Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Hottest Host In Town

   It's the most anticipated night in Hollywood and it's finally here.. The Oscars! Not only are actors and actresses awarded with mini statues from the Academy, but bloggers and critics everywhere are inching to name a "best dressed" attendee. Who will steal the show this year? Who will be the red carpet's leading lady? What man will rock his suit the best? These are the questions we face annually when The Oscars roll around. But this year one of Hollywood's most fashionable ladies is hosting, Anne Hathaway! So get ready to witness an influential night of fashion hosted by non other than a fashionista herself.
   Whether it's on the red carpet for one of her most recent movies or on the cover of ELLE, Anne Hathaway is never one to disappoint. Her dress at the Golden Globes was stunning and highlighted winter trends with its pointed shoulders and glitzy details. Critics are eagerly awaiting Hathaway's gown for tonight as the host of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.
   Hathaway's chic street style and her red carpet elegance is what makes her stand out from fellow actresses. From her curves to her long, voluminous hair Anne Hathaway is also equipped with incredible acting talents. She's been in various movies, commercials for Lancome and now she can say she's hosted the most famous, most highly anticipated awards show in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway has quite the resume, eh? And in just two short hours we'll all get to experience her hosting the 83rd Annual Oscars with the lovely James Franco! Ciao!
xx ZM

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On The Bright Side

Isn't it stunning? With many variations of neons and brights, D&G gets an A+ for their fall runway show at Lincoln Centre during NY Fashion Week.
xx ZM

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashionably Late

   Speaking of time, it's been a week since my last post. My apologies! It's been so hectic and I've been bombarded with work and just returned from a weekend retreat. But back to fashion! As a stagnant trend that's always been around, watches are really in right now. Chunky white plastic and low key leather watches are making an appearance just about everywhere on just about everyone. Wear a watch with bangles, bracelets, whatever you want. They're so easy to make trendy. And trend is everything because time goes by so slowly without fashion.
   With NY Fashion Week behind us, we've seen the colorful, elegant trends in store for us this season. So for this Spring, bright rubber watches are a stylish choice. Want to jazz it up even more? Look for a watch with rhinestones! They've been trending for a while now and they've really made their mark on fashion. Because a watch has a variety of ways to be worn, and can be worn with nearly anything, it's a timeless piece that will remain fashionable forever.
   Don't have a watch? You've got plenty of time to go out and get yourself one. Not into the bright trend? Leather watches in neutral colors such as browns and even blacks and whites are also major trends because they can be matched to anything and any color. White watches are a favorite of mine because they can be worn in the summer as a bright white or in the winter as a warmer tone of white. Whichever style you may prefer, a watch is a great way to express your fashion and to make sure you're never fashionably late! Keep it classy.
xx ZM

Maria Dionisou Shoot

I'm so fortunate to have worked with such great people on this October day last year. Props to Maria Dionisiou for the coats and Carsten Fleck for the quality photography. It was a hard day's work but the results are worth it. Cheers to new friends, new experiences and fashion! 
xx, ZM

The Dirty Details

   Here we are with another New York Fashion Week success, Phillip Lim. Lim's designs bought variety to fashion week with his chic urban style.  "It's about these chic women who ride bikes to work, to brunch, to a cocktail party," Lim said backstage before the show. "But how do you make everything functional without sacrificing form?"
   Oversized pants, leather and animal prints stole Lim's show. The delicate models paraded down the runway dressed in detail from head to toe. The designs featured in the show reflected Lim's visual research of gangs and tribes. With so many styles, the pieces that stood out most to critics were outerwear. Beaded sleaves were simple and lovely yet had a very stylish approach. Also on the hit list for Lim's show is the letterman jacket with lamb fur and leather. All in all, the outerwear was that of a fantasy.
   A collection full of cropped pants and small coats has never been so fabulous. Lim's artistic style shows in his designs. The runway was loaded with style as usual! Thanks to Phillip Limb for turning up the heat of Fashion Week!
xx ZM


