Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trend Report: Dirndl Skirts

Let's talk trend. Currently, dirndl skirts -- longer skirt, but shorter than a maxi -- are sweeping the fashion world. If a girl like Olivia Palermo is wearing it, we all have to have it. Not only have I seen dirndl skirts gracing the glossy pages of fashion magazines, but I've seen them in window displays, on boutique racks and on commercials. The look seems a bit historic, dating back to the '50s voluminous skirts with cinched-in waistlines, but designers have transformed the look into a "modern must" and every stylish girl needs to add a dirndl skirt to her list of must-haves.

Now that you know what it is, let's talk about styling because let's face it, if you wear it wrong you may end up looking like you belong in The Sound of Music. We all know that's not a compliment! To avoid this, keep dirndls formal. They're not something you're going to get away with wearing to the gas station. I'd suggest pairing a dirndl up with a chiffon blouse or a light sweater. Once you've done this, the accessories come next. Over-accessorizing is probably the worst fashion crime you can commit, so keep it simple. A statement necklace does the job perfectly, or if you're tucking in your top, a belt would be the perfect accessory to top off the look. Since dirndl skirts are long, usually past the knee, they aren't going to look too great if you aren't wearing heels. Sans heels, you might come across a bit homely... It all depends on the person, but it's better to play it safe. But in combination with the season's hottest colors, textures and patterns, if you're wearing a dirndl, I'm sure you'll look super fabulous. Popular fashion website and e-magazine Who What Wear calls the trend a "runway resurrection" and predicts that the look is really taking off. I couldn't agree more. As it gets colder, women have to put their short dresses away and succumb to longer, warmer looks. Dirndls are suitable for everybody, so shop around, put your look together and don't forget to wear your confidence on your sleeve.
Get your chic on.
xx, ZM



  1. I could wear the heck out of that pink skirt. Like, over and over, all the time!

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