Monday, April 02, 2012

All About the Statement Piece

This spring, there isn't anything shy about fashion. Bright colors, bold prints, a lot of mixing and matching going on, and statement jewelry. Statement pieces are great because even the most simple outfit can be brought to life with the help of some bold accessories. A plain blouse could be transformed into a fabulous top if the right necklace is added on top of it. Statement pieces are the perfect addition to an outfit crying out for a little extra shine.
When adding a piece like the necklace pictured above, it's smart to match to the color you're wearing and add a few new ones into the mix, too. Since this season calls out for lots of color, it will always be worn well. To make a statement piece stand out even more, make it your only accessory. Don't take away from its attention with anything else! Say you've got a great set of bangles you want to choose for your statement piece, try not to add a necklace or earrings. This way, all the attention will be on that one, bold accessory that you'll be so eager to wear.
This blouse's pattern and the color in the necklace is also a perfect example of bringing color and variety into yet another spring trend. I can also picture this look with matching bracelets, too. I know I said not shy away from more than one statement piece, but the bracelets are a soft and subtle addition to the look, and wouldn't make any statement if left alone. But as you can see, these blouses are pretty plain on their own. With the assistance of one or two core accessories, the outfit is complete. It's very smart to have a couple of bold pieces on deck if you've ever got a boring outfit that needs a little spice! It's an easy way to look great.
Making a statement never looked so fabulous.
xx, ZM

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