Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Fashion Frenzy

   Closely resembling Spring 2011 runways, the red carpet of the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards was equipped with nothing less than style. Eva Longoria's daring neckline, Sophia Vergara's bold blue dress and Angie Harmon's angelic gown all made a statement, and more so a mark on red carpet fashion trends. With more stars leaving without an award, almost everyone went home with a A+ for their wardrobe. And that's what matters most, right?
   Young newcomer starring in the Oscar Nominee True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld, arrived a bright, pink and orange Prada dress with Solange Azagury-Partridge jewels. Looking stunning at such a young age, this leading lady brings class and youth to the table. Fellow leading lads such as Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco suited up for the event and both added a basic, black tie. But best dressed goes to breathtaking ballerina Mila Kunis for not only a bone chilling performance in The Black Swan but an even better strut down the red carpet. Dressed in a flame print Alexander McQueen gown, this outfit scored her enough points to erase the painful memory the Vera Wang dress she wore to the Golden Globes. Even opposing ballerina Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) would agree with us on this one! As an event honoring the arts, fashion is art and was well represented. 
   For celebrity Jennifer Lawrence, The Kids Are All Bright! Showing some leg on the carpet, this fashionista wore a fuchsia Osca de la Renta to the show. With her shoes matching the ribbon on her dress, Lawrence gets an A in my book. My favorite look was hands down Angie Harmon's soft pink glow. Strutting a frilly and fluffy Monique Lhuillier dress down the carpet, Harmon's makeup was done pure and pristine by artist Spencer Barnes. “I wanted to play up and define her eyes and balance soft pinks with her olive skin and chocolate eyes,” says Barnes. “For her eyes, I chose colors to play off the pink in her dress." All of the detail was in the dress for Angie Harmon, and when it came to hair and makeup, it was kept simple and looked 100% natural.
   With many gorgeous and stunning looks on the carpet, there are too many to count! Tina Fey's valiant red dress and Amy Poehler's breathtaking LBD gave props to the funny women of Hollywood.  Everyone put their best foot forward and carried themselves flawlessly down the carpet. As I earlier compared the show's looks to a runway, many of these trends we saw are upcoming and very fashionable. A classy and stylish night every year, the SAG Awards have never given "sag" a better reputation. Stay stylish!
xx ZM


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Bombshell

   It's that time of year ladies, Victoria's Secret has just released all of their newest bikini collections for summer 2011 and they're smoking hot as usual! Bodacious bandeaus, beach sexy pushup bikinis, halters, string bikinis- you name it and they've got it. With VS being the leading manufacturer of stylish swimwear, they most definitely set the standards for beach trends. So don't be afraid to get some sand it your shoes, now's the time to buy your bikinis.
   So are you seduced by the sun? Embellished bikinis, monochrome monokinis and sensuous full pieces fill the Victoria's Secret catalog this month. Cutouts and crisscross seem to be very in style for this Summer according to VS. As it was last year, mixing and matching is yet again trendy. Print tops with plain bottoms or vice versa is always a safe bet as long as the colors match. Ruched bandeaus are a favorite of mine, with their simple style and versatility.  You can wear a solid colored bandeau with anything, and you can spare yourself the annoying tan lines. Although we have months until summertime, prepare yourself for the sunny season early and get your bikini shopping done!
   Sexuality, sea, sand and sky- The four s's of Summer. Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio says that the bikini shoots require her and fellow models to be in tip top shape and eat healthy weeks prior to the photo shoot. With the ladies of Victoria's Secret looking slim, sexy and sleek, it's motivating to stay healthy before the heat turns on this summer. So stay inspired, eat healthy and get ready for Summer 2011. As Aaron Levenstein once said about women's bikinis, "What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” You ain't seen nothin' yet.
xx ZM

