Monday, February 13, 2012

DVF - NYFW Fall 2012 Collection

Sunday, February 13, Diane von Furstenberg showcased her Fall 2012 RTW collection at New York Fashion Week. As possibly Diane's biggest fan, I had high expectations for the show and I couldn't be more excited about the looks she produced. The only thing I could've hoped more for {in the beginning} was color, but by the end, color was everywhere and DVF's signature looks were unveiled with a new, modern twist. I have so much respect for her ever since I met her at a Massachusetts General Hospital Harris Center event at Harvard Business School. Not only is she extremely talented, but she spoke as if she were an average woman. Through her words and her impeccable taste for all things fashion, DVF is making the world more chic with every piece she designs.
I love how the classic black and grey look is transformed into a modern looking texture. The pieces are timeless with a mod twist. How can you not love DVF's doings?
A-ha! There's the color I've been waiting months to see. Leave it to DVF to turn yellow and fuchsia into fall colors. Also loving the thick belts. They add a lot of extra {oomph} not that it lacked any to begin with...
Even Diane herself looked fabulous. She is the epitome of a successful woman who rose from rags to riches. I have so much respect for her, it's hard to even begin. But besides that, her NYFW Fall 2012 collection was fabulous! Color, texture, pattern. Color, texture, pattern... My three favorite words. And DVF... My three favorite letters. Funny how the words and letters all came together in this chic collection.
Thanks for the inspiration, Diane.
xx, ZM


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  1. diane makes it look so easy to put on a great show. love the gloves. very sexy!


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