Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Suddenly Inspired By..

The following photos have me swooning.. And thinking, a lot. Tomorrow is Fashion's Night Out Boston and I've got my closet swung open trying on my outfit 10 different times to make sure it's right. And of course I'll share the pictures with you this weekend after the event. I'm extremely excited to attend with my best friend because we love fashion and we have fun just about anywhere. But back to Wednesday's whimsical inspirations- I'm suddenly so happy just to be back on my school routine [which also means blogging more- yay]. So let me share with you some pics I couldn't get off my mind!
Taken by my lovely colleague Viki Panteleakis [follow her on twitter at @vikipants] she's one of the most down to earth, inspiring people I know. And her photography is fabulous!
Loving this picture from vogue and coffee. It's fierce, it's bold, and it's certainly true- women rule.
I want this dress. End of story.

I can't stop looking through my Vogue Greece September Issue! I love any September issue.. 
And this month I have a Vogue Greece, Paris and Spain sitting right atop my desk.
Could life get much better? You're right, no it couldn't.

This was a pretty random cluster, but think of it as my mood board I suppose. It's been a great week, my first two days of school down and FNO tomorrow night. Nothing to complain about! I'm sad to see the summer go, but September is fashion's month, and my birthday month, so needless to say I'm excited! Well that's all for now, enjoy your Wednesday nights, everyone.
And don't forget to relax.
xx, ZM



  1. Oh wow mila kunis looks amazing!

  2. Awesome, and I agree Mila looks amazing! I'm following you on Twitter now ! :)


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