Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wear This Room: Blush + Stripes

It's been a while since my last "Wear This Room Post". Coming from Fabulous K, the idea is genius and mostly very easy to achieve. If you're loving the interior of your home, then you're sure to love an outfit that matches it, right? Of course! For this WTR post, the colors focus on stripes and a shade of blush pink. Accommodate your taste in both your home and your wardrobe.
Yes, it's as easy as it looks. Once you're settled in your home and all is designed, go right ahead and shop so you can match the colors you love. Of course you don't have to be wearing curtains to match your room, but similar colors and patterns are a must for a WTR [wear this room] style. As you can see, the tablecloth and striped sheet on the table match directly with the dress, shoes and flower. See how easy it can be? Now it's your turn to turn up your style and try for yourself.
Be an individual,

Lipstick Jungle

I've never been great with lipstick: always breaking off the tip, biting the side by accident, putting the cap on before it's all the way retracted. But my mother, she's a professional. Slanted to a perfect curve, I can remember watching her apply it when I was younger and being fascinated. She's always wearing lipstick. Whether to dinner or grocery shopping, she's got it on. Everyone has little things about them, and that's just who my mom is. I'm not sure what category her lipstick falls into, but I'm going to find out! It's interesting to look and see what each is [predicted] to mean. How many of you are like my mom, you always keep it perfect? Or like me rather, and flatten the top like a lipstick rookie? Whichever you may be, let's see what your lipstick says about you!
Accurate or not? My flat top is almost 100% accurate about me.. Which I think is spooky! Take this mini test and see where you stand. It's easy, it's fun and it gets you thinking about yourself. Have fun with it!
Sealed with a kiss,


Tie-Dye On Trend

Believe it or not, tie-dye is trending! The mix of color is just right for any style this summer. And the best part is, if you haven't got anything tie-dye, you can make a DYI [do it yourself] piece perfect for your closet. Refinery 29 has provided us with some fabulous photos with examples of how to be a fashionista with tie-dye this summer. Hats, headbands, dresses, shorts, shoes- ANYTHING that can absorb color! Don't go for a completely plain look, "color up" with tie-dye and dare to make a statement.

 All photos courtesy of Refinery 29
 Not property of Fashion is Freedom
Tie-dye is a common "craft" among many, so dig up your old tie-dye masterpiece and put it to use while the summer's still here. Whether it be casual, dressy or street chic, you'll be trendy! As you can see [pictured above] there are many styles this pattern can be worn. Add it to a dress, or maybe even a pair of wedges. Use your imagination because after all, it's your style.
Yours truly,

Prada Fall/Winter 2011 RTW Campaign

PRADA by Steven Meisel AW11

Enjoy this gorgeous collection!
xx, ZM

"Inspiration, Motivation, and a Pinch of Creativity"

With a RTW collection that hits Bloomingdales SoHo [and many other high end department stores] this week, a lipstick line, and a fashion sense that matches no other, Rachel Zoe is on top of the world. As one of the most famous stylists in the fashion world, Rachel Zoe had a hit television series that inspired many. But now, she's the one being inspired. In this exclusive video interview featured on Shopbop, Zoe shares her thoughts and [inspiration] she finds within style.

Isn't she absolutely amazing? Well, I'm sure you already knew that! Within your own style, find inspiration from others and create your own look. Be creative, be an individual and don't forget to shine.

With [love]-
xx, ZM

A Night To Remember...

Worldwide and world renowned, Fashion's Night Out will return this year to cities around the globe September 8. Join the forces behind the fashion for a night out of shopping, runway shows and cocktails. As an annual tradition brought on by Vogue, Fashion's Night Out kicks off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City and internationally unites the fashion industry for a night. Experience the glamour in your city! Check out Fashion's Night Out on the web for more info.