Marchesa Madness

   Before I say anything about the Fall 2011 Marchesa collection, did anyone else think of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations when they saw the dresses? It was the perfect description of the old, decrepit bride that never was. Anyhow, props to Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig for yet another job well done. The collection was completed by its frayed hemlines, shredded fabrics, fringe, powdered crystals, elaborate hand embroidery, silhouettes from heaven and flawless draping. 
   Marchesa took high fashion, and made it their own. It's refreshing to see a label do "their own thing" with an inspiration such as the character of Miss Havisham. Lace is definitely Marchesa's new best friend, lending its help to create origami like dresses and gorgeous draping. By exposing the tulle of the dresses, it also gave it a somewhat edgy touch. The look is very proper and not edgy in the least bit, but this tiny detail helped bring out that tiny bit of edginess that every collection should possess.
   What's an Oscar red carpet without a Marchesa gown? Not a red carpet at all! The red carpet is always filled with Marchesa, so this year which dresses will we see? Whichever gowns the celebrities choose, it'll be the right one. All of the styles created by Chapman and Craig are elegant and Oscar worthy. Broad shoulders, deteriorating details and lengthy lace took over the runways at Lincoln Centre last week.
   With a truly interesting inspiration for the collection, it's no wonder it came out this spectacular. Different from all other designers, Marchesa has always been one of my favorites. Originality is key, and Marchesa is the King of all originality. Another fashion week in the past, Marchesa designers have done another excellent job. 
xx ZM

Monday, February 14, 2011

Street Smart: Fashion Week Street Style

Long skirts? YSL inspired, perhaps?
Florals, brights and watches. Upcoming trends to watch for.
Brights, stripes and prints charming!
One can never go wrong with a classic Celine bag and fur!
xx ZM

Fashion In Motion

   As Fashion Week picks up in the city that never sleeps, trends like this will be sure to keep you awake. Derek Lam's stylish sportswear for Fall 2011 has the critics talking. And you know what they say- there's no such thing as bad publicity.. So they say! Lam incorporated dashing details into his Ready To Wear collection that will have the ladies lining up at the department stores. As fashion that can actually be worn off the runway (shocker), Lam's Fall line uses past techniques for a new style.
   Derek Lam's masterpiece so far is his original shearling vest, but it's not just any shearling. Only the best for Mr. Lam of course, it was made from alpaca fur. The softer, warmer material is different from all the other designers' vests. Already sewing originality into his clothing, Lam didn't stop there. So far this season, Lam has produced classic coats. But they aren't just any coats, they're made from the finest of materials including waxed fur on the outside, for better weather resistance, and hard working cotton on the inside. Style, warmth and comfort? You best believe it! And if you think the creativity ends there, you're sadly mistaken.
   What seems to be a favorite from Lam's collection? The coat pictured above isn't only made from the best waxed fur and cotton, but it's a smoky blue that will make even Anna Wintour jealous. Also featured in Lam's fall collection, unicolored jumpsuits that give off a lovely silhouette. With so much variety in one collection, it's no wonder Lam designed many blazers too. It comes as no surprise that it's a "ready to wear" line of clothing, because I'd be ready for style like that any time. 
   In an interview this week, Derek Lam said he used “new combinations to make clothes look fresh, fluid, weightless, yet also appropriate for the fall/winter season.” Props to Lam for his creativity and originality, because there's nothing like originality in fashion. Although the collection just hit the runway, Lam's popular vest and jacket along with the gowns he designed are already a hit. Derek Lam is a true fashion designer who knows what Fashion Week is all about! Can the rest of the designers keep the trends moving this smoothly? Stay tuned to find out.
xx ZM

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mandy Coon: Designer On The Rise


Thursday, February 10, 2011

You've Got Male

   Boy for girl? As masculine feminine is the new feminine, male trends are more influential on women's clothing than ever before. From loose fitting blouses to tailored trousers, even prominent collars are making an appearance on women's apparel. Suit up and throw on your blazers because this season it's time to borrow from the boys.
   It's time to man up! Building upon elements of previous seasons, we're seeing trends such as tuxedo style and more military inspired clothing emerge. Sound a bit like Fall/Winter 2010? That's because fashion is like history, it repeats itself. Although in this case, these styles are coming back even more sleek than before. The most masculine of clothing paired with ruffles and bows really makes a statement. High waisted pants, tail coats and tailored vests all play a part in this androgynous look.
   Is a style like this attractive? By taking this risk and dressing almost "manly", it exhibits your confidence in your fashion. Men almost like when women dress in ways like this because by taking a risk, it displays courage. And being courageous with your clothing is key! But anyhow, the male inspired clothing also takes a turn in the route of aviation style. Sort of Amelia Earhart inspired, vests and loose coats are tied into this trend. Not really a fan of it myself, it seems sloppy and almost too masculine. I find small masculine additions to an outfit fashionable, but not full out boy clothes.
   So don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side; borrow your boyfriend's blazer, wear your pants high wasted, play with belts, but most importantly don't overdo it! As the masculine trend for 2011 leans more towards old fashioned clothing, stop by a vintage shop and browse for new styles. Accessories such as hats and watches help wash away the feminine in your outfit, so do it up. Rocking a trend like this, it's hard not to be "the man".
xx ZM

