Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prints, Patterns + Other Pretty Things

As you all know, this summer is all about simplicity with a twist. Whether it be sky high wedges, bold jewels or a pop of color, experimenting with different prints and patterns is a big trend. Peculiar patterns are invading clothing racks like you wouldn't believe. You can see them on dresses, pants, tops and even some shoes. But I'm going to focus on print dresses because I think they offer the most variety and any girl can look beautiful in a dress. Let's take a simple dress shape, like a classic LBD. Then, splash a little color on there and mix it up. Now you've got a simple dress but with a chic pattern on it. It's the little things that transform a dress into a masterpiece.
Another thing I love about a print dress is that if it fits you just right, it's very flattering. That's very important in any outfit. Also, print dresses can be worn casually, formally -- whichever you choose. They're very versatile and offer lots of variety. I just purchased an chevron-patterned dress that looks almost aztec and it was a good investment. I wore it the other day for a day in the city and I'll be wearing it to a magazine event this week. So there's living proof that you'll get a lot of use out of a print dress! Match your style, your taste and your personality and you'll look irresistibly chic.
Good luck, ladies.
xx, ZM

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  1. we must all bow to alexander mcqueen (up in heaven!) and mary kantrantzou for bringing back print in a big way! love it!



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