Thursday, January 27, 2011

White Hot

   As we approach Spring and the fashion begins to change, Winter whites are turning into Spring delights. Browsing through Haute Couture and Spring look books, many designers including Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang and Chanel have incorporated many whites and light pastels into their collections. As if we don't have enough white with all this snow in New England, Spring fashion is sure to give us more.
   Step aside black, because white is the new sleek. Dolce & Gabbana included white in almost every Spring style in their Fashion Week show, with not only girly styles but silhouettes and structured suits too. While designer Alexander Wang was adding basic whites and white leather accessories to his collection, anything Haute Couture was over the top and outrageous (no shocker). Spring 2011 is a white out, so do your part and dress it up.
   So how can you wear whites? White and off white jeans have always been a trend so you can start with that. Add a white or pastel shirt and a couple of neutral colored accessories. The finished product will be style worthy and white helps bring out that small Spring tan that everyone's hoping for! It's not always easy to emulate models when you see the crazy runway styles, but in this trend, just do your best to wear fresh pastels and white.
   These colors are a lot more graceful than the Fall 2010 military styles. With those styles still trending, the world of fashion is diverse enough to have this pure white trend and that edgy trend on the rise. As far as footwear goes, go with a simple silver heel, ballet flats or a pair of flat sandals. This look is so easy to dress up and even easier to wear casually, it's so simple to get it right. So don't have a fashion wipe out, join the Spring 2011 white out.
xx ZM

Double Up

   With denim on denim usually ending in a fashion disaster, Pre-Fall 2011 collections prove this wrong. So what's the trick, different tones of denim. Patch it up, mix it up and layer it up with this new look. We've got plenty of time before this look evolves, so do you think it's fashion worthy?
   Celine's Pre-Fall collection fashion show left featured a lot of multi patterned and multi hued outfits. Numerous tailored pieces were sported such as trousers and blazers, very typical things for women. Leaving many critics bored and unimpressed, the double denim look isn't what they were looking for. With the rest of Celine's collection a tad boring, it featured many fitted coats, sweaters and dresses that are nothing out of the ordinary. But I don't dislike the denim look, although I do think it looks better with the skirt instead of the jean trousers. As looks come and go, I guess we'll have to wait till Fashion Week kicks off in September to see if this style kicks off. But for now, all I want to see is Winter depart and Spring styles quickly take off. Keep warm.
xx ZM


   Doesn't variety make things more useful? A top from Maison Martin Margiela's collection gives us style, variety and so much more. With a flap in the front, you can tuck in one side while the other remains untucked, tie them together, wear the both out, whatever you want! This basic top is the ultimate shape shifter, and not to mention, it's quite stylish. 

   Worn with bold accessories and impressive shoes, you could really dress this up. A white shirt is the ultimate piece of clothing because you can do just about anything with it. Dress it up, dress it down, add accessories- you can really make it your own. For this MMM top, you can wear it with black pants (as shown above), jeans or even let it drape over a pencil skirt. But tying the two sides together, it gives off a 90s crop top look and by tucking in both sides, it sends a classier message to onlookers. You can do just about anything with a top like this, and that's why I love it. Stay stylish, and stay warm on this chilly Winter day!
xx ZM


Rebellious Revolution

   For Spring 2011's Haute Couture, designer Jean Paul Gaultier lands at the top of my list. With his fabulous, outrageous and genius collection, it looks like it was pulled straight from his imagination. Gaultier stunned the audience at his latest show with his newest footprint on fashion, Spring punk couture. Jean Paul Gaultier tweeked the memo and added his own dark aspect to his Spring 2011 runway.
   Dog collars, elaborate mohawks and cropped bomber jackets are what helped Gaultier steal the show. With a bomber jacket embedded with metal pearls, no wonder his show was so vicious. Black, black and more black was everywhere. But the best piece was the black crepe sheath with tulle draped in chains and studs. With this revolutionary collection, it's as if Fall 2010 mated and had sextuplets. Not only emulating the military and edgy trends, Gaultier took it so much further. With his precision and focus, it's no wonder he's one of fashion's leading men.
   A gown with straitjacketlike straps, a white suit with a corseted torso and ruching rounding the hips, and a pinstripe jumpsuit were all paraded down the runway in Gaultier's Haute Couture Spring 2011 show. Details like these aren't seen anywhere, except for couture shows, but only shows like Gaultier's. Can you say creative?
   With bizarre makeup and accessories and clothes that left everyone speechless, Jean Paul Gaultier deserves to be the king of Haute Couture, and this Spring, he definitely is. Not only did he take a risk, but he nailed it. He's a master of high fashion, the only category where ugliness rules. You won't be seeing these styles on any streetwalks, well, I hope not. Gaultier isn't just a designer, he's an artist. With his Parisian styles that compliment French styles of the 1940s and 50s. Always on the cutting edge of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier is more than exclusive, he's a trendsetter.
xx ZM

