Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Perfect Pink

I don't know about you, but when my tan fades, I go into panic mode. Where's my bronzer? Where's my blush? How many months until summer? These are some of the questions I sit and ask myself. This fall, with the help of NARS, I've taken losing my tan a little lighter -- no pun intended -- and I've found the perfect pink. Drum roll please... I'm referring to blush! Once I've applied a little bit of bronzer, I add a pink blush to give my cheeks the right amount of color to mimic my sun-kissed spots in the months of July and August. By adding just a pinch of pink, I look like I've gotten some vitamin D when I really haven't.
So what's the trick? Well, what I like to do is use a rounded brush. I move it around to get it pink and I smile so I can apply it on the roundest part of my cheeks. Applying it to this part of the face makes it look natural and is what imitates the sun-kissed look. After you've put it on both cheeks with the brush, take another brush with nothing on it and rub it over where you've just applied the blush. I know, blush, brush, it all sounds too similar but bear with me! Now, just go over your pink spots and rub them in a little more to make it look natural and not too pink. After this, you should be good to go. Usually, since NARS is a quality brand, it lasts me all day so I don't have to apply more. But if you notice your pink leaves your side, carry your makeup with you and repeat this process midday. It's easy enough to do again, and same thing if you're going out at night -- you'll probably need to reapply then, too. Just keep in mind while putting it on, a pinch of pink is always enough. You know what I say, keep it simple. I can promise that this will help relieve the pain of missing your tan. Maybe not 100%, but it's a step.
It's the perfect pink.
xx, ZM


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