Thursday, March 31, 2011

Splish Splash Spring is Here

   If you own a pair of Hunter Boots, chances are, you love 'em! I know I do. Whether it's snowing, raining or the sun is shining I can rely on my Hunters for warmth, dryness and style. The boots may look plain, but just like the beauty hidden within the plainness of a Longchamp bag, Hunters make a statement. The timeless, classic rain boots emphasize one's awareness of style and their surroundings. Being able to tie style and environment together provides the ultimate, super product.

   Real Simple magazine informs its readers about Hunters by saying, "Unexpected extras like an antibacterial lining and a cushioned footbed add practicality and comfort." The company manufactures all sorts of colors and textures on their boots. They've even teamed up with Jimmy Choo to design and create textured boots like alligator skin. Originating in The UK, Hunter has expanded its horizons to The US and many other countries of the world. But any time I take a stroll down Newbury Street, or even a trip to Bloomingdale's, Hunter boots are as common as clouds in the winter sky. 
   If you're looking for comfort and style, then you've found the right rain boot! Chances are, if you have rain boots with colorful designs, they aren't going to match everything in your closet. But if you choose a pair of Hunters in a convenient or neutral color, you can pair them with almost anything. As a proud owner of a navy pair, I'm happy to say I can wear them with any outfit I own.. with the exception of sweats! The versatility of these boots is what makes them so popular and the style is what keeps up their trend.

Avoid puddles. Wear Hunters-
xx Zoe Malliaros

Beauty At Its Best... Free People

"Free People: Pivovarova" directed by Guy Aroch from SWELL on Vimeo.
Freedom of expression is the body's most important medicine. At Free People, clothes are inspired from works of art, from the freedom of one's mind. Hence the word "Free" in the brand's name. Mainly boho chic clothing, it's made with fine quality and literally will last you forever. FP is all about originality so you can guess why I'm such a big fan!

Stay Stylish,
xx Zoe Malliaros

The Warm & Cool Hues of Blue

   The warm and cool hues of blue are trendier than ever. Looking for ways to dress up your house? Try blue! As it's proven to calm and bring piece to one's home, how could you go wrong? Warm blue colors help define a social space and can even assist a room in feeling cozier. Since blue is a warm color, it's fit for a living room or comfortable space. Softer tones of blue are said to make a room appear larger. But often times, these lighter blue tones can make a room colder. When painted in a bathroom, soft blues are perfect. For dining rooms, a lush and intimate tone of blue is best. It's perfect for cozy dinners either with family or friends and it introduces a comfortable setting. 
   What happened to the whole "blue is for boys" saying? Well if you were wondering that like I was, experts say that for young boys who insist on painting their rooms blue, the brighter the better. The brightness is good for children because it's energetic and bright colors are primarily younger. To wrap things up, for the bathroom, paint it the coolest blue you can find. It will give it a light, cool tone and make the room seem bigger than it is. Blues are appropriate colors for bathrooms because it's just a quick stop and a bright color isn't needed. With all these tips and tricks, join the blue movement and change it up for spring!

Blue or bust,
xx Zoe Malliaros

Official Seal of This Blog!

   Ladies and gentlemen.. The long awaited, highly anticipated official logo is here! Thanks to my good friend and fashion junkie, Viki Panteleakis, I'm now represented by this amazing logo. I'm so thankful to have the support of my friends! Viki and I will be teaming up someday and we're going to accomplish extraordinary things for fashion. Tell me what you think! If you have suggestions for a header, please let me know. 
   I'm trying to create official FIF graphics and if you could contribute that would be lovely. Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow Viki on Twitter at and let her know how amazing her work truly is. 

xx Zoe Malliaros

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sartorialist: A Visual Life

Internationally renowned fashion photography blogger, Scott Schulmann, better known as, The Sartorialist, has been featured in a short documentary. As the seven minute film highlights a day in the life of the famous photographer/blogger, Schuman introduces viewers to his picturesque routine. The documentary, A Visual Life, couldn't have chose a better subject in my opinion! Scott Schuman is truly an inspiration and you can tell his work is perfected with his exceptional sense of style.

