Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magia di Milano: Magic in Milan [MFW]

Let's talk about fashion, or as they say in Milano- moda. We're in the midst of one of the most influential weeks to fashion, and that is Milan Fashion Week. Like I said before, the fashion just keeps on truckin' even after New York FW and London FW. There's a lot of style to go around, clearly! So let's take a peek at some Milan Fashion Week street style, you be the judge!

What are you thinking? I'm thinking favoloso, or as we say here in the US, fabulous! I've been to Italy, and there's nothing they do better than fashion. It's all about details, details, details. And them Italians don't miss a trick. Colors, textures, patterns- they're all there and looking better than ever before. These photos may be Off-Runway, but they're on the mark.

Who's the thank for these captivating pictures? 
VOGUE is the source of all things fashion, including these snapshots. 

Gratzie, VOGUE for the pictures! But an even bigger 'thank you' to the people who make fashion possible, the designers. Hats off to another marvelous Milano Fashion Week, Viva Italia!
Can you feel the Magia di Milano?
xx, ZM

A Little [taste of] Tuesday

[a little Glitter Guide inspiration courtesy of sterlingstyle]

After I ate my mouthwatering  Dove dark chocolate candy, I glanced at the inside the wrapper and read the words, "Ignite your sense of adventure." When I got home from school, I did just that. Scrambling around my room for my camera, I stumbled upon next month's Harper's Bazaar [which I must say, left me speechless] and indulged in fall fashion. Chocolate, blogging, Harper's Bazaar.. If you know anything about me, this could be a deadly combination of guilty pleasures. So here it is, a little [taste of] Tuesday. My magazines, my inspiring chocolate wrapper and some charming little things that jumped out at me. Ignite your sense of adventure, something extraordinary may come about because of it.

Indulge in [the little things]
xx, ZM

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[style] Across The Pond

So if you thought the fashion stopped at the conclusion of New York Fashion Week, you sure were wrong. The styles pictured above are the crème de la crème of London Fashion Week including looks from Christopher Kane and Burberry. Love it? View more pictures here! And how about the video of [my favorite girl] Anna? Fabulous! Have a wonderful evening.
Congratulating London on their impeccable sense of style.
xx, ZM


Saturday, September 17, 2011

In The Moment

A few more sights of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for you! I've never seen pictures so captivating. Also, I'm loving the sleeked back hair style. It's simple, chic but not like your everyday pony tail. But I'll let the pictures do the explaining, because these in fact do say 1,000 words.

Stunning, stunning and more stunning. The spring style ought to be really something this year because the runway shows were all fabulous. And when the backstage shots are just as flawless as editorials, you know the looks are going over well! I still can't believe there's another Fashion Week behind us.. What were your favorite looks? Any designers's collection you'd like to see in another post? Leave your input below if you have any! And remember, it's the little things like details that make a look. Be daring with details and you'll look dashing.. kind of cheesy, but true! Cheers to new fashion.
xx, ZM

NYFW [bits 'n pieces]

A few looks from the behind NY Times fashion writer, JD Ferguson's lens and a lovely video overview from New York Magazine. These images capture models in their natural habitat- New York Fashion Week. The stylish happenings at Fashion Week are some of the most influential instances of the year. The exquisite details within the photos and video are what fashion is all about! 

I know what you're thinking, so how fabulous are these pictures? Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week always provides us bloggers with the best things to share. But I love how these photos capture models behind the scenes, having fun and prepping for upcoming shows. The fashion industry is so focused on the show itself, but I love seeing what goes on pre and post runway show. What a fun setting! I'll leave you with this little reminder.. Take advantage of fall's latest trends and spark your inner fashionista. We all have one.
Your detail loving darling-
xx, ZM


The Sights of F.N.O. Boston

The city of Boston's first Fashion's Night Out was nothing short of perfect. Fashion shows amidst the city, stylish civilians flooding retailers and countless [fabulous] celebratory parties all throughout town. Not to mention my best friend and I said VIP and two fashion shows! It was definitely a night for all of the creative people of Boston, with most of the focus on fashion and art, but anyone who attended will tell you it was fabulous. I'd like to thank everyone who made this night possible, because it was definitely a memorable night for me! Here are some pictures for all of those who would like to see some of FNO Boston's finest moments:
Pink Lights on top of The Pru in honor of Fashion's Night Out!
[Swag bag], Boston Common Magazine and the essential blackberry.
 My seat!
Tiffany & Co. Study 57 party!
 Models outside the Tiffany party.
Neiman Marcus runway show.

 On the runway after the shows!

[cheers to] FNO Boston and all that contributed to the eventful evening.
xx, ZM


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Suddenly Inspired By..

The following photos have me swooning.. And thinking, a lot. Tomorrow is Fashion's Night Out Boston and I've got my closet swung open trying on my outfit 10 different times to make sure it's right. And of course I'll share the pictures with you this weekend after the event. I'm extremely excited to attend with my best friend because we love fashion and we have fun just about anywhere. But back to Wednesday's whimsical inspirations- I'm suddenly so happy just to be back on my school routine [which also means blogging more- yay]. So let me share with you some pics I couldn't get off my mind!
Taken by my lovely colleague Viki Panteleakis [follow her on twitter at @vikipants] she's one of the most down to earth, inspiring people I know. And her photography is fabulous!
Loving this picture from vogue and coffee. It's fierce, it's bold, and it's certainly true- women rule.
I want this dress. End of story.

I can't stop looking through my Vogue Greece September Issue! I love any September issue.. 
And this month I have a Vogue Greece, Paris and Spain sitting right atop my desk.
Could life get much better? You're right, no it couldn't.

This was a pretty random cluster, but think of it as my mood board I suppose. It's been a great week, my first two days of school down and FNO tomorrow night. Nothing to complain about! I'm sad to see the summer go, but September is fashion's month, and my birthday month, so needless to say I'm excited! Well that's all for now, enjoy your Wednesday nights, everyone.
And don't forget to relax.
xx, ZM

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