Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Little [taste of] Tuesday

[a little Glitter Guide inspiration courtesy of sterlingstyle]

After I ate my mouthwatering  Dove dark chocolate candy, I glanced at the inside the wrapper and read the words, "Ignite your sense of adventure." When I got home from school, I did just that. Scrambling around my room for my camera, I stumbled upon next month's Harper's Bazaar [which I must say, left me speechless] and indulged in fall fashion. Chocolate, blogging, Harper's Bazaar.. If you know anything about me, this could be a deadly combination of guilty pleasures. So here it is, a little [taste of] Tuesday. My magazines, my inspiring chocolate wrapper and some charming little things that jumped out at me. Ignite your sense of adventure, something extraordinary may come about because of it.

Indulge in [the little things]
xx, ZM

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