Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fashion [event] Flashback

Allow me to take you back to May... I was lucky enough to attend the official release event of the Tiffany & Co. Rubedo metal collection. A number of Boston bloggers and I were all amazed at the detailed jewelry in the collection and wanted, well, just about everything. I couldn't help but show up in my favorite mint green, cropped skinnies and beachy wedges. It was a fun, chic evening and I can't thank Tiffany & Co. enough for the experience and the timeless gift I was given.
Two RUBEDO collection pieces courtesy of my blogger colleague, Alana.
Leanne, JulieSarah, and myself with our fabulous gifts.
And in case you were wondering, my beachy wedges + cropped mint skinnies combo.
Tiffany & Co. Boston has an amazing PR and marketing staff that I couldn't be more grateful to work with on occasion. I want to thank them all for this opportunity! I'm such a Tiffany's girl, so it was a perfect night. Sparkling water, chocolate covered oreos and lots of jewelry -- aren't you sad that you weren't there? I would be, too. Looking back, it was what made May such a great month. There's nothing better than a chic, fun-filled event. I say someone should hold a Breakfast at Tiffany's!
I'm a sucker for timeless jewels and little blue boxes.
xx, ZM


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