Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion in Bloom: Spring Florals

Not sure of your favorite spring style just yet? Let it blossom and choose florals! There's color, there are patterns, and that's enough said. There's nothing like a floral print when you're trying to be bold. Even if you aren't, a pinch of florals can go a long way. Add them anywhere -- tops, trousers, shoes, bags, accessories -- it's an essential for this season.
When it comes to florals, there's a such thing as overdoing it. Well, it can be done from head to toe, but only strategically. And I don't even think I can give advice on how to pull that off. If you're leaning towards it, I'd say to stick with the same color scheme, and not add in a million different floral patterns. If you're going with a black, floral patterned blazer, lean toward similar trousers and a conservative top. But if you're looking just to add a small bloom, make sure it's bold. A single floral part of an outfit is the statement piece, so it has to be poppy. However you choose to work this style, do it with grace!
Flower power.
xx, ZM


  1. Hi Zoe,

    This post looks like it could be embedded in an InStyle or Elle magazine! I think ym next purchase will be mint pants - Bring on spring!



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