Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wear This Room: Blush + Stripes

It's been a while since my last "Wear This Room Post". Coming from Fabulous K, the idea is genius and mostly very easy to achieve. If you're loving the interior of your home, then you're sure to love an outfit that matches it, right? Of course! For this WTR post, the colors focus on stripes and a shade of blush pink. Accommodate your taste in both your home and your wardrobe.
Yes, it's as easy as it looks. Once you're settled in your home and all is designed, go right ahead and shop so you can match the colors you love. Of course you don't have to be wearing curtains to match your room, but similar colors and patterns are a must for a WTR [wear this room] style. As you can see, the tablecloth and striped sheet on the table match directly with the dress, shoes and flower. See how easy it can be? Now it's your turn to turn up your style and try for yourself.
Be an individual,

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  1. this is awesome!!! i'm getting a new apartment in sept - I cant wait to decorate it well enough to inspired my outfits.



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