Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ace of [Spades]

Cute, bouncy, bright and colorfully.. What could I be talking about? Well, Kate Spade of course! As the motto says "live colorfully" it's what the brand's President and Creative Director, Deborah Lloyd, does in her everyday life. As The Coveteur barges into her home for a look at the fabulousness behind the Kate Spade and Jack Spade brands, we can see why both are such a hit! Her decor is chic, the colors are bright and welcoming, and [a taste of Spade] is evident everywhere!

As you can see, Deborah Lloyd doesn't reside in any average home. Her space is filled with the prettiest and the brightest of accessories, not to mention some fabulous shoes and clothing! But who didn't expect that? As the President of the brand, Lloyd's personal fashion emulate's that of the "Kate Spade chic" that we all picture when we hear the name. Deborah Lloyd's creativity is expressed within her work, her style and within the comfort of her home. 

Beauty is bold!
xx, ZM


All photos courtesy of: The Coveteur


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