Friday, January 21, 2011

Midriff Mania

   We've been seeing crop tops on the runways since 2009, but are they becoming trend worthy this Spring? It's predicted that this upcoming season will push this trend further into mainstream fashion. A crop top isn't just about exposing your stomach, but about finding an elegant way to show some skin. As it seems like a Summer trend that fades into memories come Fall, it's becoming so much more this season.
 Often times classified as a grungy look, it can be incorporated into more sophisticated outfits too. Paired with jeans and boots in the Winter, crops can be so stylish. But this Spring they're being put together with pencil skirts, tailored pants and capri pants. Looking disasterous on some runways and spectacular on others, I'm not really sure how this trend will pan out. I think people like Taylor Momsen and Lindsay Lohan are the ultimate crop top girls, with their edgy styles and lifestyles. Cropped knits were a big hit this Winter so fashion critics predict the style to carry over into the Springtime. With so many styles this Spring, a crop top can be a real hit or miss. 
   Very indie rock and bohemian oriented, the crop top has been revolutionary. Spring 2011 runways vary from showing drastic amounts to tiny amounts of skin. A crop top allows you to show off some skin without going too far (in most cases). Some waistlines of dresses are sheer to give that crop top affect very subtly. With cutaway detailing an outfit can be fierce and classic. So be the creme of the crop this Spring and don't be afraid to sport a crop top.
xx ZM


Yves, You're An Icon.

   It looks like Yves Saint Laurent has set the standard for all fashion to come.. No shocker there! The seventies Spring runways are all YSL inspired with Marc Jacobs even calling YSL his "fave". Vibrant colors, peasant blouses and safari jackets would be nonexistant if it weren't for the revolutionary designer that the fashion industry now unfortunately lacks. With a permanent print on fashion (no pun intended) Yves Saint Laurent is iconic, and today's designs are all inspired by his amazing work.
   Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Stefano Pilati, are all YSL inspired and have all payed him many respect and tributes. But back to Spring 2011! Prints of all sorts are making an appearance just about everywhere. Runways, streets, department stores, you name it. As silhouettes from the seventies make a stylish comeback this Spring, designers are keeping it classy. While long dresses and skirts remain at the heart of the trend, much more is brought into the fashion world from this trend.
xx ZM


Pants Palooza

   Wouldn't be caught dead in a three-quarter length skirt? Is shearling not your thing? Don't sweat it because tailored trousers are the it item this Spring! Wear them with blazers, simple tees, nautical shirts, tanks, dress shirts and much more. Equipped with the versatility of regular pants, these high waisted, wide legged trousers give the illusion of longer legs and are all together super stylish.
 Paired with the right shoes and belt you could look like a runway model. Resembling a men's style, it's all about borrowing from the boys. Derek Lam, Michael Kors, Richard Chal Love all endorse the style according to their Spring collections. Love's collection features a dress over pants style that is predicted to last until the Fall. With pants ranging from dress pants to khakis and jeans, you can work them all into your everyday style. Finally a look that we can all wear! On the runway, many models were paired with hats and dress shirts. This look is rewarding, giving you both comfort and style. All in all, the trousers look for Spring is simple but stunning. Can't wait to rock it.
xx ZM

Out With The Old

  Got that winter blues? Well Spring fashion reports will be sure to cheer you up. With the snow piling on more than ever this week, Spring is the last thing on my mind. But when flipping through this month's Harper's Bazaar, I couldn't help but eagerly await this Spring. A season of new trends, emerging styles and bright colors, this Spring will be sure to impress.
Oh hey technicolor and flare jeans, we've missed you. They do say history repeats itself.. Bright colors are the in thing this Spring as they were back in the 80s. With styles coming back, who knows what's next. Soft satins, luscious lace, see through styles and a revolution of prints, this Spring will be filled with new trends. But how can they be worn off the runway? In small amounts as always! By adding some bright colors and different patterns to outfits, you could look like Anna Wintour herself. Bright makeup such as lips and eyes was a real trend on the runways, so who knows what we'll be seeing on the streets. A new season is always filled with new trends, so let's give Spring 2011 a warm welcome.
   You know it's a fashion revolution when designer Alexander Wang puts down the black fabric. Sending a refreshing new message, Wang based a whole collection on whites. With a few soft pastels, it's an optimistic feeling watching his runway show. Designer Rick Owens joined the clean trend too, with a collection featuring floor length skirts and pearl-toned tunics. Wait, did I say floor length skirts? Midcalf is the new hemline, ladies. From the Calvin Klein Collection to Narciso Rodriguez three-quarter length skirts have been making a statement. Because this will take a while to get used to, designers aren't basing whole collections off of this style. As you can see, fashion is rapidly changing this year.