VOGUE Fashion Night 2011 dans le monde (version... by VOGUEPARIS

Always be fashion forward.
xx, ZM

Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspiration of Justice

Who ever said a woman couldn't be très chic and politically inclined? Donna Karen rewinds 20 years to her ad campaign picturing model Rosemary McGrotha being sworn into office. The now vintage campaign brought DKNY much success and praise over its elegance. Traveling through DK's flashback, a new image is created for her fall 2011 ad campaign. This time featuring model Isabeli Fontana as an impeccably dressed politician draped in a breathtaking sheath dresses and a stunning jersey gown. Named "The Power of a Woman", the print campaign praises a woman's capability of running the show. On DKNY's blog, it states, "For Fall 2011, Donna is once again inspired by a woman empowered." Be inspired by justice, because fashion is power.
xx, ZM


Oscar de la Renta [fall 2011] Campaign

You know how they say a picture's worth a thousand words? Well these are worth so much more. From Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2011 ad campaign, the classic [and classy], pieces give off a vintage look. The patterns, colors and textures differentiate de la Renta's work from the of any other designer. Take a look for yourself!
The color scheme is simple, yet chic. It's classic! And not to mention the heels are adorable.

The beauty that lies within this collection seems almost too much to be true. Classic looks with a modern twist seem to be a big hit this coming season. Coming this fall, you'll be able to get these looks for yourself. You can be an Oscar girl, how about that?

xx, ZM


[We All Get Dressed For] Bill Cunningham

Known for his candid street photography, New York Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham has made quite the name for himself. A master of street style, Cunningham works out of a below-average looking office and rides his bike around the city. Capturing beauty and style of ordinary civilians is his job. In the trailer to Bill Cunningham New York, a film by Richard Press, he tells the camera he isn't interested in celebrities and their free dresses, he's interested in clothing. A true and genuine critic, being captured by Cunningham's shutter is a compliment in itself.
Courtesy of Zeitgeist Films

“The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don’t see at the fashion shows. This was something I realized early on: if you just cover the designers in the shows, that’s only one facet. You also need the street and the evening hours. if you cover the three things, you have the full picture of what people are wearing."
Courtesy of Zeitgeist Films
Courtesy of Zeitgeist Films
 Bill Cunningham is no ordinary member of the media. Invited to Brooke Astor's 100th birthday party as the only member of the media, he's trusted and a vital part of the Manhattan society. Designer Oscar de la Renta credits Cunningham when he said, "“More than anyone else in the city, he has the whole visual history of the last 40 or 50 years of New York. It’s the total scope of fashion in the life of New York.” Even Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief, says, "We all get dressed for Bill." His pictures are worth much more than a thousand words, but they describe a whole society, and the island of Manhattan's style sense for many decades.

Cheers to Bill Cunningham and all he's done, and continues to do, for fashion. Capturing fashion one picture at a time, this street style guru will never ever be forgotten.
Who doesn't love a little piece of [fashion] history?
xx, ZM

Saturday, July 23, 2011

LF Stores Boston [summer in motion]

Make a splash with Lf Boston! Get that bohemian chic look you've been longing for in this scorching hot weather. Unique colors, textures, patterns, you name it and Lf has it. Want to look fabulous? Browse through the photos [they'll leave you speechless] and prepare yourself for inspiration. I know I love them! As this look book even features bathing suits, you can cool off with these hot styles. Lf is a personal favorite brand of mine, so I hope you enjoy!

 Whether or not this may be your style, you have to admit, these clothes are to die for. Each picture is worth 1,000+ words, so my explaining is done! I'll leave you with this, be brave, be stylish, be yourself.
And stay cool in this steamy hot weather!
your fashion loving girl-
xx, ZM


Monday, July 18, 2011

Kelly Cutrone’s [Dos and Don’ts] of Fashion World Success

Love Kelly Cutrone? As one of the leading ladies of the fashion industry, here are several of her tips to making it to the top! As one of the older fashion gurus, Kelly Cutrone is an educated and experienced individual. As a graduate of George Washington University, her opinion is crucial and her advice is genuine. And not to mention her fashion sense is breathtaking! Her advice is as follows..

DO be the first there and the last to leave.

