Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GUEST POST: Emily [of So Anthro] on Alex & Ani

So, the Boston fashion community is a funny thing. Two months ago, Emily Geaman of So Anthro and I stood in a warehouse studio in South Boston posing for the Boston Globe as two of the city's top bloggers. And just last week, we ended up in press seats next to one another at Mass Art's "Reveal" fashion show. It was so great to catch up on the latest trends and what the both of us have been up to. In the midst of our chatter, Alex and Ani bangles [my favorites] were brought up. Emily attended an event at the Newbury Street store last Tuesday, yes I'm jealous, and she has provided us with a lovely guest post. She knows just how much I love my A&A bangles, and did a wonderful job covering the event. Take it away, EG.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Smiling Stiletto Girls Night Out shopping party at Alex and Ani on Newbury Street. Your lovely Fashion is Freedom host Zoe is actually the one who introduced me to this adorable positive energy jewelry brand, so I immediately thought of her upon receiving my invitation! Eco-friendly, this line of jewelry is manufactured in the United States with recycled materials, so I was especially excited to visit their Boston store and get my hands on a few of their darling charm bracelets!
I was so impressed with the number of charms available, each designed to "uplift and inspire all who wear them." Their mission is to "design products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit." You feel that walking into the store-- despite the overwhelming number of attendees at last Tuesday's event, every employee was so kind and at ease, each eager to help me find just what charms would fit for me + my interests. I can only imagine that sales associates at the brand's other locations would act such the same.
As far as jewelry to choose from goes, the possibilities seem endless... charm banglesembellished bangles, expandable necklaces and rings, even earrings. They also offer a number of special collections, including Charity by DesignTeam USA for the Summer 2012 Olympics, The Kentucky Derby, and Major League Baseball (go Sox!).
Huge thanks to darling Zoe for hosting me today and letting me gush about our shared love for this brand! I'd love to hear what you favorite Alex and Ani charms and pieces are-- find me always at So Anthro
-Stylishly yours-
xx, Emily


  1. I adore these bangles as well. So far I have an "A" and a virgo sign, but I'm on the hunt for more!

  2. I would have to say that my all time favorite piece would have to be the Everything Happens for a Reason Bangle & My most treasured piece, the expandable chain necklace that you can add charms to. Each piece of Alex and Ani that I own holds a very special piece to my heart. I feel lost with out my bangles on each morning and I really can't live without them. I have found a brand that I wholeheartedly can say inspires me and motivates me throughout my day. I would recommend this brand to anyone and everyone. It is trendy and I love that it looks amazing with any outfit you put on. Trendy, classy & inspirational...what more could a girl ask for?

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