winter, but the one thing that can be avoided is damaged finger nails. The cold temperatures can be rough on skin, and especially on hands, so it's good to have a plan to concur the cold right at your fingertips.

Why in fact do nails hate wintertime? The main problem is that winter drains nails of the water they need to remain healthy.  “Healthy nails contain 18 percent water on average,” says New York City dermatologist, Erin Gilbert. “In winter, you’re constantly moving between the hot, dry air indoors and the freezing temperatures outdoors. These extremes can reduce the moisture level in your nails, leaving them dehydrated.” It's a good idea to stay away from certain things such as hot showers because the evaporation will remove moisture from nails and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
But weary winter nails can be avoided! Hydration is most important, so when you're applying moisturizes to your hands, add a little extra and hydrate your cuticles to stimulate healthy growth. Don't just apply moisturizer when your hands become dry, but put some on after you wash your hands because, believe it or not, that will drain water from your nails, too! If you want really great results, try soaking hands in lukewarm water once a week and applying cuticle oil. Leaving the oil on for about an hour [underneath gloves] your nails and cuticles will be healthier than ever.
Stay healthy and look fabulous!
xx, ZM

Welcoming 2012

There were so highlights from 2011. My first Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out Boston, new statistic records on Fashion is Freedom, becoming a part of a local newspaper... A 2011 recap plays over and over in my head.
At the beginning of  new year, we must sacrifice the memories made in the past, but that's all the more motivation to make new ones. 2011 was most definitely a year to remember. It was a year filled with accomplishments, happiness and lots of fun. But just because the calendar is new, doesn't mean things are going to change. It's the same season, so it can be the same YOU. Don't change because a ball dropped in Times Square. If you're going to resolve to make changes, do it for yourself. And do it on any given day. New Years just marks the start of 366 [it's a leap year] more days of your life. Make them memorable.

Keep your eye out for many fascinating things on FIF this year.
xx, ZM
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