Monday, October 31, 2011

Paloma Picasso Venezia For Tiffany & Co.

   “Venice is a city I feel at home in. Its many treasures create a magical atmosphere that I wanted to capture in jewelry.” Combined with inspiration from Venice, designer, Paloma Picasso, has created a new, intricate collection for Tiffany & Co. Picasso’s eye for all things intricate served as the guiding light for this project.
   The collection, which is split into four themes, reflects Venice’s ornate structures combined with Paloma Picasso’s detailed artisanship. Have you ever traveled and had your breath taken away by your surroundings? Paloma was not only stunned by the beauty surrounding her, but she recreated the architecture and magic of the City of Water.
   Paloma’s Goldoni theme was inspired by the detailed cast iron gates that allowed a sneak peek into the city’s grand palazzos. This part of the collection includes dazzling gems, 18 karat gold pieces, and embellished jewels. The details in Picasso’s jewelry are culturally unique and exemplify her creativity when it comes to design. This theme of the collection captivates the beauty of Venice through its intricate scrollwork which reflects upon the city’s Geggunheim Museum. Not only will Paloma Picasso’s Goldoni jewels make you sparkle, but they’ll take you on a tour to some of Venice’s famous locations.
Paloma's Venezia Goldoni Earrings

Paloma's Venezia Goldoni Necklace

   When I think of Venice, the image that comes to mind is of the gondolas in the city’s countless waterways. Paloma’s Palina is based on this aspect of the city and adds color while inspired by the gondola’s pole’s stripe design. Colors such as red, green, blue, and orange are combined with 18 karat gold and sterling silver to emulate the pole’s stripe patterns. Not only are Picasso’s pieces gorgeous, but stripes are timeless! And not to mention, they’re very “in” this season. We all know that there’s no way to kick off a season than with some new jewels, so indulge in Paloma’s Palina and envision yourself on a gondola ride through Venice. If only!
   In Venice, lanterns decorate the ceilings of important landmarks. In Paloma’s Luce, Picasso designs sterling silver and 18 karat gold pendants that mimic the aureate structure of the landterns. Earrings and bangles are also among the collection with dazzling styles that are flowy and extremely unique. This collection includes pieces that can compliment any outfit, whether it’s day or night. The elaborate ceiling lanterns serve as wonderful inspiration for any jeweler, but Paloma Picasso’s way of design gives them her own, special (and fabulous) look!
   Last, but certainly not least, Paloma’s Stella includes an eight-pronged star theme with Venice’s detailed structures and architecture. Pictured on colored enamels, the stars are delicately placed on bangles and earrings that appear like the grand arches found in Venice. This theme is elegant, yet simple so it’s very compatible with any chic look.
Paloma's Venezia Stella Ring
Paloma's Venezia Stella Pendants
Paloma's Venezia Stella Bangles

   Paloma Picasso’s Venezia Collection is already my new favorite! The gold, the details, the flair of color… It’s all too fabulous to believe! But most of all, the inspiration from the city of Venice is what’s most unique. Most designers don’t go on a trip and look for a new project. But since Picasso feels “at home” in the City of Water, she recreated it into an elegant, timless collection.
Don't ever hesitate to shine.
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