Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magia di Milano: Magic in Milan [MFW]

Let's talk about fashion, or as they say in Milano- moda. We're in the midst of one of the most influential weeks to fashion, and that is Milan Fashion Week. Like I said before, the fashion just keeps on truckin' even after New York FW and London FW. There's a lot of style to go around, clearly! So let's take a peek at some Milan Fashion Week street style, you be the judge!

What are you thinking? I'm thinking favoloso, or as we say here in the US, fabulous! I've been to Italy, and there's nothing they do better than fashion. It's all about details, details, details. And them Italians don't miss a trick. Colors, textures, patterns- they're all there and looking better than ever before. These photos may be Off-Runway, but they're on the mark.

Who's the thank for these captivating pictures? 
VOGUE is the source of all things fashion, including these snapshots. 

Gratzie, VOGUE for the pictures! But an even bigger 'thank you' to the people who make fashion possible, the designers. Hats off to another marvelous Milano Fashion Week, Viva Italia!
Can you feel the Magia di Milano?
xx, ZM

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  1. OMAGAH!
    Love all of these images. I would DIE to shoot at Milan Fashion Week!
    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow Zoe! Look for me in the press pit!


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