With so many new styles, it's hard to know what you can still wear from last year. Here's a quick tip, if you can make it work, then wear it! You don't have to look like Agyness Deyn or Chanel Iman as long as you're looking stylish. As for Spring 2011 looks, don't be afraid to take risks with new fashion. New seasons call for experimenting. So take risks, be fashionable, but don't overdo it. Viva la Spring!
xx ZM

The Glitz, The Glam: The Golden Globes!

   It's that lovely time of year again- Awards show season! It seems that the ladies of the Golden Globes got the fashion memo. With so many more hits than misses this year, the red carpet of Beverly Hills' Hilton was packed with fashion. With new trends emerging and winter trends still making a statement there was a variety of styles strutted into the awards show.
   While many stars went for radiant reds, celebs like Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie sported bold shouldered, sequined gowns. Looking exceptionally good, these girls rocked fabulous detailed dresses and kept the rest simple. When wearing a dress like these, it's imperative that you keep the rest real simple. It's so carefully detailed that you want to keep the attention on the dress. The only thing that would've made these women look even better is if the dresses were minis. With the right pair of pumps, they could've been edgier and made more of a statement. Although they didn't, Anne and Angelina shimmed, shined and they sure strived for style!
   Pretty in pink has never been taken more literally. Country music sensation Carrie Underwood arrived in a flawless pink gown with a perfect bun. Also keeping it simple with make up and accessories, Carrie is always one to stun and never disappoint. Of all the pink dresses, Glee star Lea Michelle stole the show. In an origami inspired Oscar de la Renta gown, she said that, “It made me feel happy and light." Though I'm no Glee fan, Lea Michelle was nothing less than stunning last Sunday night. The pink ladies of the Globes have now set the standards for all the award shows to come!
   With an apparent passion for fashion, the women of Hollywood have outdone themselves. January Jones' edgy dress, Eva Longoria's bold black gown and Olivia Wilde's simple hair was all a success this year. Kicking off the awards season in style, the big winner of the night was definitely detail. Stay stylish.
xx ZM

Sunday, January 16, 2011

California Dreamin'

   As a classic brand, Kangol isn't usually one to surprise. But this year, with a California, hipster themed Look Book, they've made a footprint on fashion. Floppy hats, nautical styles and everything we never expected from them is in their latest collection. Just taking a glimpse through this Look Book, it makes me crave summer like crazy!

   Almost like a seventies flashback, styles from that era seem to be popping up everywhere. Fedoras, floppy hats and big sunglasses fill up the newest Kangol photos. A refreshing new look for the classic line of hats, it's like a Cali dream. With pictures frolicking on the beach, it makes prospective customers want summer which will make them want to buy Kangol's products more. Fashionable as well as business savvy, Kangol  gets an A+ for their new Look Book! Definitely a collection to watch come this Spring/Summer!
xx ZM


Bold Brit

   Trench coats, leather jackets and ruched dresses look even more amazing with Burberry's new interactive ads. Launched yesterday, the ads give an even better look of their new clothing for this Spring. Equipped with 18 year old model Cara Delevigne, Poppy's younger sister, how could the ads look anything less than beautiful. Always stunning and never disappointing, Burberry knows fashion.
   Taking a modern spin on things, expect a lot of studs and leather on their designs. Fashion experts say that Burberry's new designs may be revolutionary, and impact fashion forever. But who knows! Maybe it's just another year of plaid patterns for Burberry. All I know, is that I was very satisfied with my Burberry coat this Winter! Matching just about everything and keeping me warm, it was a great investment. 
    Ladies, it's so easy to incorporate Burberry into your style. Wearing neutral or even just plain colors, you'll look great. With their new Spring line stealing headlines and grabbing attention everywhere, it can't hurt to browse around. Maybe you'll find your new favorite coat or perhaps a gorgeous Spring bag. Burberry isn't one to let down, so check it out while it's new!
xx ZM

