Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey, Sweet Pea.

Cheers to Fashion is Freedom's latest guest poster, Elise Ostermann. As Art Director of Hey, Sweet Pea branding and design, it's hard to get in just about anything with Elise! But of course, I managed. Here's a peek into Elise's shoes in her typical routine as a designer. Enjoy, loves! And a big thank you to Elise!

My name is Elise Ostermann and I am currently the Art Director at Hey, Sweet Pea.  I specialize in branding + design and my boyfriend, Scott, specializes in video + animation. Needless to say, we are quite the creative duo!
But we didn’t always own a small business. Up until three months ago I was a designer for SONY’s digital media marketing department in Los Angeles. I was commuting 2 hours a day and away from home 11-12 hours a day. Although I loved being a part of Hollywood and LA scene, I craved the flexibility of my own schedule, I yearned for more creative projects, and I wanted one-on-one relationships with clients. So after 5 months of planning, dreaming, researching, and networking, I made the leap! I quit my day job, left my LA apartment, and took my first big road trip. Landing in Texas wide eyed, nervous, and excited, I left my Hollywood shoes behind and officially launched “Hey, Sweet Pea.
People often ask me what my new life is like, how my day plays out, and how I like the changes. What better way to explain my new life, than by allowing you to walk in my shoes!
SHOE 1 – BUSINESS CHIC: I love wearing these to meetings with local clients and colleagues. One of the most important parts of my job is building relationships with people.  Since my company is small, I am the face of my business. It’s important that people connect with me, my personality, my style, and that they trust us with the marketing/design of their own businesses. Nothing says “designer” like a designer who has personal style and pizzazz.
SHOE 2 – NETWORKING EVENTS: I love wearing these shoes to fashionable networking events in our community. I love building relationships with people and immersing myself in the local fashion/art scene. I even got photographed/blogged about (by a fashion event) because of these shoes!  They definitely add a little pep in my step and seriously, what designer doesn’t love a good pattern?!
SHOE 3 – AROUND TOWN: These are definitely my go-to boots for hanging out at local coffee shops, casual meetings with clients, etc. They’re so comfy, warm, and I love the sparkly gold shoelaces! I love that I can pair them with so many outfits, which means they definitely get a lot of use. You will often find me curled up in my favorite coffee shop, meeting up with friends, sketching out new design ideas, or even playing scrabble in these shoes.
SHOE 4 – ART SHOWS: I love wearing these shoes when I’m in an artsy mood. I love checking out the local art shows, festivals, galleries, etc. In my industry, it’s important that I always stay inspired. I get a lot of my inspiration just from the internet (Facebook pages I’ve liked, Pinterest, Dribble, etc.) but it’s important I’m inspired by real life art too. Art that is tangible and raw definitely inspires my digital designs and creativity.
Although the life of a small business owner or a graphic designer may sound o-so-glamorous, it has it’s mundane and normal tendencies, just like any other profession or schedule.  Sometimes I wear work boots, sometimes I wear slippers, but the most amazing part is, I get to wear so many types of shoes. I’m thankful for this time in my life, thankful for “Hey, Sweet Pea,” and I’m thankful for all the shoes I get to wear along the way.


Sending a big thanks to Elise Ostermann for contributing to Fashion is Freedom. She's a driven, talented and stylishly gifted individual! Best of luck with you business venture, Elise!
xx, ZM



  1. Aww Elise you are super cute and love your shoe style!! What a fun life you have!

  2. These are super cute Elise. I LOVE those artsy, and business chic styles. -xo

  3. LOVE it! my slippers were my favorite shoes this week.

  4. so cute!! love all your shoes :)


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