"It’s almost like going out there and letting yourself fall in love a little bit every day, letting yourself be seduced a little bit every day.” -Scott Schuman

"My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped and really just made me refine what little I knew to make it work.” -Scott Schuman

If you're interested in more magnificent work from Schuman, you should look into purchasing The Sartorialist: (Bespoke Edition), a 512 page book of Scott Schuman's finest photography.

xx Zoe Malliaros

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Steps To a Flawless Face...

  Some people are born with it, some people work hard for it and others barely try to achieve it; but we all know we want it... Perfect skin! Make up ads flood magazines, plastered with models who claim to have perfect skin only from the product being advertised. But how is flawless skin obtained? With the help of Real Simple, I was introduced to a step by step guide to radiant skin!
   Some of the essential tools in creating healthier, glowing skin are eye cream, antioxidants, cleanser, moisturizer and pigmentation products. It is essential to add these items to your every day routine if you're looking to brighten up your skin. Skin will appear younger and refreshed after it's been exposed to healthy treatments. Also, OCCASIONAL facials and exfoliators regenerate skin when they are used correctly. To reach even toned, smooth skin, you've got to follow these steps:
1.) It's all about the eyes, ladies! Sick and tired of those dark circles? Well, you can fix them. Think about your sleep schedule, because if you aren't getting a sufficient amount of rest, that will contribute to dark circles underneath the eye. Use a rich eye cream to completely moisturize and treat the thin skin underneath the eye. Experts suggest Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream will do the job!
2.) Antioxidants are key when treating your skin. The serum will help prevent environmental damage, and it will keep the skin fresh. As its main purpose is to prevent skin damage, it works- and it's a great investment! 
Try Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum for amazing results!
3.) Hide and hydrate! With UV rays getting stronger and stronger, it's important that the moisturizers we use also have sunscreen in them. The SPF provides a "two in one" affect for the product and virtually saves you money. A good tip: Choose to hydrate your skin as the last step to lock in the moisture. Skincare professionals suggest Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion SPF  for efficient, affordable results.
4.) When the night rolls around, you must remember to always cleanse before bed! Try to choose your face wash according to your skin's needs such as dry, oily, sensitive, etc. Natural ingredients are usually legitimate, but make sure you read labels before you buy anything. You should be able to feel a cool sensation when using your cleanser, and you should also be able to see the results right away.
Aveda Green Science Perfecting Cleanser
   Make sure you follow skincare steps in order because it does matter! The affects won't be the same if you decide to switch it up and do it your own way. But by following these steps the way they're designed, your skin will not only look better but it will feel fabulous. Oh- And the younger you are when you start to care for your skin, the longer it will stay wrinkle free! So make sure your skin is healthy, one day you'll regret not taking care of it! Healthy is hip.

Have a lovely evening,
xx ZM

Monday, March 28, 2011

Attention! Readers' Input Needed

What does fashion free YOU from? How does self expression boost your self esteem? What does it mean to express yourself? 

Please contact me with your answers, I'm putting together an article all about the freedom within fashion! Comment on this post, contact me on my blog at or send an email to with your response.

You will be featured in an upcoming article on Fashion is Freedom and for my local newspaper! Please help and voice your opinions!

Express yourself,
xx Fashion is Freedom

To The Sun and Beyond...

Spring is a time to bloom into new trends and to find ourselves within our fashion sense. It is said that sunflowers grow towards the sun, and in the spring, their seeds begin to blossom into a pollinated flower. And within that flower, is beauty growing towards it's ultimate inspiration. As my career in fashion is in the beginning stages, I'm a seed ready to sprout into a flower, working to achieve my goals as my role models have. 

Success isn’t something that comes easily, it must be earned. Hard work and dedication are the key ingredients to living a successful, satisfying lifestyle. I don’t just sit at home and aimlessly read Vogue, Elle or W; I take notes, expand their fashion views into my own opinions and I form my own judgements. To me, fashion is a constant debate. Some people may like one item, when others can barely stand to look at it. Fashion opinions are developed from one’s heart, from their personal expressions. 
But back to determination, I don’t expect my goals to happen, I work as hard as I can through school and put exceptional amounts of effort into my writing. I was recently given the opportunity to work for my local newspaper, writing fashion articles and collaborating with film makers and photographers to introduce the public to my work. I’ve yet to begin my journey at this job, but when I do I’m going to put my heart and soul into it. The newspaper is called the Sun.. Which brings us back to the sunflower analogy; I’m a seed ready to sprout into a flower, I’m ready to grow and encourage individuality, I’m ready to impact the fashion lives of others, and I’m ready to expand my work to The Sun.
Stay inspired,
xx ZM