DON'T look for a lot of positive re-enforcement, but DO take actions that you are confident about. What do I mean by that? Like when an intern comes up and says to me, “I just picked up a piece of paper from the floor,” and I’m like, “I really didn’t need to know that, and you just stole five seconds of my precious time.”
DO a good job.
DON'T overestimate your knowledge.
DO be confident in what you do.
DO be willing to get knocked down and picked back up.
..So, consistency. I think that humility, consistency and tenacity, just to be really clear, are the best things.
Inspired by Kelly's [words of wisdom], I have a few of my own. As a young dreamer, I've already learned that if you don't stay true to yourself, you won't become anything. You have to find yourself within what you love, and you have to pursue your dreams. Don't hesitate to be outrageous, and never hold back from being original. Do the best in what you do, and reward yourself. Hard work isn't easy, so stick to it. Keep your head [and your heels] high, and show the world your smile.
Yours truly-
xx, ZM


Monday, July 11, 2011

Street Style: Newbury Street

'Tis the season of maxi dresses, florals, sun dresses and much, much more. Walking down Newbury Street [Boston] last week, I couldn't resist but snapshot some outfits I found irresistible. The patterns, the textures, the length- nothing was the same in any outfit. These fashion gurus know their stuff and dressed to impress!

Observing trends on Newbury is a great way to improve your personal style! It's easy, it's fun and you get to see how to put different clothing together to create style. So you be the judge, loving this street style or no? Have a fabulous day!
xx, ZM


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Style Icon [olivia palermo]

Let's start off by saying that Olivia Palermo is one of the most prominent style icons today. Always fashionably and never fails to deliver style. Whether she's wearing a gown or a pair of jeans, her outfits are always "on trend". Her style is fun and bouncy and she doesn't need to go over the top to look fabulous. Olivia Palermo strives to look fun and feminine, and she never fails!
Olivia Palermo's look is always classy. As pictured above wearing Marchesa Haute Couture, Palermo's style looks effortless. She's elegant, she's beautiful and she's always dressed to impress [that's the recipe for a style icon]. Formerly starring on MTV's The City alongside fashion guru Whitney Port, Olivia Palermo was the best dressed on the show. Residing in New York, New York, Palermo lives a fashionable lifestyle in the comfort of her [gorgeously decorated] apartment.
Stay classy!
xx, ZM


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Festive and Fabulous

In true fourth of July spirit, the Glitter Guide rounded up seven [irresistible] red, white and blue pieces! When put together, you'll be looking festive and fabulous! Take these ideas and variate them into your own style, add what you'd like or even take away something. It's just a base to show what's fashionable this fourth of July. With one day to go, it's crunch time to decide what you'll be wearing!
Photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide
Wondering what's what? Here are the brands [numbered] as follows!
1. Lauren Moffatt Stripe Dress
Rag & Bone Straw Hat
Topshop Weekender Bag
Kikkerland Biodegradable Paper Straws 
Diana Mini White Lomography & Film 
Thom Dolan Clementine Bikini

Have a wonderful and fun Sunday!
xx, ZM
7. Musa Metallic Leather Sandals

Friday, July 01, 2011

Behind the Scenes of [the breathtaking] Oscar de la Renta

Today during Fashion is Freedom office hours, I must've sat in front of the computer looking at Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses for about an hour.. Don't ask me why! After looking at one, it became addicting. I've recently started telling my followers to pay close attention to color, texture and emotion because as Project Runway would say, it all counts. And while taking my own advice, the craftsmanship of Oscar de la Renta gowns is almost unreal. Every piece of every collection [not just bridal] is put together so succinctly and so ornate. Oscar de la Renta is a true creator of beauty, and his work will forever remain iconic.
The "idea board" so to speak, at Oscar de la Renta headquarters. I guess this is how creation is born! Good old fashioned polaroids are truly inspiring. Even to a man as great as Oscar.
The iconic labels are ready to be sewn onto clothes! I hope to one day have a whole section of my closet with clothes that have labels just like these. ODLR's signature is perfect!

The simplest things are ingredients to perfection and Oscar de la Renta is a perfect example of this. I'm happy I took the time today to glance through countless collections and come upon these [breathtaking] images. For more on Oscar, check out Oscar PR Girl, a tumblr created by one of Oscar's talented employees! She provides lots of tasteful pictures from office shots to outfit shots! And all photo credit from this post is owed to her. Did Oscar take your breath away?
In awe [once again]
xx, ZM

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