The Rachel Zoe Collection

   The collection we've all been waiting for is finally here! This week, fashion legend and reality TV star, Rachel Zoe's new collection will be making its debut. Collaborating with Li & Fung, it's the first line that Zoe has designed herself for current fashion trends. Yet very modern, the collection reflects on the legendary looks of the 1970s.
   "I've been asked to slow down," she told the press, "but to be totally honest, it's kind of next to impossible when you're planning your show and launching your collection, and in the middle of award season." Seven months pregnant with a baby boy, Zoe is residing in LA until the birth of her son. With a 70's theme on her new collection, it features many tailored items. Pants suits, hemmed skirts, tuxedos, coats and stylish shift dresses are all examples of the many items Zoe has designed. And of course Rachel Zoe has added bags, heels, boots and incredible flats. Excited for the release of her line, pieces are starting around $250 and going up to about $700.
   With this collection more fashion aware than her QVC collection, it also features caftans, big bags, fur vests and jewelry. Described as a "fashion icon" by many others in the industry, Zoe is nothing less than original. Filming new episodes of her Bravo series The Rachel Zoe Project, she's been a busy woman. Thanks to Rachel Zoe for making 2011 that much more stylish!
xx ZM


Move Over Fur, It's Shearling's Time To Shine

Throughout the Winter, shearling styles have made a large impact on fashion. Inspired by many styles, by incorporating shearling into pieces of clothing, the objective is to create an individual signature. Exaggeration of styles in prior seasons has brought, as a reaction, a definite penchant for classic styles. New techniques instead of bold details are now the trademark of luxurious clothing.
   You can forget all about fur, shearling is the new shield for cold weather, and not to mention it's quite stylish. For a messier, edgier look, turn to shearling styles. Easy to incorporate into outfits, it's the perfect detail for winter coats. Burberry has put it to great use in their aviator jackets for this past/current Winter collection. Matching up well with blacks and khaki colors, it's very basic. Wear shearling coats with simple skinnies, black jeans or even a dress. Detailed jackets with shearling are also available from some designers for those willing to take a bit more of a risk. Rich leather tones can also bring out shearling in a coat. With so many looks, there's no question why shearling is such a big hit.
   With the ability to be so many different colors, bright shearlings have been seen on runways and on stylish streetwalkers. If you're not too showy, shearling covered sleeves are probably where you'd start.. and end. Displaying that you have style but don't want to show off, a coat with shearling sleeves is perfect. With so many uses and so many possible styles, a shearling coat is really a run for your money.
   Winter may be coming to an end, but shearling is sure to be back next fall. So it's not to late to invest in a sweet shearling jacket (and they're probably all on sale). If you're into neutral, plain colors then this is what you're looking for. Style worthy and as warm as a mink coat, shearling is the signature material of Winter 2010/2011.
xx ZM

Shore Thing

   High seas call for high fashion! It's time to slip on your Sperry's and bikinis.. well not quite yet. As soon as the waters are iced out, then you're good to go. Nautical fashion is what defines spring and summer styles, and it's always classy and gorgeous. A simple navy and white stripe says so much more than you'd think. Get ready to set sail because if you're on the shore then you're sure not me.
   We can thank Coco Chanel and her promiscuity for the classic nautical trends. It all started when she had an affair with the Duke of Westminster, a huge yahting fan, and she started to design sailor-like outfits. Maturing over the years, we now have modern day nautical styles. Fashionable and stunning during the spring and summer, this style is simple yet so complex. The white and navy stripes will bring out tanned skin and just stand out in general. With an iconic beginning, it's no wonder we're still wearing it 80 years later!
   Boatneck sweaters, Sperry's, wide legged trousers, stripes and cuffed sleeves are all acceptable! But when pairing nautical outfits together, don't overdo it. You'll look like you're on your way to a costume party. Embroidered anchors are a bit too third grade, so try to avoid them. White pants or shorts are timeless pieces! Matched with a boatneck sweater, a rugby or a regular striped tee, you'll look not only classy but like Katherine Hepburn.
   First step to this style is to get through this rigorous winter. With a recent snowstorm in the Boston area, and well everywhere else in the US, it's hard to flash forward to Spring styles. Now's the time to get all of the clothes you need. Oh, and don't be afraid to add a little red or gold here and there. With a look like this, it's hard not to keep it classy. Stay stylish! 
xx ZM


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Heavy Metal

   Born in a small town in Western Australia, Aussie model, Nicole Trunfio's new jewelry line is nothing less than stunning. Bold necklaces flood the collection with their detailed and intricate designs. Taking never before seen to a new level, Trunfio's jewelry is beyond beautiful and not commonly seen.
   Nicole Trunfio made her debut in Australia's Search For a Model, an Aussie version of Tyra Banks' famous reality series. Having modeled for famous Australian designers and worldwide brand names such as Chanel, Fendi, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, Trunfio knows her stuff. When it comes to the fashion world, this model knows what's in and what's out. Trying to diversify her life, she has branched out into other occupations beside modeling and decided to design her own jewelry. Getting her ideas from fashion magazines, runway shows and ad campaigns, Trunfio nailed it! The articulate pieces can be worn with anything simple and they'll spice it up in a matter of seconds. Bold jewelry is very in style especially with simple clothing which Nicole Trunfio features in her advertisements. As a noteworthy model and jewelry designer, Nicole Trunfio has not only made a mark on the runways of the world but in the jewelry industry too. 