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marc by Marc's Majestic Marketing

  I don't know what it is about Marc Jacobs' ad campaigns, but I find them to be the most beautiful in the entire fashion industry. The subtle beauty sends a message, and the tint of the photos is fascinating. Marc's models are unlike anyone else's, it seems as if he chooses shots that went wrong, and he finds beauty within the plainest pictures.
"I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world." -MJ

"I'd like to believe that the women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they're wearing what they like and what suits them. It's not a status thing." -MJ

Marc Jacobs is such an inspiration! Goodnight fashionistas.
xx ZM


Good Things Come in Small Packages

   Not only are the flowers blooming, but your confidence should be too! It's the time of year when style begins to blossom and trends start to thrive. Take risks with new hues, accessories, trends and leave your comfort zone. If you don't try something new, you'll never know what it's like!
   So what is exactly in store for fashionistas this season? Don't pack too heavy! Miniature has never been so chic! Cross body, slung around your wrist or worn over the shoulder, small bags are the in thing. This season's bags may be teeny tiny, but they pack a fashion punch! Leather, sequined, canvas or lace- whichever you please, wear it with confidence!

"We've been seeing a lot of the 'urban warrior' trend, and crossbody styles are a big part of that," says Carrie Chapman, Senior Buyer at Barneys New York. "They are functional and edgy, and can be very sophisticated." Pair it with an LBD, or a casual outfit. Cross body bags and satchels provide extreme convenience when you've got a lot of other things to carry in your arms. You don't have to worry about it and it won't leave your side!
   Like I said, a cross body bag won't ever leave your side. They're reliable, handy and comfortable. With no strain on your back or shoulders, how could you go wrong? You can't. Marc Jacobs' signature styled CB (cross body) bags are classic and timeless. But if you're looking for something a tad cheaper, they're sold just about everywhere you can find handbags.
   If you haven't ever worn a cross body before, now's your time. Take risks and leave your comfort zone, you'll discover and love new trends and you can appreciate other people's fashion this way. So toss your old bag out during spring cleaning and welcome in a new, fashionable cross body bag!
xx ZM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haute Weather Calls For Haute Couture


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behind The Seams: A Sister Act

   Both nominated for a CFDA award in design, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen showed up in style to the awards. Both the twins dressed in their own collection, The Row. Mary Kate wore skinny zipped pants and a Prada clutch, while Ashley went with wide-leg slacks and satin heels.  Since early 2007, the Olsen twins have set out on a business venture with their line, The Row. In the media since their childhood, these girls have been through it all but they confide in their fashion!
   The Row was one of the latest labels to receive a nomination from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the CFDA, usually given to designers like Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs. With their success, they've shielded themselves from the media to focus on their fashion. The Row is filled with interesting tailoring but the line is simple. Although simple and well, ordinary, The Row is extremely expensive. So if you don't have a few dollars in your pocket, I guess you'll just stick to watching the Olsen girls on Full House. Congratulations to the twins on their fashion success and I wish them the best in their bright futures!
xx ZM

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Expanding My Horizons

   Fashion is Freedom has now created its own Facebook page so please "like" it at to help support me as I begin my journey into the fashion world! Help spread the word and make Fashion is Freedom a name we will all know!
xx Zoe Malliaros

