Monday, October 31, 2011

From Runway to Romance

Whether you're traveling abroad, taking a stroll in the park, getting your mail, or you just want to look wonderful, take VOGUE's tips from the runway and make it all about romance. Make every day a date and dress to impress! Be charming, be ladylike, wear layers, flaunt lace, and be yourself. Mix up your styles to get the most out of your garments! Choose your favorite looks and build off of them. But wait, never forget accessories!

And how could I possibly forget.. Be magical. Steal away all of the attention with pure colors and creative style. There's nothing like a woman with a true eye for style. Don't ever think it goes unnoticed! Be yourself, it's when you're most attractive. And hey, you know what fashion magazines don't tell you in their outfit spreads? Never forget to wear your smile front and center. It's the most important accessory a girl can have.
Be a fashion romantic.
xx, ZM



Lights, Camera, Color

Black and white may be classic, but a little bit of color is never a bad idea. It's "my thing" lately. When it comes to blogging, arranging my room, styling, and even my Twitter layout, a splash of color can light up a sequence and bring it to life. Where to begin with color placement? Even on post-it notes! Mine are a poppy, bright pink which catches my eye and reminds me to do whatever's written on them. And I adore hot pink so it's a win/win situation!

And with the winter weather coming on strong, color can spice up your day! The clouds, the cold, the snow.. It's all too much, too soon. So try working some brights into it. Maybe that'll solve your Autumn blues. But for me, it might take more of a "tropical vacation" kind of ailing to heal my Fall sorrows. But hey, that's what comfy cardigans are for, right? Now that I've gone off on a tangent, I must apologize. Where was I? Oh yeah.. Color, color, color! Never mind black and white, live on the edge and lighten up!
Lights, camera, color.
xx, ZM


A [splash] of Color

As we fast approach the cold, dreary months of winter and daylight savings time this weekend [yuck], it's important to keep color in mind. The leaves may shed and the snow may fall, but it's never too cold for some color! Add a splash of color to your outfit, it'll be sure to make your day and make you smile. Bring out your inner warmth in the winter months with a flair of brights!

helpful style hints to kick off your winter!


color, details, fabulous.

Cheers to BCBGMAXAZRIA's Holiday collection!
#loving the photo shoot to pieces.
Never be afraid to shine.
xx, ZM


Paloma Picasso Venezia For Tiffany & Co.

   “Venice is a city I feel at home in. Its many treasures create a magical atmosphere that I wanted to capture in jewelry.” Combined with inspiration from Venice, designer, Paloma Picasso, has created a new, intricate collection for Tiffany & Co. Picasso’s eye for all things intricate served as the guiding light for this project.
   The collection, which is split into four themes, reflects Venice’s ornate structures combined with Paloma Picasso’s detailed artisanship. Have you ever traveled and had your breath taken away by your surroundings? Paloma was not only stunned by the beauty surrounding her, but she recreated the architecture and magic of the City of Water.
   Paloma’s Goldoni theme was inspired by the detailed cast iron gates that allowed a sneak peek into the city’s grand palazzos. This part of the collection includes dazzling gems, 18 karat gold pieces, and embellished jewels. The details in Picasso’s jewelry are culturally unique and exemplify her creativity when it comes to design. This theme of the collection captivates the beauty of Venice through its intricate scrollwork which reflects upon the city’s Geggunheim Museum. Not only will Paloma Picasso’s Goldoni jewels make you sparkle, but they’ll take you on a tour to some of Venice’s famous locations.
Paloma's Venezia Goldoni Earrings

Paloma's Venezia Goldoni Necklace

   When I think of Venice, the image that comes to mind is of the gondolas in the city’s countless waterways. Paloma’s Palina is based on this aspect of the city and adds color while inspired by the gondola’s pole’s stripe design. Colors such as red, green, blue, and orange are combined with 18 karat gold and sterling silver to emulate the pole’s stripe patterns. Not only are Picasso’s pieces gorgeous, but stripes are timeless! And not to mention, they’re very “in” this season. We all know that there’s no way to kick off a season than with some new jewels, so indulge in Paloma’s Palina and envision yourself on a gondola ride through Venice. If only!
   In Venice, lanterns decorate the ceilings of important landmarks. In Paloma’s Luce, Picasso designs sterling silver and 18 karat gold pendants that mimic the aureate structure of the landterns. Earrings and bangles are also among the collection with dazzling styles that are flowy and extremely unique. This collection includes pieces that can compliment any outfit, whether it’s day or night. The elaborate ceiling lanterns serve as wonderful inspiration for any jeweler, but Paloma Picasso’s way of design gives them her own, special (and fabulous) look!
   Last, but certainly not least, Paloma’s Stella includes an eight-pronged star theme with Venice’s detailed structures and architecture. Pictured on colored enamels, the stars are delicately placed on bangles and earrings that appear like the grand arches found in Venice. This theme is elegant, yet simple so it’s very compatible with any chic look.
Paloma's Venezia Stella Ring
Paloma's Venezia Stella Pendants
Paloma's Venezia Stella Bangles

   Paloma Picasso’s Venezia Collection is already my new favorite! The gold, the details, the flair of color… It’s all too fabulous to believe! But most of all, the inspiration from the city of Venice is what’s most unique. Most designers don’t go on a trip and look for a new project. But since Picasso feels “at home” in the City of Water, she recreated it into an elegant, timless collection.
Don't ever hesitate to shine.
xx, ZM

Hey, Sweet Pea.