Calling All Catwalks

   As the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week concludes, designers Christina Siriano, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Richard Chai and Luca Luca have made their Fall debut. Models prancing down the runway at Lincoln Centre in the heart of New York City have already set Fall trends. As one of the most important weeks in the fashion industry, NYFW has just began and you ain't seen nothin' yet.
   As a legendary and influential collection, BCBGMAXAZRIA's Fall items are jaw dropping. For the past couple of years, the design duo of the label had been keeping it somewhat simple. But this year, they've emerged with a sleek new look. Todays main focus was definitely layers and sheer. Halters, stacked heels, belts, tunics and gold piping were all seen on the runway. Will this minimal creativity do it for most BCBG customers? You be the judge. With sheer appearing, well, just about everywhere, in my opinion they hit it right. Keeping it simple and still working a trend is what fashion is all about. 
Congratulations to Max and Lubov Azria for the stunning designs. The fun has just begun.
xx ZM

Fast Track To Fashion Week

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Warning: Curves Ahead

   Featured this February on the cover of British Magazine ASOS, Brit model Daisy Lowe also flaunts her curves in a tasteful spread shot by noted fashion photographer Guy Aroch. Not only is Daisy stunning in the images captured by Aroch, but she's the 'it' girl who's willing to break the rules. As she talks about what the fashion industry lacks, Daisy Lowe tells the mag that "fashion needs more curves."
   Not to be confused with fashion idol and popstar stepmom Gwen Stefani or rocker dad Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe steals the show in this month's ASOS. Pictured with a simple messy updo and catty eyeliner, Lowe's spread is very pinupesque. Bringing back styles from the 1950s and 1970s, the clothing in the shoot is actually affordable (all under $100) to the average woman. Talking about her childhood, the industry and what modeling means to her, Daisy Lowe is a perfect example for young models.
   “My dream is to see a lot more female shapes in ad campaigns when I look through magazines… my friend was working with Crystal Renn and said she thinks she’s only got a 38-inch hip,” Daisy says. Many others are pushing for curvier models because women don't want to keep seeing more of the same size zeros. As far as Karl Lagerfeld, he sees no wrong in using the skinniest girls in the industry. Lowe, along with others, wants to change how people view fashion and its models and give confidence to those who aren't super skinny.
   Daisy Lowe told an ASOS reporter that modeling isn't the superficial industry that people may perceive it as, but it's about self expression. While many girls waste away for magazine spreads, Lowe discovers herself in her modeling. “I’ve learned a lot from modeling. I’m a lot more tolerant. It’s taught me to be bold and be true to myself in a massive way,” Daisy says. She's given us a positive outlook on the modeling industry and models in general. As humble as Daisy Lowe is, she's got to know that she's a role model for many young women. Bringing her curves and her common sense to this interview, Lowe is now a favorite of mine and her spread is ASOS is simply stunning. Congrats, Daisy!
xx ZM

Hudson Turns Up The Heat

   Inspired by her rock 'n roll heritage, Georgia May Jagger's collection for Hudson is firey and rough around the edges. Launching this Spring, the collection's ads have Hudson turning up the heat. It was only a matter of time before Jagger designed her own line since she's been modeling for the brand since mid 2009. “My collection has a whole new cut,” Jagger says in a recent interview. We are “using new kinds of stretch denim fabrics exclusively developed for us which make them very comfortable.” 
   Hudson By Georgia May Jagger will include five different styles of jeans and was helped along by Hudson's creative director and head designer Benjamin Taverniti. Already released in a German boutique, the collection is rumored to hit Neiman Marcus stores next month. You're probably thinking to yourself, "How much designing did she actually do?" But reps from the company say that Jagger was a lot more hands on than people would think. It's been said that she submitted her own sketches and was working the whole time her line was being designed. All the designs have skinny leg openings and are “a mid-rise which is great for us shorter girls and also very flattering.”
   As the daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall, Georgia May has made a name for herself. Between modeling for Hudson for the past two years and creating a denim line for ordinary women, she's broken out of her parents' fame and into her own.
xx ZM

