Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fall's Favorite Flats

It's time to give your ballet flats a talk, they won't be the only flats in your closet for long. This fall, smoking slippers AKA loafers, are taking over. This must-have shoe is a staple that us ladies borrowed from menswear... Sorry, boys! Loafers are versatile, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. They add grace or edge to any outfit, depending on the style of the loafer, and are gaining popularity by the second.
In my opinion, loafers are an effortless shoe. You slip them on, and that's it. And you know what, that's what I love about them. They're easy, they're very slipper-esque and they're simple. Another bonus is that they're manufactured in many different textures and patterns. A few common loafer looks are small spikes with leather, leopard print and bright colors. This makes the shoes fun to wear and almost add an accessory in addition to your shoes. I've seen striped loafers, alligator skin loafers and even metallic-colored loafers. As a complete and total lover of flats, I've made the transition from ballet flats to loafers, and I'm so glad I did! It introduced a whole new look to my outfits, and added a certain sharpness that wasn't evident before. I love my ballet flats, and they'll always be my favorites, but loafers made their way into my wardrobe this fall and I'm glad it ended up that way! So where is the best place to buy a fabulous pair of smoking loafers? I'd say Gap. I have a pair from they're and they were inexpensive, they're very comfortable, and I chose from a variety of patterns. There were stripes, polka dots, velvet -- you name it. Once you've been introduced to the shoe and you're totally loving the trend, I'd say make a trip to Nordstrom's and test drive a pair of Sam Edelman loafers. Not only is Sam one of my favorite shoe brands, but he's got some bold patterns and loafer designs out this fall that will make anyone look like a rock star. But before you purchase the Cadillac pair, start small. Ease your way into the new trend and make sure you like it! Also remember to style your loafers simply, don't try too hard. They're easy, they're chic and they'll look fabulous on their own. Trust me, don't overdo it.
Shoes speak louder than words, ladies.
xx, ZM


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