Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Menswear Spotlight: Eddie Bauer

Recently holding an event called "Blogger Day" in cities throughout the country, Eddie Bauer has been on every blogger's radar. Also, walking through the mall yesterday, it was hard not to notice their post-Christmas 50-60% off of EVERYTHING sale. I had never really known much about the brand, but while waiting forever in line yesterday at the store, I began to educate myself. Typically, I'd overlook anything I wasn't interested in, but yesterday I played personal shopper and found some good buys for my boyfriend! I would always associate Eddie Bauer with a mountain man-esque, grunge look, but it's a lot less outdoorsy and a lot more stylish than all of us critical fashionistas would think. Dress shirts, trendy plaid flannels, and sweaters galore. And the fact that the savings were so significant made everything seem better!
Half zips, button ups, sweaters, flannels - you name the winter essential, Eddie Bauer had it for half the price of anywhere else! But as I've said before, it's not just about appearance, but quality comes into play. The clothing is guaranteed to "work" and not tear, shed material, or rip on its own. Yeah, yeah. So we've all heard this before. But even if the clothing becomes damaged, in any sort of way, Eddie Bauer will replace it no matter when you bought it. Sound appealing? I wish every designer brand was that flexible with its customers! But over all, the experience was pleasant and the clothing was actually a pleasant surprise. It's far away from fast fashion apparel and certainly not formal wear. It's everyday menswear, the kind of clothing a man wants to wear.
And who doesn't love to style their guy?
xx, ZM

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  1. Eddie Bauer has seriously stepped up its game recently!



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