Monday, November 05, 2012

Leopard is a Neutral.

I blame my mother for my late-blooming love for leopard print. After so many years of thinking the print was "trashy," which many people still wear it like so, I've learned to love it. Madewell and Steve Madden are definitely responsible for my hopping on the bandwagon because this season, both of the brands are selling super fabulous leopard print flats. Leopard has become so widespread and worn with other colors and patterns, that it's become almost like a neutral beige or brown. Women nationwide -- and probably worldwide -- are pairing their dress pants and dresses with leopard flats and their cardigans with leopard-printed blouses. I smell a trend.
Although the print has become so widespread and chic, of course there are those who constantly abuse it. Leopard print, or "cheetah" as the less fashionable call it, gets a bad rap because of the people that think it goes with anything. Overdoing such a complex print and mixing it with other hideous patterns is a recipe for disaster. When people see what many bloggers, brands and magazines are doing with leopard print, they will be satisfied and ready to splurge on their own printed garments. Renowned style site NET-A-PORTER says, "Playful, sexy and elegant, it’s the new neutral that packs a punch. Slip into a spot splashed dress or heels to give favorites extra kick." I couldn't agree more. If you know what you're doing, which is basically keep it simple and use your brain when you're getting dressed, then you can absolutely nail the look. If not, keep practicing... I've seen many pairs of leopard flats that go well with any solid-colored trouser and blouse. I've seen leopard cardigans, which also go well with solid colored pants and a simple tee underneath. The secret is simplicity! Leopard truly is the neutral that packs a punch, so study up and wear it well.
xx, ZM

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  1. Def. I try telling people this but they just dont get it!


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