Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-Fall Fantasies

It's a bit early, maybe even too early, to think about Pre-Fall 2012 collections, but the fashion industry is all about fashion forecasting. With the recent launches of just about everyone who's anyone's collections, there's so much style to sift through. Some standout labels who are bringing a lot to the racks next Pre-Fall season are Honor, Diane von Furstenberg, and Catherine Malandrino. All three brands provide exquisite looks for fashion lovers. Take a look for yourselves...
Besides the bright colors and standout textures, it's hard not to take notice of the tailoring behind Honor's Pre-Fall pieces. Designer, Giovanna Randall, turned away from typical and aimed straight for tailored. The collection is made up of structured blazers, skinny stretch trousers and tailored dresses which adds dimension and gives off a modern feel. Randall went for a graphic look and her outcome was a big hit. Color, silhouette, accessories and details separate fashion from fabulous. And this right here, is fabulous.

Catherine Malandrino's Pre-Fall collection is perfect for cocktail hour, or even perhaps a night on the red carpet. Jewel tones, lace overlay and chic shoes are fit for any formal event. The modern peacoat shown above is more casual than the other items presented in the collection, but it's still "dressed up." The draping and neckline of the floor-length gown just scream [sexy]. Malandrino's collection lands as one of the most elegant Pre-Fall collections carried by its silks, satins, and sheers.

Runways are full of potential, and Diane von Furstenberg is always one to impress. Starting off her fame with a simple, wrap dress, it's no wonder DVF's Pre-Fall collection is full of fun frocks and sequined skirts. Usually staying away from edginess, DVF is pushing limits with some new, youthful aspects of her collection. It's nice to see a change up in this designer's pieces. DVF is known to stay away from redundancy and always do her own thing. The collection was inspired by modern fashion and 70s looks, as well [as seen in the geometric prints.] Overall, the collection is one with an edge -- an edge always makes it more interesting.

I bet now you have Pre-Fall on your mind. It's never a bad thing to plan ahead, though. Right? These are just three out of the many designers who have chosen to switch things up for the Pre-Fall season. But Diane von Furstenberg, Honor, and Catherine Malandrino sure to stand out with tasteful textures, colors, fabrics and sheers. Hats off to these wonderful labels! 
Indulge in Pre-Fall Fantasies!
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  1. Beautiful! I love the "tailored" and "formal" looks.


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