Sunday, May 20, 2012

GUEST POST: theTrendyDwarf on Menswear

Menswear has never been recognized as a big industry or even seen as popular. There haven't been too many advances in the menswear industry until recently when designers such as Simon Spurr, Michael Bastian, and Alexander Wang have revolutionized menswear as we know it. These designers along with several others have made mens clothing exciting all over again by punching up classic American apparel. 
Menswear is about sticking out from the crowd subtly without too much effort. For example, rather than by carrying a standard backpack try carrying a tote bag or simple black leather backpack. Try purchasing a club collar shirt rather than the standard collar shirt or if you are into ties try purchasing a collegiate patterned tie rather a plain colored tie. It's simple differences like these that make menswear exciting and will make you stick out. 
Current trends for menswear are: 1) Patterns such as camouflage, floral, vertical stripes, polka dots, cheetah, and basically anything with a repetitive pattern 2) Pastel colored items 3) Neon colors or bright colors. Remember that an essential thing in menswear is the fit! Fit is everything. Make sure that clothing fits you correctly. No, you don't have to be model-like material to look good, you just have to spend some extra time to figure out what clothing item looks good on your figure and what doesn't. The fit can do a lot for a man. 
A big "thank you" to Michael Tornato of theTrendyDwarf for this guest post.
[all street style images were also provided by him]
Head to his blog for the latest street style looks and emerging trends.
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  1. love this- i know nothing about boyclothes. ha!
    i just watched the trailer for the movie mansome, all about men & grooming! you should see it =)



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