Sunday, January 15, 2012

When in Doubt, Paint Your Nails

If there's a lack of color in your life, start small. When I mean small, I mean your fingertips. Splash on a dab of color and brighten your day! Every girl knows that with her favorite color manicured onto the tips of her fingers, she'll feel invincible. I know I do! Not just any kind of nail polish will do the trick, but deborah lippmann brushes on with style. 
So what's so special about this brand of nail polish? I'll begin by saying that Deborah Lippmann herself is the "go-to manicurist" for leading fashion magazines and brands such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, Versace, Donna Karan, and Balenciaga [that's just to name a few]. Besides the credibility of the creator, the polish goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and with the help of a top coat, it stays on for days! Quality is definitely a big part of the deborah lippmann brand. It's different than your leading drug store brand that will dry sticky and chip within twenty minutes of being applied. With fun and quirky colors, quality, and a story behind every drop, deborah lippmann is emerging as a leading brand in nail polish and will continue to thrive and create more tones and textured polish! If you haven't already, try it out. Take a trip to your nearest Nordstrom or any department store with a stellar beauty section, and pick up a little bottle of liquid love. You'll adore it!
Your nail polish addict-
xx, ZM


  1. There's totally a reason her polish is the best. Amen to quality products!


  2. I've heard really great things about her polish but have yet to splurge on a bottle. Love some many of the colors though! :)

    star-crossed smile

  3. Everyone is talking about these sparkly polishes! I need to get me some!

  4. i love to put colors on my body, by colorful clothes or nail polish :)

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  6. Most men love women if they care about their nails and toe nails because for them, that's the basis of the cleanliness of women with their personal hi-gene.


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