Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Bags of Fall

The boys of fall are a thing of the past, now onto the next trend: the bags of fall. Each season brings trends that come and go, and this fall, you've got to have the right handbag. Color, texture, shape and size all play a factor in whether your bag is right for this season. There are always rules to remember in selecting your perfect purse, so pay close attention and stay clear of fashion don'ts. 
There may be certain types of bags trending, but believe me, that doesn't limit you one bit when it comes to buying the perfect one. Currently, doctors bags, oversized wristlets, bucket bags, clutches, top handle bags, cross bodies, round bags and structured bags are all in style. See, I told you there was a variety to choose from. But shying away from all of the categories, here are some rules I'm putting in place as far as purses go:
  • Don't overdo, or oversize, it. If you're wearing a delicate little dress or a simple outfit, don't bring a huge bag along. Your look isn't edgy so you don't need an overpowering pocketbook to tag along. Keep it simple, and lean toward a petit purse.
  • Pay attention to color. The more color you have in your outfit, the more solid you want your bag to be. Ever heard of clashing? Well, let's say you're wearing stripes. Don't pair it with a multi-colored bag. This is just bad news. Color block, keep it solid, whatever will make you refrain from clashing, please do it.
  • Design Don'ts.Back to the clashing theme, if you've got one busy design happening in your outfit, don't do the same with your bag. Mixing and matching with opposite patterns isn't always chic, in fact most of the time it isn't. Keep it conservative with the patterns. This leads us back to "don't overdo it."
If you haven't gotten your bag already, now do you have something in mind after those tips and rules? If you're still not sure what to aim for, just remember, keep it simple, don't overdo it. The moral of the story is to play it safe and go with a style you know you like and that won't mess up your outfit or clash. Got it now? Lovely. Make your fall handbag your number one accessory.
Hopefully my tips didn't leave you saying...
 "what the clutch"
xx, ZM

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  1. Beauty is all very well at first sight; but who ever looks at it when it has been in the house three days?


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