Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Chance Luxuries

It's that time of year again, loves! No, I'm not talking about the holidays... I'm talking about SALES. Even better, right? Well actually, I don't know about that. But anyhow, NET-A-PORTER is having a fabulous 50% off sale. There is tons of style to sort through, but here's an outfit I put together and can't pass up.

This plain, white Phillip Lim Silk crepe de chine wrap dress demands a couple of fabulous accessories... Pictured below are GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI stilettos [can you say heavenly] and an Yves Saint Laurent gold plated cuff. You can glow in a simple, white dress and accent the other parts of your outfit with these praise worthy accessories.

So, what do you think? Even if you search for an outfit and accessories similar to these luxurious last chance items, you can look just as fabulous! It's all about the look, not the label. But we can all dream, right? Of course we can. So dream of fashion, luxury, and create your dream look. Fashion isn't a fantasy... Go out and make it real for yourself! 
NOW is your time.
xx, ZM


Breakfast at Tiffany's

...And it was exactly that. Just like the the classic 1961 flick, the mall at Chestnut Hill welcomed Tiffany & Co. with a legendary Breakfast at Tiffany's. With sparkling jewelry on display, scrumptious breakfast foods, and bubbly champagne for all to indulge in, the new location couldn't have had a better opening. Professional stylists were available to all shoppers and party goers to help see which gems suited them best. Also there, professional photographers helped document the event through their view finders. Many Boston bloggers attended which helped to spread the word about the event through social media. As a fan favorite and go-to jewelry store for fashionistas worldwide, Tiffany's never fails to throw a beautiful bash.

Congrats to everyone who had efforts in bringing Tiffany & Co. to Chestnut Hill. It's a wonderful addition, especially for all of us girl who love a little sparkle in our lives. Don't forget to stop by this holiday season... And don't let your boyfriend forget, either!
Your glitter loving girl-
xx, ZM

Monday, November 21, 2011

For His Eyes Only

It's finally here... FIF does menswear! After countless requests and even more countless instance of faulty mens fashion sightings, I decided to give it a go. Inspired by no other than J. Crew, I have the perfect holiday staples for the boys. After all, there's nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to dress! With the help of some tasteful tips, you'll be looking better in no time.
This shirt is a dream come true. This time of year, plaid is perfect for shirts whether it's for dressing up with a sports jacket or dressing down with khakis. This Secret Wash button-down shirt in Emmet tartan from J. Crew is a wise choice of dress for this time of year.

Q: Can men wear accessories?
A: Well, what the hell do you think a watch is!?
 Also from the shelves on menswear haven J. Crew is this fabulous Mougin & Piquard™ for J.Crew Grande Seconde watch in cream. Also available in black, this is indeed an accessory! It's simple, classy, and chic with a masculine twist. Look fine and be on time. Who wouldn't want both?
The ever-so-famous Chukka boot! J. Crew puts their name on the label as "Suede MacAlister boots," but whatever you want to call them, they've got staple written all over them. Unless you're trying to avoid a puddle, you have NO excuse not to own these boots. For a year round wear, I don't see why not you wouldn't be all over these. Oh, and they match everything!
And no man's library is complete without this guide to style and behavior for the modern gentlemen. You'll get tips, tricks, and lots of laughs from this classic literary staple by Glenn O'Brien. Plus, it'll add a lovely color pop to your book case!

Menswear is tricky for me, but simple style with a few chic twists is always perfect. J. Crew, in my opinion, has the best men's selection and everything he could possibly want. The "go to" pair of jeans, weekend tees, button down shirts, work shirts, etc. You name it, they have it. So for all the boys, I hope you found this enjoyable and send your Q&A to for more menswear posts! And remember, this is for his eyes only. Sorry, ladies!
Style up, boys!
xx, ZM


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

An [awful lot] of Colour

Loving ever aspect of Monet Mazur's feature on The Coveteur. The color, the Navajo inspiration in the decorations, and the vintage-esque look of the arrangement of everything. I absolutely adore the wood in the background of the second picture and the book shelf, pictured first, has the right amount of colour, neutrals and pizzazz.

now let's transition into something totally and completely different. kate spade's holiday [behind the scenes] promo video.
can you say magnifique?

I can't get enough of this video. It's got that holiday jingle we all love, it's SO poppy [so kate spade], and it's simply just charming! The holidays are usually limited to red and green only, but kate spade is bringing the whole rainbow.. And I can't get enough. It's an [awful lot] of colour and an even more lot of fabulous.

animal print, color, leather booties, CHANEL.. A+

Did I mention that I have that Louis Vuitton clutch in a speedy bag? #breathtaking
your colour loving chica-
xx, ZM
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