Saturday, February 18, 2012

J. Crew, Meet Manolo Blahnik.

This news is sure to put a skip in your step, quite literally. You heard it here, Manolo Blahnik is coming to J. Crew. The high-end footwear designer plans to collaborate with J. Crew on a limited edition collection of classic pointy-toed BB pumps that were showcased in tinsel, tweed and glitter at last week's NYFW.

Aside from the fabulous footwear at the J. Crew collection show, the audience was captured by the contemporary designs that the J. Crew designers put out. This collection is more expensive than what's sold in regular J. Crew retail stores, but it is less than high-end designer clothing. This aspect of the collection is extremely appealing to consumers. J. Crew has a sophisticated style in all of its apparel, and the Fall 2012 collection has a lot of style to go around.
The J. Crew collection, to me, is a lot more runway and a lot less regular J. Crew. Not to say the apparel sold in "regular" J. Crew stores isn't chic {because it most certainly is} but the collection brings a sort of sophistication to the runway that J. Crew hasn't produced before. The stern colors and tailored cuts of the pieces is definitely a standout feature of the line.
Shearling, tweed, tailored pants are only part of the blissful creations that J. Crew has put forth for Fall 2012. The collection includes lots of color blocked outfits and a whole lot of glitter. Who doesn't love glitter!? Not to mention that a little shine is always the best way to top off an outfit. Overall, J. Crew collection is utterly fabulous and my closet is definitely craving some of the creations. Thanks, NYFW for getting me obsessed!
Who doesn't love a standout runway show?
I do!
xx, ZM




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