Saturday, February 18, 2012

Michael Kors - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

The Michael Kors Fall 2012 collection is very après-ski to me, but minus the ski. The patterns, the plaid and the usage of fur all gave off a high-end ski lodge kind of look. This runway show was totally different than all of the others, and I love it! The models weren't only decked out in red, but their rosy cheeks gave the après-ski look, too. It look like they had been bitten by the cold and ran to their favorite Michael Kors furs to help them warm up. Also, the leather pieces give the collection an edge that other collections lack; it's a standout material. It's a unique and fabulous collection overall!

 The last photo is my favorite look of all. The bright red is my favorite color and the lace is such a trendy yet classic look. The simplicity of the dress allows the lace to take over and be the "center stage" aspect to the overall look. Simply magical. The Michael Kors Fall 2012 RTW collection as a whole is magical. As one of my favorite designers, Kors went above and beyond my expectations and the expectations of many others. Watch some of the show and see for yourself [just simply click on the video above to view it]. Of all NYFW shows, this has got to be my favorite.
Doesn't après-ski just sound fabulous? 
xx, ZM



  1. I loved this Michael Kors collection too! Especially the rosy cheeks they really do look like they just came from the slopes- in fabulously practical gowns of course :)

  2. I love this collection, Zoe, especially all the plaids!


  3. Yeah i agree with the above comments it really looks great. Nice stuff!

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