Spring Into Style

   Lighten up that winter bitterness with spring 2011's brights, whites and lights.  Jeans are always a spring garment that can be worn into the rest of the year. Loose fitted, lighter jeans will be seen more commonly now as the weather gets warmer and the sun begins to shine. Ggold and white jewelry, citrus corals, deep oranges, tomato reds, dreamy blues, soothing greens, go-to grays and a touch of the'70s will all be evident in spring trends!
   What made the cut for this season's styles? Tunics, billowy blouses, maxi dresses, neutrals and nautical themes are taking the stage this spring. Returning trends that always seem to show up are skinnies, denim trousers and outerwear such as trench coats, anorak jackets and military inspired jackets. With clothing changing, footwear is also on the fast track to fashion.
   All heels will be in style, as always! But platforms and wedges are king this spring. With their beachy style, they welcome the warm weather without being too summery. We'll have to wait a couple more months before we start breaking out the sandals. But not every color shoe is trending, nude colors are taking over. They're easy to match to just about anything and with the neutral colors seen just about everywhere this spring, they're a perfect shade. It's time to strap on your best wedges and put your best food forward.
   Slip on your rain boots and watch out for mud because spring has sprung! New styles, seasonal trends and poppy colors will make this spring warm and fun. As we prepare for summer, styles become more relaxed and fit for better weather. Counting down the days until we're able to wear shorts and crop tops everyday, I suppose I'll settle for April showers and May flowers! Have a fabulous first day of spring and thanks for reading!
xx ZM


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estée Lauder Goes Ethnic

   It doesn't matter where in the world you're from, you're going to want to wear makeup. But what's the catch? Companies make certain tones fit for only certain skin types. But Estée Lauder is making it easier for women for all different ethnicities to go glam- they're launching Idealist Even Skintone Products for Every Ethnicity. Like Lady Gaga says, no matter black, white or beige, you can look beautiful. Because different skin tones call for different types of treatments, the Idealist line of makeup will make cosmetics a lot less complicated.

   The product is said to work wonderfully on multicultural skin tones because of it's diverse affects. To emphasize how it works on different types of skin, the company is launching ads featured with diverse models of all different cultures (pictured above). The line includes Even Skintone Illuminator, which works on all ethnicities and guarantees preferred results in only two weeks, the Illuminator is created from ingredients such as rice bran extract, Vitamin E, licorice and gentian that are carefully engineered to give users better skin.
   Estée Lauder's Cooling Eye Illuminator, which also contains magnolia extract, caffeine, and sea algae, is using their first contoured tip applicator that will provide a cooling sensation when applied onto skin. Both products are $58, and will be hitting Estée Lauder counters nationwide starting in June. So if your skin hasn't agreed with makeup in the past due to your ethnical background's skincare needs, give the Idealist makeup line a try! 
xx ZM

Friday, March 11, 2011

Courtroom Casual

   Known for her partying and arrests, actress Linday Lohan can now add "fashion offense" to her record. Many people are in an uproar about a dress she recently wore to her felony grand theft arraignment trial. Described as "skintight" and "seductive", LiLo's white dress was long sleeved and wasn't revealing in the least bit. With the critics eager for her to do something wrong, Lohan's white dress triggered some fiery feedback. 
   Who are the critics kidding? From the second Lindsay Lohan stepped out of her black SUV, her Kimbery Ovitz dress was an instant hit. The off white colored dress with Lohan's black pumps was an excellent choice. It may be short, but last time I check she has the body for it. But the judge didn't have much to say in regards to Lohan's outfit, she skipped straight to business. Lindsay Lohan is now on a larger trial that won't be finishing any time soon. God bless her.. she'll be needing it. Oh, the Chanel sunglasses were also a trendy addition. Overall, I'm a fan of the outfit and the fact that she made a fashion statement. Keep it classy.
xx ZM

