Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter's Favorite Trend

Let's talk about flannels. Flannels are a broad spectrum, they're worn by farmers, loggers, outdoorsy people -- but this winter is the winter of the chic flannel. We're not talking bulky fleece, we're talking fashion. Well-known bloggers and editors have been photographed recently wearing flannels, dressed up in their own ways. Paired with a chambray shirt underneath, with bulky necklaces around the color, with cuffed sleeves and stacked bracelets, with a cable knit sweater over it, and so many other ways. The point I'm trying to make is that flannels are back for us girls, and they're better than ever before.
I'll admit, it took a lot for me to get over the stereotype of flannels. But soon after, I realized that they're not just for the purpose of wearing under overalls, they can be Oxford shirts and super stylish. With the help of J.Crew's catalogs and window displays this winter, I've become a complete convert. If you're wondering ways to spruce up your flannels and make them more fashionable, I have a few tips for you! First, I had mentioned layering with a chambray shirt underneath. If your flannel can fit this, do it! even a thick, single-colored Oxford shirt works, too. Layer if you can! it adds more texture to your look and it's interesting. Not many people are doing it and it looks great, so if you can try, you may as well. Next, get your jewels on deck. This is an essential part in dressing up a flannel. Blogger Atlantic-Pacific (pictured above) does this perfectly with pearls and lots of baubles by her cuffs. To accomplish this look you must do the following:

  • Attain a bulky necklace or two -- a pearl or faux pearl necklace looks the best paired with plaid -- and make sure it goes around your collar.
  • Cuff your sleeves and gather a bunch of bracelets that can be paired together nicely. Grab some bangles, some charm bracelets and cuffs to complete your bold look.
  • Pop your collar and unbutton a couple of buttons so your collar falls kind of snug on top of your necklace.
With these tips, you should be good to go! Say goodbye to the conventional flannel and hello to a fashion flannel. This look is easy and it really doesn't vary flannel to flannel because they're all similar in fit and shape. Make sure when you're shopping you stop by J.Crew because their flannel selection is heavenly and they're all on sale now! Take my word for it, I have a few of them and they're great quality and very comfortable. Best of luck dressing up your flannels, loves. Go into 2013 with a chic new winter style!
Over and out.
xx, ZM

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