Monday, October 15, 2012


With twenty-one days left until the presidential election, the beginning of this week is crucial if you haven't registered to vote yet. Some states' deadlines for registering have passed, but in Massachusetts where I am and other surrounding states, you can do so through the middle to end of this week. You're all probably wondering why I'm blogging about politics, but it's much more than that. The CFDA, Kenneth Cole and many famous names in the fashion industry have been pushing for young people to register to vote. It's important to voice your opinions and no matter what anybody says, every vote counts and is an effort toward improvement for the US. Voting is a privilege that millions of people across the world don't have access to and would do anything to have. 
"As Americans, our vote is a privilege
 often squandered," says Kenneth Cole
 designer and social activist. 
"What one wears is not as important as 
the need to be aware, and on Election Day,
 we all need to proudly wear our voices."
-Kenneth Cole
See, even people outside of the political "industry", or whatever you want to call it, are pushing for citizens to register. No matter old or young, the government has some sort of role in your life. To make sure you agree with that role and you're able to voice your opinion, you have to be registered! Register now at Rock the Vote and stand your ground.
Tweet to @fash_is_freedom if you've registered and use #wewill.
We will vote because we make a difference.
xx, ZM


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