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Forum

   Designer, fashion icon and creator of the legendary wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg brought her talents to Harvard Business School Tuesday, March 8. As the keynote speaker for MGH Harris Center's 14th Annual Forum, von Furstenberg discussed the importance of health and self confidence within the fashion industry alongside Dr. Davis B. Herzog, the Center's director and renowned psychology professor at Harvard. Celebrating International Women's Day, von Furstenberg emphasized that beauty isn't  found in perfection, but derived from our imperfections.
   The Burden Auditorium at Harvard Business School filled up quickly with fashionistas, business students getting their notepads ready and diehard fans like myself. At the sign in desk, I was handed a DVF Newbury St. coupon, DVF luggage tags and a small informational booklet about the MGH Harris Center for Eating Disorders and DVF's background. Last year, the event was hosted by Dr. Herzog helped along by noted fashion designer Michael Kors, international supermodel Natalia Vodianova and notorious Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Sound like a tough act to follow? I thought so too. But the second von Furstenberg took the stage, I forgot about last year's forum as was lost in her words. Born into the world a miracle, Diane von Furstenberg will someday leave as a legend.
   Prior to speaking about women's confidence and self image, von Furstenberg told the audience that she once knew a women whom at the youthful age of twenty, weighed only forty nine pounds. As the story progressed, we were told how the woman was a Hollocaust survivor that was stationed Auschwitz in Poland. When she was released, the young woman slowly gained back her weight and married her fiance. Although she had bounced back from a terrible fate, she was specifically instructed by doctors not to have children for the next five years because the both child and her wouldn't survive. But the next thing you know, eighteen months later, a super star was born, and she goes by the name of Diane von Furstenberg.  
   The miraculous story of her mother took everyone by surprise. Diane von Furstenberg proved doctors wrong and came into this world to make a difference. The ups and downs of her personal life and career were the main subjects of her talk and she was surprisingly humorous. von Furstenberg discussed the hardships she went through; sitting alone and pregnant in a cold, empty factoring sewing clothes, selling her company to make money and getting rejected by various department stores. Looking back, she told the audience she doesn't have a single regret. Diane von Furstenberg said that hardships are like souvenirs from the past that are laughed about in the future. Equipped with a positive attitude and an eye for style, DVF made a fortune for herself.
   But the highlight of my night was meeting Ms. von Furstenberg and getting a picture. My lifelong best friend, Kristen, and I were eagerly awaiting the event since last year's. We're both fashion junkies and love attending the Harris Center forums. As we got up to leave, my mother insisted we try to get a picture with Diane von Furstenberg and we got extremely lucky! I've never been more excited in my entire life and I know Kristen was just as enthusiastic. 
   DVF's iconic clothing and positive attitude completely won over my heart. Not only is she one of the most famous designers in the world today, but she and her husband plan to donate half of their earnings to charity when they pass away. An extraordinary woman like Diane von Furstenberg is hard to find nowadays. She's an original, beautiful, positive and talented woman who will always be remembered for all of the good she's done and all of the fashion she's created.
xx ZM


Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dark and Daring Dior


Vogue's International Covers

Fashion is an international language, the same in every country. We all have runway shows, and we all make Couture from the same materials. Fashion magazines may be written in different languages for different countries, but Fashion is always Freedom. We can see beyond the beauty of American Vogue when taking a look at the captivating covers of Vogue Turkey, Vogue Italia and Vogue Espana (all shown above).
xx ZM

Sweet Pastel Dreams

   Missoni's runway show at Milan Fashion Week was a far cry from last year's. Their latest collection is like a sprinkle of fairy dust. Light pinks, purples and yellows and models with very subtle to no makeup. The pastel colors and long dresses were a shoutout to Cinderella with Margherita Missoni telling Style, "It's a fairy tale".
   Angela Missoni told critics that her daughter, Margherita has been helping along her collection into a more contemporary place. She was inspired by a fairy tale as she told Style while she was browsing through the clothing racks backstage at the Milan runway show. Angela Missoni, who took full reign of the company in 1996, said her goal for the models was "enchanted and enchanting fairies", nice work, Angela.
   Silhouettes were long, loose and reached the floor in almost every look. Low slung trousers and shorts were a popular hit on the runway too. Silk, knitted mink vests- It was all there. Missoni is one of my personal favorites because it's a family oriented label whose always 100% original and unique. If Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' had a fashion chapter, it would be Missoni's Fall 2011 runway show! Ciao!
xx ZM

Garden Party: D&G Summer 2011


Hats Off To This

"Everyone needs a tree," said Lanvin designer, Alber Elbaz. "Branches, roots. We're getting right back to the roots of tradition." Lanvin's show featured a weeping willow in the background and the collection resembled that of his master, Geoffrey Beene. Elbaz went especially dark with this collection, could it be that gothic southern tree?
   With all of the looks showing some leg, they're very dark and mysterious. Almost like little red riding hood in this look above. Wide brimmed hats ruled the runway, with almost every model sporting one. The dresses were absolutely stunning, all black with brooches in the center were simple yet detailed. Elbaz teased with metallic jewels and sensual drapes when he turned over to the dark side. Some models paraded down the runway caped looks, resembling a church lady. Although the shoes were very simple, they were perfect for this runway show. With the simplest drapings of fabric, Elbaz knows how to create a masterpiece.
xx ZM

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