Cheers to Fashion is Freedom's latest guest poster, Elise Ostermann. As Art Director of Hey, Sweet Pea branding and design, it's hard to get in just about anything with Elise! But of course, I managed. Here's a peek into Elise's shoes in her typical routine as a designer. Enjoy, loves! And a big thank you to Elise!

My name is Elise Ostermann and I am currently the Art Director at Hey, Sweet Pea.  I specialize in branding + design and my boyfriend, Scott, specializes in video + animation. Needless to say, we are quite the creative duo!
But we didn’t always own a small business. Up until three months ago I was a designer for SONY’s digital media marketing department in Los Angeles. I was commuting 2 hours a day and away from home 11-12 hours a day. Although I loved being a part of Hollywood and LA scene, I craved the flexibility of my own schedule, I yearned for more creative projects, and I wanted one-on-one relationships with clients. So after 5 months of planning, dreaming, researching, and networking, I made the leap! I quit my day job, left my LA apartment, and took my first big road trip. Landing in Texas wide eyed, nervous, and excited, I left my Hollywood shoes behind and officially launched “Hey, Sweet Pea.
People often ask me what my new life is like, how my day plays out, and how I like the changes. What better way to explain my new life, than by allowing you to walk in my shoes!
SHOE 1 – BUSINESS CHIC: I love wearing these to meetings with local clients and colleagues. One of the most important parts of my job is building relationships with people.  Since my company is small, I am the face of my business. It’s important that people connect with me, my personality, my style, and that they trust us with the marketing/design of their own businesses. Nothing says “designer” like a designer who has personal style and pizzazz.
SHOE 2 – NETWORKING EVENTS: I love wearing these shoes to fashionable networking events in our community. I love building relationships with people and immersing myself in the local fashion/art scene. I even got photographed/blogged about (by a fashion event) because of these shoes!  They definitely add a little pep in my step and seriously, what designer doesn’t love a good pattern?!
SHOE 3 – AROUND TOWN: These are definitely my go-to boots for hanging out at local coffee shops, casual meetings with clients, etc. They’re so comfy, warm, and I love the sparkly gold shoelaces! I love that I can pair them with so many outfits, which means they definitely get a lot of use. You will often find me curled up in my favorite coffee shop, meeting up with friends, sketching out new design ideas, or even playing scrabble in these shoes.
SHOE 4 – ART SHOWS: I love wearing these shoes when I’m in an artsy mood. I love checking out the local art shows, festivals, galleries, etc. In my industry, it’s important that I always stay inspired. I get a lot of my inspiration just from the internet (Facebook pages I’ve liked, Pinterest, Dribble, etc.) but it’s important I’m inspired by real life art too. Art that is tangible and raw definitely inspires my digital designs and creativity.
Although the life of a small business owner or a graphic designer may sound o-so-glamorous, it has it’s mundane and normal tendencies, just like any other profession or schedule.  Sometimes I wear work boots, sometimes I wear slippers, but the most amazing part is, I get to wear so many types of shoes. I’m thankful for this time in my life, thankful for “Hey, Sweet Pea,” and I’m thankful for all the shoes I get to wear along the way.


Sending a big thanks to Elise Ostermann for contributing to Fashion is Freedom. She's a driven, talented and stylishly gifted individual! Best of luck with you business venture, Elise!
xx, ZM


Monday, October 24, 2011

A Peek Into the World of [rachel zoe]

We've all heard the name, well, most of us have. The ever so famous stylist, Rachel Zoe, has been featured on The Coveteur in an all exclusive photo shoot. Her Los Angeles loft is packed with Louboutins and lots of style. Very tasteful, but who would expect anything less from the fashion pro? A connoisseur of all things style, Zoe's office and closets are a crisp white and organized to a T. The loft is packed with vintage pieces and elegance. Take a look into Rachel Zoe HQ for yourself!

Are you "oh my goshing" as much as I was!? How chic is this? Extremely. The white backdrop of the loft lets the color of Rachel Zoe's accessories completely take over. The sea of shoes is beyond delightful and has me thinking I need to build up a collection of my own. Someday this Zoe will be making a name for herself! But until then we'll focus on the ever so fabulous RZ. From every angle all you see is style. I don't know about you, but this is my ideal interior design. I'm so blown away! My favorite piece, by far, is the Oscar parking pass. It's chic, it's memorable, and it's a huge honor. But the sea of shoes, yikes. I've never seen such a thing. I think I've found a new goal!

