Thursday, November 08, 2012

Keep it Cozy

AllSaints pullover sweater / Burberry double breasted coat / Club Monaco knit pants / River Island gray socks / Stuart Weitzman over the knee leather boots / Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather handbag / Cole Haan long scarve / Yves Salomon / Karen Millen leather glove / NARS Cosmetics
So we've had our first snow. We all saw the snowflakes fall in the night sky, saw all of the instagram photos just in case we didn't look out our windows, and read all of the "first snow" and "winter wonderland" tweets that flooded all of our twitter home pages. The fact of the matter is, yeah, snow is lovely and it looks enchanting, but there's nothing fun about shivering with sleet in your shoes. Been there done that. To avoid such an uncomfortable, and typical, New England winter situation, there are some stylish cold weather essentials you'll need to get your hands on. First off, we have sweaters. Sweaters are the gem of the winter; they're warm, they're comfortable, they're oversized. On a cold day, don't skip the sweater. Nothing feels as good as something warm right next to your body. Next, we have leggings, and in this case, they're fabulous leather leggings from Club Monaco. They're tight, they have leather and "legging material" and they'll keep you nice and comfortable and snug... NEXT. Now, you have to top it off with weather proof boots, this is crucial, and a warm jacket. A double breasted trench will button up and secure in all of your warmth, and on a windy, snowy day, you'll be thankful for it. Don't forget the little things, too! Ear muffs, scarves, mittens and warm socks are all an important part of keeping warm! Make staying warm a fun task and get vibrant colored winter accessories to make the experience a bit more fun and bearable. You know? Oh, and since all of our lovely tans have faded, make sure to get your hands on some makeup! Give yourself a little color, you deserve it. NARS is my favorite and I'd also recommend Bobbi Brown. A little concealer, bronzer and blush and you're good to go. Do you feel winter ready now? You should.
Make your closet a winter wonderland.
xx, ZM

PS- Nothing warms you up like a hot Starbucks. Never forget it.



  1. I'm a cold weather denier. I can't handle it. Why do I live here?

    That said, I love all of your cold weather picks especially that Burberry coat!

    Also, I may have asked you this before, but what do you use for your collages? Just photoshop?


  2. Love your karen millen outfit and see you as such as good inspiration!!


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