Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swearing By My Colored Skinnies

The colored skinny jean trend is more than on my radar, it's hanging in my closet! As a must for this season, colored skinnies are in every direction I look. Pair them with anything -- florals, stripes, brights, any prints -- and you'll be good to go. Colored skinnies are simple to color block and they'll even look stylish with a plain blouse and wedges, or any chic shoes for that matter. These trousers are a fashion go-to this season for just about any occasion. There isn't an excuse not to own a pair! The thing I find most fun about colored skinnies is all of the options that are available. You can think to yourself, "I want blue skinny jeans,"and you get to the store and there are more shades of blue than you had ever imagined. But that's the beauty of it! You could choose from mint or turquoise or aqua, which will help you narrow down what you really want. 
Nobody said color automatically meant bright! And that's just why peach and coral tones are perfect for colored skinnies, too. As you can see, with any brown shoe, these jeans look fabulous.Whether it be a pump, wedge or boot, the pants look great. As more of a neutral tone, there are even more specific shades of salmon than just salmon. You could go a bit on the darker, more conservative side (left), a bright, washed out looking tone (center), or even a light shade with a pink accent (right). Whichever it may be, pair it up with a chic spring top and your outfit will earn you an A+ in anything. You know what they say, if you look good, then you feel good! And if that's the case, then I say you'll do good.
Color up your wardrobe, pretty please.
xx, ZM



  1. this is exactly what i needed to read this morning! i'm seeing a movie this afternoon with friends, and i was wavering in my commitment to the new kelly green skinnies i just got. your post gives me the courage to just go for it!

  2. love these pants and the colors!!! We also live in Boston, come by and let's follow each other :D!! So exciting!

  3. I am really into this trend! Great colors!

  4. Love all of these color pants, such a nice trend =)


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