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Playful Prints

   Thinking that plain is the new prints? Wrong! Impress your prints charming with dazzling details! They'll be showing up quite a lot this spring, so why not get a head start? You want to stand out in this cold, gloomy weather so take the first step by putting away that plain white tee and throwing on a trendy outfit with some color contrast. Stripes are in style so play them up and put them on! Remember, bold is beautiful, can you be bold?

   This spring is all about colors and mixing it up, but what about mixing it together?  Is it a fashion revolution? I guess we'll have to wait and see. V Magazine's latest issue includes many opinions on this upcoming spring's print fiesta and designers like Versace, Miu Miu, Christopher Kane, Balenciaga, Prada and Givenchy who will be contributing to the new look. Fashion experts say that a "schizophrenic" mix of patterns and colors is what awaits us this spring season. Navajo and Native American patterns will also be making an appearance in spring 2011 looks because of their interesting patterns. It's time for experimenting with trends, so we'll see what stays and what is quickly rejected.
   Will you be sporting this trend come springtime? I know I'll try to incorporate intricate patterns into my outfits with spring scarves, patchwork shirts, sweaters and accessories. If you use a base color such as white or black and add on accessories with brighter colors and patterns, that's an easy way to look trendy without risking a fashion disaster. You don't want to go all out with a trend like this because you could look like a total mess. Keep it simple, stylish and when in doubt, less is more. 

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Elisa Sednaoui For Giorgio Armani

   Watching the sun set over the vast Sahara desert, Giorgio Armani was given his inspiration for his Spring 2011 Collection. Dark shades such as grays and navies flood the collection while sparkles and shimmer also take over. Titled "La Femme Bleue", Armani is sure to stun critics who've been patiently waiting to see his advertisements. 
   Designing a collection is one thing, but choosing the model for the ad campaign is another difficult process. This Spring, actress/model Elise Sednaoui will be featured in Armani's ads worldwide. The Italian born beauty has been featured in ads for Diane Von Furstenberg and printed in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire and ELLE. Walking various runways and doing many photo shoots, Sednaoui guarantees great advertisement for Armani's line. 


Monday, January 03, 2011

Nike's Footprint On Fashion

Nike's new shoe isn't their typical Air Force sneaker or Jordan's, but a fashionable hightop sneaker made from recycled papers. On the sides of the shoe you can look closely and see the words once written on a newspaper or magazine. Nike's artsy approach to this design shows that not only big name designers can create style worthy pieces but sporty companies can too. Equipped with unique details and neutral colors that match just about anything, it's Nike for the win. This shoe would look amazing with a simple crop top and jeans and it's probably not hard to find in stores. Job well done, Nike!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Razzle Dazzle.. Daytime?

   With New Years Eve behind us and spring trends approaching, metallic clothes are now being worn in the day time. With shimmer and shine usually set aside for just NYE, not this year! Twenty eleven has already decided to change it up a bit, beginning with the shining style. Spring resort collections offer the perfect shine for daytime.
   This Spring season, designers have cut the shiny metallic material into wearable looks for everyday. Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Thakoon and Donna Karen have all incorporated some glitz into their Spring 2011 collections. Going for a subtle shimmer and not an all out shine, these designers make daytime fashion more, well, fashionable. Without completely ruling out plain colored t-shirts and cardigans, add a little sequin to your wardrobe to spruce it up. Just shopping around in small stores, I have already noticed the change in sequins. 
   Not into looking flashy? Good! This look isn't about flashy, it's about being feminine and playing with new trends. Plain pastels are great for spring, but why not add a little onto it? While shopping, pick out things with SUBTLE shines for daytime, because after all, less is more with daytime shine! When adding a little sparkle to your clothes, others will notice and admire your clothes more. Looking stylish and standing out can boost confidence and help you make more daring fashion decisions in the future.
   With an edgy winter, fashion wise, coming to a close soon, simple shines should be a graceful change. So take advantage of the daytime shimmer and don't overdo it. Adding little by little can make more of a difference than you think. So when it comes to clothing, don't doubt yourself, dare yourself. 
xx, ZM

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