"I've always been obsessed with style and glamor and if I want anyone to get anything out of my book, it's how we can all have them in our lives."

Not a thing is out of place! Kudos to Ms. Zoe on her fabulous loft and home office. But like I said before, who would expect anything less from the fashion guru? The placement of everything is so structured and neat. My favorite aspect of the interiors is the way the furniture pieces are neutral or white and how the accessories are so poppy. It's a bit kate spade-esque with a sharper approach. I love it. The Coveteur always has amazing features on fashion's most prominent figures and this one definitely lands on my list of favorites.
Chic is an understatement!
xx, ZM



Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Year's Worth of Work

Well, followers, it's been a year! Happy first birthday to Fashion is Freedom.  A year ago, I created Fashion is Freedom on a whim. Why not? I thought to myself. I loved fashion, I loved writing, and I found myself in interested in a journalism class I was taking. It seemed like the perfect combination for success, so I searched the internet for the best blogging site. Once I came upon blogger and created my blog, I had nowhere to go but up.

I found myself lost in a land of social media, e-magazines, and culture. If I had to choose the best decision I've ever made, it would be that very moment when I chose to create Fashion is Freedom. Blogging has allowed me to reach out to local fashion lovers, meet designers, models, and fellow writers, and ultimately, Fashion is Freedom has brought me a strong dose of confidence. My followers and the friends I've made help me believe in myself, and all the positive feedback has made me believe that someday, this blog will have taken me many places.
Where has FIF taken me?
Boston Fashion Week with some amazing fashion design students.
Atop a runway at Fashion's Night Out Boston.
The TENT at Boston Fashion Week.. Front row may I add.

Starting off as a hobby, Fashion is Freedom has become a priority. There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with any magazine, taking notes, and blogging about my thoughts. If it weren't for fashion, I'd be left without interests. My passion lies within my blog, and if it weren't for my followers, there would be no Fashion is Freedom.

 Thanks to everyone who's engaged in my blog over the past year. Without you, these tens of thousands of views wouldn't exist. Without you, there would be no motivation and there certainly wouldn't be inspiration. Your feedback, your stories, your style experiences shape what this blog is, and what this blog will become. So thank you, thank you for visiting. I can make you all a promise that Fashion is Freedom will continue to thrive and expand!

I know I'm only seventeen and I know I'm a dreamer, but my aspirations for this blog and my future career will someday be a reality. Only a year into this blog, I've seen more success that I had imagined. Thank you again for visiting my site, I hope it's impressed each and every one of you! Happy birthday to Fashion is Freedom, it will continue to grow for many, many more birthdays!

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The one and only-
xx, ZM

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fashion's Most Useful Tool

Let's just say you're fashion illiterate.. But of course, it's just a scenario because if you're on Fashion is Freedom, chances are, you're pretty into fashion [and you've got excellent taste in blogs]. But anyhow, you're fashion illiterate and anxious to learn more about the industry. Where do you turn to? You could purchase every fashion magazine in Barnes & Noble and study over a Grande Cafe Mocha from Starbucks [don't mind my cravings..] but that's 1.) Expensive and 2.) Unnecessary! 

Now with VOGUE's intuitive "Voguepedia", you're able to learn a designer's history and current impact on the fashion industry. For example, I'm on Diane von Furstenberg's Voguepedia page right now, because she's my favorite, and I've learned so much about her that I didn't know thirty seconds ago! Voguepedia includes a designer's birthdate, significant year's in their career, number of appearances in VOGUE, and so much more! In addition to information on designers, Voguepedia also includes model biographies, beauty, brands and personalities. It's SO worth the time to check out. To experience it for yourself, click here and experience fashion's most useful tool for yourself!

Fashionably informed,
xx, ZM


Monday, October 10, 2011

Boston Fashion Week: Carter Smith


As the second to last show of the night, Carter Smith contributed unique style and beauty to Boston Fashion Week's incredible final evening. With comparisons made to Alexander McQueen and Missoni, Smith's looks were his own creation. The dresses were all cut at a 45 degree angle, which suits any woman's body shape. Not only does this make his clothes available to all chic women, but it gives them his own, unique look. The dresses flowed up and down the runway beautifully while the models not only exhibited his looks perfectly, but it was evident that they were having fun.
Fellow blogger [and new friend], Benjamin Glassner, and I with Carter Smith post runway show.
[photo courtesy of Ben.]

Congratulations to Carter Smith and all of the fabulous models who walked the runway in his clothing! It was one of the most high energy, fun-filled fashion shows I've ever attended.
xx, ZM

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