Monday, April 09, 2012

That's a Wrap: Spring Scarves

Since the cold weather has been making a comeback lately, it’s time for a trend that’ll warm you up. Spring scarves are a perfect and pretty way to keep cozy. Providing warmth and style, these seasonal accessories are a convenient addition to any wardrobe. Just about any print can look fabulous on a spring scarf as long as you’re not clashing! But I’m confident that I’ve taught all of you enough so that you’ll never, ever clash. Chevron, florals, stripes, solid, etc. are perfect print for scarves this season. If you’re looking at an overview of street style from any fashion capital, spring scarves will be all over the place.
Above, is a picture from an advertisement for Hermes collection Paris Mon Ami. The models are dressed for a chilly spring day with a chic accessory tied around their necks. Hermes is a fan favorite among the fashionably inclined, but any scarf will do! But if you're looking for a shiny, silk scarf, Hermes is your top pick. The designs are always classic and in style. I don't think Hermes has ever made a mistake. As for tying your scarf, I'm certainly no expert. I usually experiment until I think it looks good, and I recommend you do the same. It's a quirky and easy way to get your scarf tied for an original look!
That's a wrap.
xx, ZM

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  1. Fashion and experimentation is the best! Thru experimentation, Iriss from Iro The Whole Nine Yards as come up with an awesome Fizzy Spring Scarf! Check it out!


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