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hot For Heels

   The classic, red-bottomed heels have been featured in just about every fashion magazine to ever exist. The timeless shoes are a necessity to any fashionable girl who's made a few dollars in her life. Dress them up, wear them with jeans. But any way they're worn, they make a statement. A statement that says, "I'm classy, and I know fashion."         
   Designer Christian Louboutin once said that, "Girls really want to be pretty, so this is what I’m always giving in the shoes.. When a woman tries on a shoe, she doesn’t really look at the shoe. She looks at herself. And if she pleases herself, then she considers the shoe." As a master of design and a style icon forever, Louboutin is an ordinary guy. He stared out in the industry and who would've guessed he'd become this valuable.
   Skipping school to watch the showgirls of Paris, Louboutin made the signature red bottom of his shoes by accident. One day in 1992, Christian Louboutin was working on a pair of shoes and needed to paint the bottom, so he used red nail polish and it became a permanent fixture for the shoes. Everything about a pair of Louboutins is stunning; the height, the colors, the material and the famous red underneath. An outfit completed by a pair of CLs is an outfit from heaven.
   Christian Louboutin, the face behind the stunning stilettos, will be remembered forever in fashion. Starlets everywhere wear the heels, from the red carpets to restaurants. In the 2010 motion picture Burlesque, Louboutins make an appearance multiple times. Brought up in songs, featured in movies, gaining press in magazines and talked about on popular TV shows, Louboutins are the ultimate shoe! According to JLO the first step of a night out is throwin' on your Louboutins. 
xx ZM

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Warhol's Wonders

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it," said photography icon Andy Warhol. In the late sixties, Warhol took many people that weren't considered beautiful by Hollywood's standards, and called them his superstars. They were all fabulous and he made hundreds of films of time. Although everyone perceives beauty differently, Warhol could find the beauty within anything and express it in his photos.
   Known worldwide for his pop art, Warhol now has a museum with his work and he left behind honest quotes that he said throughout his existence. Ever wonder where the expression "fifteen minutes of fame" came from? Andy Warhol once said that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes of their life. The things he said and the paintings he made continue to be world famous and even Mac computers have a setting on their camera called "pop art", like Warhol's painting style.
  You may be thinking, what does Any Warhol have to do with fashion? But his work was, and still is, a vital part of the business. Fashion wouldn't be what it is without the photographers behind the work. Ever though about who shoots the editorials and who provides us with pictures from the world famous runways? It's the photographers. Warhol is an icon and his muses will be fabulous forever, according to Holly Siegel of Style
   But don't look at Warhol's art for too long! He once said, "I'm afraid that if you look at something long enough, it loses all of its meaning." Not really sure if this applies to his genius photography, but still. His pictures of Nico and Edie Sedgwick with their bold mascara, "Baby" Jane Holtzer with her big, blonde hair, Ultra Violet and Viva. Warhol's work remains forever in fame and had an impact of fashion's photographers of today. Today, designers use runway makeup that reflects some of Andy Warhol's paintings and you can see his work in the Warhol Museum. So next time you see a pop art picture on someone's photobooth, tell the story of Andy Warhol and what an icon he was, and still, is!
xx ZM

Sao Paulo Stunners

   The recent Sao Paulo Fashion Week has left us with many new trends such as luxurious leather, fabulous furs, sexy sheers, black/white duos and more. With Winter still here and Spring feeling further and further away with all of this snow, the Sao Paulo fashion shows had many styles that can be worn in this cold weather. Listen up for prettier ways to bundle up!
   Leather snuck its way into many styles almost everyday at SPFW with studded edgy pieces to rock'n roll styles. Brazilian fashion icon Ana Salazar designed gloves in bright colors different than typical black and brown gloves. If you're not willing to take a chance with studded leather outfits, then adding these gloves to your style could make a statement. Also seen in Sao Paulo, breathtaking furs. Although a controversial trend, it's one of the best ways to keep warm during wintertime. Fur made its way onto the runways on coats paired with edgy masks, only to be kept on the runway of course! But worn with boots and jeans this winter, you could be rocking an A plus style. As a designer's way of keeping you cozy, it's never a fashion-don't when wearing fur.
   When you think of Brazil you may think of tropical and bright colors, but many black and white duos were seen on the runways of SPFW. Soft ruffles and leather were king when it came to black and white designers, especially by designer Tufi Duek. A timeless combination of colors, black and white always finds a way to be classy. But not everything went smoothly in the Sao Paulo shows, pleats and fringe found their way into trends. Pleating details never get left out, especially in billowing pants and mini skirts. Pleats can totally change the look of an outfit, making it bulkier or evening our materials, it's sometimes essential in some styles.
   Along with various other styles ruling the runways, these trends were joined by gorgeous lace, stylish hats, bold brights and wide legged pants. As trends appearing just about everywhere, it's no doubt that these styles are the "it" factor. There's still time left to flaunt them, especially with all this snow that just surprised us in New England. So check out the Sao Paulo Fashion Week styles and mix 'n' match into Springtime. Stay stylish, and stay warm for the remainder of winter!
xx ZM
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