Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Tricky Transition

Hopping from a summer wardrobe right into a fall one can be a tricky transition, and right now, we're all dealing with it. One day you might be caught in a chilly fall breeze and the next you might be sweltering the sun as if it were July. With weather like this, what does one even think about wearing? Well, for the beginning of fall, it's easiest to make a slow transition. Clothes that are appropriate for both seasons, especially the in between, are in the spotlight now and have been for the past week or so.
I've thought up five helpful hints and outfit ideas to get you through the hots and colds of September! The first outfit idea: denim shorts with a heavier top, perhaps a sweater or cardigan. Even if it's warm out, your legs will be able to breath, and you could always swap your sweater out for a t-shirt underneath. This is my go-to September outfit, mainly because my upper body always gets colder than my legs, and it's a comfortable outfit to survive a day of school in. Next, you could pair a chic summer dress -- not TOO summery, have a little common sense -- with tights. Wear booties or flats with this and you'll be going for a completely in-between-seasons look. Even adding a blazer on top will do the trick! For your third option, try pairing an outfit with a scarf. These next (and past) couple of weeks, scarves should be every girl's best friends. They look fabulous, they keep your neck nice and cozy, and it's a good way to get used to wearing them all winter long. Related to the scarf idea, many women opt to wear layers to stay warm when it's cold, but easily cool off. While wearing layers, it's easy to be accommodated for any weather coming your way. Like I said, you can remove layers to be cooler, and add more to be warmer. That's what cargo jackets are for! Lastly, I'm headed back to blazers. Try a skirt and t-shirt with your favorite blazer. Much like wearing long sleeves and shorts, you'll stay warm on top and your legs will be cooler. This is convenient for the in-between season because you never know how a day could turn cold to warm in a matter of hours.
For the next couple of weeks, I'll be following this advice closely, and I already have been. These tips are good guidelines to go by because you really don't know how the weather could turn in a matter of a day, or even hours. You don't want to go through a day uncomfortable or irritated because of the temperature, so pay close attention to weather forecasts, but most importantly, fashion forecasts! Best of luck styling your post summer but not yet fall outfits.
Work your wardrobe.
xx, ZM
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  1. I always love the mix of shorts with sweaters and more fall tops but I don't think it would really work for me, personally. You need a lot of confidence to pull it off!

  2. great blog

  3. i love that tweed jacket! where's it from?



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